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  1. Vilish for world peace
  2. That was a GIANT oversight and I don't think I thought that through while adding it. Sorry if there was a skewed Idea, but I didn't add it up in my head. His past was having a kid in Highschool as he dropped out and had a full time dock job to reinstate It isn't the OTHER idea. It's kinda fucked up and it went over my head so. I'm going to change it around sorry for anyone that thought different or anything else. Completely just a backstory fuck up from my part. Also Sorel we barely have interacted for like a meaningful relationship post. RP with me more Nyx you minge.
  3. Need to interact more, not really enough to add to it.
  4. Fellow Boston guy. Johnny Vilish.
  5. Jony village - from your best pal, kendorka, stinktorka, kuntora.
  6. You got added, so wipe those tears off your face.
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