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  1. Because he hated being called that, and she interacted with him a fair bit. You don't play jabs at your friends, calling them names? Point is, it's obviously in jest. Not like she'd actually refer to him as daddy top outside of banter.
  2. It's a character request, not a PAC request! Oh shit yeah the mark 1 thing, you can forget about that too
  3. I'd like to have my character Mabel S. Airhart from UCFRP and the previous sstrp.net iteration be brought over. https://www.ucfrp.net/topic/117-the-marble-of-the-47th/ ^ This bio probably has everything you need ^ Notes: It says 'Highest achieved rank: Sergeant', that's just backstory, she's never been above the rank of Private OOCly I don't mind if none of the medals or ribbons transfer over
  4. We stood in the old chapel-like building, still like statues, so quiet that my own breathing was the loudest thing I could hear. The ‘Freeze’ that had come over the radio was like magic, as if saying that magic word had stopped time for everyone that heard it. Then, the reality of the situation we found ourselves in hit me, as the words “Royal right underneath us.” were uttered quietly across the radio. I had never seen a royal, but I knew what one was. And I knew that if I held my life dear, I did not want to meet one up close. I felt a bead of sweat making its
  5. Name: Jun Character Name: Rct. Matsumoto Yuuta Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:9772086 Images of the PAC or link to load: Additional Comments: the 'edfab' thing is the helmet, pac autogenerates weird names The head has 4 bodygroups for the cigarette; unlit, lit, stump and no cigarette Helmet: 2,13mb Head: 6,94mb Cigarette pack: 718kb Body: stock body from server, 0kb Totals to: 9,78mb
  6. Added Sigrun @Kris Added Seydar @Husky Added Vond @Luna Added Holtz @Mighty Mouse
  7. Mabel in 2299 Name: Mabel S. Airhart Age: 24 Height: 5'7" D.O.B: 2275/01/14 Gender: Female Homeworld: Iskander, Virgil's Point Hair color: Black Eye color: Honey Brown Build: Athletic Rank: Private Service Record 6 years, joined MI at age 18 Highest rank achieved: Sergeant Divisions participated in: Weaponry Division Division Specific Highest Rank(s): Senior Specialist of Weaponry Medals and Ribbons Purple Heart x 3 Combat Action Medal Veteran Combat Medal
  8. @Clokr Accepted, try to find me or another senior medical in the next few days (I play Bennet and Mabel primarily, just give me a poke ingame or on discord if I'm not ingame and we'll get you set ICly)
  9. Jun Nagase


    Patient Name: Lobov Vissarion AnatoleivichPatient Sex: MPrimary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa BennetPatient Injuries: Damanged optical nerves from chemical attackPatient Vitals: StrongTreatment / Care Provided: Scan of optical nervesTime of Treatment: 01:00Current Patient Status: StableDrugs Administered: N/AOverview of Situation: Damaged optical nerves result in non-reversible damage that leaves the patient with occasional complete loss of sight lasting from seconds to minutes.Additional Notes: Patient has been advised to pursue a non-combat role as they cannot serve in combat roles
  10. Image taken by surviving FedNet film crew in central Perxul - Jane Osman Earlier this morning Federation Officials announced that Perxies is considered a 'lost cause'. What this means for the fate of the planet has yet to be detailed, but rumors have it that they may Q-Bomb the planet to ensure the destruction of the Regeneration Bug infestation on the planet to prevent it from spreading further. A full quarantine of the quadrant Perxies finds itself in is already in full effect, with no ships being allowed to leave or enter the quadrant. This quarantine however is reportedly under
  11. I know things with me have been a bit bumpy, which sucks ass But I've been roleplaying on the source engine for over a decade now, starting on HL2DM servers before I finally found the gem that was Gmod 9. I played on several SSTRP communities before this, starting with that fateful night I found MnW, to Epsilon and Zeta and so forth. Finally after other communities grew and died, and I came and left alike, I decided I wanted to try again and found a community simply named "Starshiptroopers.net" sometime in 2017. From sitting in the quarters of the Murphy laughing at how our pl
  12. Jun Nagase

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    Pvt. Freja Østergård The Federation isn't for me.
  13. Aw ye good to see you back ma brudda 😎
  14. OUTBREAK ON PERXIES Photo taken by a FedNet film crew in Perxul near the outskirts "Amidst the growing protests in the streets of Perxul following the elections earlier this month, many Perxians' worst nightmare came to life as yet another outbreak of the Regeneration Bug broke out in central Perxul. Reports are coming in that a massive hole connecting to the underground metro system opened up letting lose a horde of regeneration bugs upon the civilians in Perxul. I'm Peter Morworth, and this is FedNet Breaking News." "We now go to our reporter Jane Osman, rep
  15. Bennet is here and all, just don't get on too often but, medical is something I'm still quite fond of
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