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  1. Alright so regarding what happened, there was a Baby Plasma bug I had spawned cause it was a nest, It looked to be moving towards the M.I on the rocks but got stuck on a fence, I tried to move it over the fence and get it unstuck in which I probably shot the bug forward with the physgun or something (admin error) as I got reports that it was physgunned when it attacked her, I was just trying to get it unstuck so it could actually move on my part but it may have been fucky and moved it forward resulting in a unfair PK in my eyes cause of my own fault, and the multiple /reports// that I got in unison. I decided it was a buggy situation with the props and fence in the way, and I could have messed up. So I decided it would be unfair If I pushed for a PK and instead wanted to down grade it to grievous in the event. (IE the baby plasma bug melts her leg off)
  2. Vilish for world peace. Johnny Vilish - Sergeant S#: 172-93-25481-SF
  3. I just wanted to add what I saw on the event. Personally I did see the roll of 0 and injury itself however I would like to agree that it felt forced in this situation. As the lead of the drop I was calling for MEDEVAC even before Sim's injury. Me and PO3. Andrew Thomas? I believe was with me when we both called it down with. Two Strobes, Laser Designation, And finally after still being postponed for no obvious reason other then just MEDEVAC not landing? We shot IC flares, which still did not bring it down. As we got events to the extent saying "The drop-ship flies over the LZ on it's rounds" Which made no sense re-guarding the assets we used. We didn't get any radio call back besides way later in the situation saying the issue was because of drones in the air? The factor of time shouldn't have been affected simply if the drop runners didn't hold back the MEDEVAC for no reason? ICly the pilot would have been able to see two strobes, a cleared out LZ (Which I reported about and was told it was IC.), Laser designation by Andrew, then Flares shot up into the sky. It seemed like it was held back for no reason, again reinforcing the feel that the PK was trying to be made to happen. Even tough ICly there wasn't reasoning? If there was reasoning I wasn't sufficiently told why other then. As I reinstate. "Drones in the air?" Which I got them to land down and it was still delayed after the S2RP with the Tigers and wound. In conclusion to what I have to add onto this. The PK felt sought after as there was no reason for them to be holding the MEDEVAC I feel other then just increasing the time he has to bleed out before he got evacuated for treatment. I'm just giving what I saw and felt like was unfair re-guarding the situation. I'm not trying to overstep boundaries or attack anyone. I'm just adding material as to what I saw and what may have contributed to the PK.
  4. I do not see Vilish on here, add for world peace
  5. Johnny Vilish. Or I call Jung Xina and get your social credit taken down
  6. Vilish for world peace
  7. That was a GIANT oversight and I don't think I thought that through while adding it. Sorry if there was a skewed Idea, but I didn't add it up in my head. His past was having a kid in Highschool as he dropped out and had a full time dock job to reinstate It isn't the OTHER idea. It's kinda fucked up and it went over my head so. I'm going to change it around sorry for anyone that thought different or anything else. Completely just a backstory fuck up from my part. Also Sorel we barely have interacted for like a meaningful relationship post. RP with me more Nyx you minge.
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