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  1. Name: Jun Character Name: Jennifer Potts Character Rank (EG: Private): Yeoman Character Division (EG: Engineer): Fleet Auxiliary Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:9772086 On-Duty or Off-Duty: On-Duty Total size of imported assets (if any): 14.2mb Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load: Explanation of any IC events leading up to this application (if necessary): Jennifer is a Yeoman, secretary essentially. Passive oriented character if that wasn't obvious. Additional comments: Glasses and hat are bodygroup-able away, and there's the same headset as featured on the Fleet models as well.
  2. Overhauled model entirely, hopefully this is better. Helmet shine is adjusted to be significantly less shiny than seen in the screens.
  3. If you can get out of the backrooms it's accepted 👍
  4. You can import or substitute it as well if you want, but otherwise accepted 👍
  5. Knife turns out not to be on the content pack, but aside from that it looks g so whilst you find a replacement, Approved 👍
  6. Is that knife on server? I don't see one like it in the Q menu when searching Rest looks good2me
  7. Is that knife on server? It'll pop up as a can (PAC's version of an error) if it isn't, and I can't find it on the model list Unless ofc you imported it
  8. Yes hello it is I The moustache is a tad on the goofy side the way it is rn If you can find a better looking moustache model then I think we'll be G I know there are some beard models on the workshop somewhere you could probably skimp
  9. The helmet sits a little high on the head, which should be easy to fix, aside from that I think it's 👍
  10. Name: Jun Character Name: Hideaki Hashimoto Character Rank (EG: Private): Recruit Character Division (EG: Engineer): Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:9772086 On-Duty or Off-Duty: Both Total size of imported assets (if any): 25.8mb Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load: Explanation of any IC events leading up to this application (if necessary): Hideaki's equipment is, like him, a little old. Still largely standard issue however, he has simply foregone making use of the kneepads as they didn't fit his legs comfortably. Additional comments: Updated with a completely overhauled model - MI styled uniform, very similar in style (save for kneepads) - Ammo pouches now optional, I've tried to make them more SST-esque since it feels weird to go bare with the ammo we use, but if it's too out of style then I don't mind keeping them off and I'll remove the option if I ever do an update - Has the MI radio and MI patches - Helmet has been desaturated and adjusted to be much closer to the style of the present helmets - The helmet is also slightly too shiny still- It'll be fixed for the in-use version, I just forgot to adjust before snapping the pics - This is the warm version hence the gloves and fur around the neck, since we're on a cold planet for this campaign. I have a normal/warm climate version ready to bake when we get back to normal duty, which I will then apply for
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