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  1. TLDR; I've been asked to throw my hat in the ring and can't disagree with Misty and Orwell. SST has adult themes and topics, as even though Hollywood would make war look cool, war is very adult. Its very brutal and humans suck. With this in mind SST is and I hope always will be a comfortable place for people to be and engage in entertainment. Can adult themes be done? If the tact, effort, subtlety under the umbrella of respect is applied, yes. Orwell and Misty have banned a person for being tactless and breaching the standard etiquette of RP, by writing a unflattering description of rape in a character biography. Their decision was plainly that the mode of displaying this act on the forums for any to see is, obviously a bad move. It is cruel to victims and an awful look for the community and by leaving it up they passively endorse it. A serious topic was trivialised at the expense of any victims, readers and roleplay. From what I'm told there were multiple offences in the post that were trivialising victims of other topics as well. If you do not notice the problem with how being tactless on adult topics can ostracize and make others uncomfortable, then you have quite the lack or respect for others. SST has a very clear anti ERP stance ,and has been that way since at least 2017 when I first joined. The reason for this is blatant, it attracts an audience that use SST as a dating app over a place to play soldiers and engage in sci-fi military RP. Relationships are fine, the adage of "Love finds a way" is prevalent here, but there are lines. The line is in the sexual aspect. Its not nice for outside audiences to see. It leaves people uncomfortable, me very much included. I see the description of rape in a bio as passing that line within the community. Their removal of the post, member of the community, and logs of the offence are normal. In personal opinions: I am livid with the thought this went under the radar as long as it did, though I understand. Orwell and Misty have made the correct calls here; as is their duty and right as owner and XA. Removal of morally offensive content and banning the member responsible for it. As others said the topic of rape, sexual assault, or romantic abuse requires so much delicacy to write in a way that does not ostracize others, offend/upset victims it is practically untouchable on SST or Gmod. You need a novel, not a broken paragraph. You can not RP whatever you wish in any community, there are social lines. Please abide by them. Do what you would in public whilst in public on a public server.
  2. @Luckish @Floofy @Rook @Valkrae @Luna @Mist @Sonsick @rose colored ryan @Australis @Jack @Dark @Xalphox @theduwuke@Godot Unit 774, Back within range. @Sgt.Slaughter @Gr4Ss 20% chance to be corrupted. You were the unlucky names 07.
  3. @Sgt.Slaughter @Luckish @Floofy @Rook @Valkrae @Luna @Mist @Sonsick @rose colored ryan @Australis @Jack @Dark @Xalphox @theduwuke @Gr4Ss Ay-yo, what the robot doing?
  4. @Floofy @Rook @Gr4Ss @Valkrae All added @Detective Brawl Not gonna add that yet. Wouldn't be interesting atm, might later though
  5. @Luckish Here comes the girl. Welcome.
  6. @Dark Just realised I really messed up Asuka's entry. I have fixed it. My bad, I have just had one of those days.
  7. @Sgt.Slaughter @Dark Welcome to the page
  8. @Australis @rose colored ryan @Jack Done.
  9. @Sonsick @Mist You hath been added
  10. <EMPTY> @Sgt.Slaughter @Luckish @Floofy @Rook @Valkrae <EMPTY> @Luna @Mist @Sonsick @rose colored ryan @Australis @Jack @Dark @Xalphox @theduwuke @Gr4Ss @Godot <EMPTY> Thank you Luna for helping me get the music bar working
  11. Rules of the server, forums and Discord (Please give these at least a quick read.) 1. We're a grown up community and we expect people to act like grown ups. If for whatever reason we feel you're not a positive addition, we reserve the right to ask you to leave. TL;DR: do as admins tell you, if you think they're being unreasonable or have an issue with it, take it up with an XA. 2. Please avoid discussing particularly objectionable or extreme topics. It makes people uncomfortable and we have a lot of players who hold or hope to hold sensitive jobs; any links drawn between them and these sorts of topics puts that at risk. Examples: alt-rightism, anti-vax movement, fascism or Nazism, communism, overly sexualised content, "nsfw" content, anything related to transsexuality or homosexuality (either for or against) etc. This includes being out-right cringey in fast threads. Fast threads are meant for memery but not for your pseudo-sexual stupidity. Note: because of this, it means there’s a pretty high chance that the Forum/Discord is going to be reviewed repeatedly by a number of different governments. Let’s make all of our lives easier by keeping the content in here clean and safe. 3. Staff members are volunteers and should be treated with courtesy and respect. If you’re unhappy with how a staff member has treated you, please either address them privately, or, failing that, reach out to an Executive Admin. 4. On server, please follow the standard rules of serious roleplay: that means no death-matching, no using out of character information that your character wouldn't know (meta-gaming), and no power-gaming (which is writing your /me's and other actions in such a way that it forces your action another character without giving them any opportunity to react). Otherwise, the rule of common sense applies. If it’s something you know is stupid and shouldn’t be done, don’t do it. Most of us should know better. 5. If you hold a position of consequence (staff, MI NCO, division XO/CO) and you intend on taking a period of long term LOA or leaving, please communicate that clearly, and consider resigning. We fully appreciate that people's interest in SSTRP ebbs and flows but it's important that positions of consequence are filled by people who are active and enthusiastic. If you leave in such a way that it allows us to smoothly transition, you'll be leaving on good terms with our gratitude and appreciation. If you don't, you'll be leaving the server in a worse state than you left it, we'll make sure you aren't in a position where you can do the server harm again.
  12. STILL BEING WRITTEN NONE OF THIS IS IN STONE AS OF YOU READING THIS MESSAGE This application process exists to make sure PACs fit the theme and culture of the server. XAs will review each application with the following rules in mind: PACs are meant to keep within the theme of the Starship Troopers world. You will be requested to change anything that deviates from this. An example of this would be bringing in iconic content from another IP, such as Mass Effect body armour. Everything on a PAC is to be considered IC. Anything on a PAC that is not IC must be removed. Each PAC can only contain 20mb of downloaded content. If the PAC is larger than this, it cannot be loaded. Rules of PAC and PAC applications: Applications are done character by character. Each character should only have one thread. Every application must follow the format below. If you change or update your PAC, you must make a new post on your character thread. The XAs will review the change. Your application must show every part of your PAC. PAC applications are an OOC process. If the XAs approve your PAC, you can wear it on the server. This does not mean NCOs and division leaders will accept the changes in-character. Your character may be told to undo or remove any changes they've made IC. Format: Name: Character Name: Character division or position: Steam ID: PAC File Size: Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: Any other comments: Thank-you to @Hicks & @Pilotfish with help writing the rules for PAC.
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    @Floofy @BaroqueBishop @Seamus @Troy Hughes Guess what? I added you, would you believe it?!?
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