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  1. Name: redneckrOadkill Character Name: Jeanne Morgan Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50918262 PAC File Size: 5.60 MBs Images of the PAC or link to load: Events?: None Notes: As with any other PAC, I will improve on it further but only with approval from the Admin Teams
  2. Final Update, you can send this to the Graveyard Lads
  3. After a turbulent internet connection I was able to reconnect with Dropbox and troubleshoot the issue by stripping some items as well as updating my Nvidia drivers (Something I didn't realize I needed until after this test) I decided to remove a couple things such as the model for my arm wraps and my MGO Rig model and it has so far cleared up my frames. I have also found an alternative to my armwrap issue in the form of using the original glove textures as well just a sample of black burlap I found online for the combat shirt and jacket (Both combined give around less than
  4. Sure thing: (I should note that most of the tinkered bones probably belong to the Glove Models Because hide mesh would cause the model to spaz out) Off the Server On the Server
  5. TIME FOR A MAJOR OVERHAUL After a week or two of searching, compressing, and editing QC Files I have finally redone my PAC from the Ground Up with some new equipment models, some events, and even reduced some textures 1. A Hardshell Jacket/Combat Shirt 2. A Hunting Knife 3. Some Pretty Metal Gear 4. A sidearm and its home 5. Arm Protection 6. PAC Hierarchy and how it all looks TOTAL SIZE: 16.4 Megabytes PAC Events: Just the Standard swaps for weapons (IE: Swapping th
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