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  1. I'll just post the three consecutive frames from the ~14s mark without any cropping real quick as well for transparency.
  2. SSpc. Valerie De Groot S# 932-75-9525-ZW
  3. Date of the event: night of 15-16/11/2021 Event runners: Prim, Kentora Helper: Sgt. Slaughter What happened/reason for the appeal: We were pushing up the center hill of rp_catalyst_v2b to go deal with Plasma Bugs and a hive at the very top. We had already shot a giant plasma bug on top with HEAT earlier (although this was glitchy as hell as the rockets kept on flying through it, causing it to aggro and run down the hill) so we expected little resistance left. Anyway, arriving at the top, psychic ESP showed some plasma bugs left still but nothing that appeared to attack us. Pesmar on Liam Ó Doherty was leading the way, I was coming up a few meters behind him with more people right behind me. Right as we appear at the top, a juvenile plasma bug appears (literally) out of nowhere and immediately goes into its fire-spewing animation. I immediately turned around to run back down the hill, but there being only a narrow path there was no way to escape it before burning down to 0HP, which ended up triggering a PK flow. Admins called a hold to check. In the meantime I heard from several people that the plasma bug was being physgunned by an admin, which is what caused it to appear out of nowhere in a position where it was impossible to escape it even while at full health. I asked if the PK was staying because of that fact, but otherwise kept myself out of the discussion to let the event runners decide on it. They downgraded the PK to a grievous injury of Bishop losing a leg to plasma, and the event went on its way again and basically ended before the medics had time to type up 2 /me's to treat me. Back on the ship the concern was raised that I was being treated more favorably here because I am a developer (which I cannot testify to, as I stayed out of the discussion on the matter so far). Some brief discussion was done in admin-chat in-game before moving onto discord where again I could stay out of the matter (by virtue of not having access to the channel). Overall, the people I talked with do seem to agree however that the plasma bug was basically (and as I understood completely unintentionally) powergamed on top of us by an admin trying to unstuck it, and that I shouldn't be PK'ed as a result of that. Either way, this evening I had to hear from Sgt. Slaughter that apparently it was decided I was to be PK'ed again but people forgot to inform me of that matter so far. So here we are. In the end, yes the flow did happen and if it had been S2RP and I rolled that low it would have been a PK too. But this was S2K, where a bug was inescapably (and accidentally) forced so close upon me that escape was impossible. To me, this falls in the category of bug overspawn, bugs spawned too close or a god bug being on the loose when a PK flow happens - which up to now have been straight up voided for everyone I have seen (while mine only got changed into a lost limb). I do not see why this must be given the extra scrutiny it has been when to me it seems that the event runners (who literally stated in admin chat multiple times in admin chat they want/are trying to keep it as just a grievous injury), players and me agree this wasn't a straight up S2K flow PK due to the plasma bug being unfairly physgunned onto us. Unfortunately I am not aware of anyone who has any recording of the bug being unstuck and proceeding to instantly obliterate both me and Pesmar, and knowing Helix I can tell you there is not much to see in the logs beyond me taking damage over the course of 2 seconds (02:48;32-34 on 11-16-21 as server timestamp if anyone wants to go look, to save you the effort).
  4. Valerie De Groot ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ [User:~$] vdg [Passphrase]: *************************************************************** [BIOMETRIC CHECK] >... COMPLETED [Welcome to NET OS 11.04.1] ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ [vdg@pda:~$] record-lookup -cn "Valerie De Groot" [1 RECORD FOUND] [LOADING RECORD] [SERVICE INFO] [NAME] Valerie De Groot [Rank] Chief Warrant Officer, Detachment Commanding Officer [Unit] Combat Engineering Detachment, 1st Pl "Yotes" "Saints" "Tunas" "Wardogs" "Sailors", D Co, 58th "Corsairs" Bn, 2nd Bde, 12th "Mongrels" ID Medical Leave, pending new unit assignment [Qualifications] UET, AET, BMECH, BFS, BRKT, ASYS [Awards] -Mobile Infantry Cross -Valorous Unit Medal -Mobile Infantry Silver Star -Mobile Infantry Bronze Star -Distinguished Service Commendation -Purple heart with silver oak leaf cluster and three bronze oak leaf clusters -Engineering Accomplishment Commendation with three bronze oak leaf clusters -Mobile Infantry Reconnaissance Commendation -Emergency First Aid Commendation [PHYSICAL INFO] [GENDER] Female [AGE] 20 [LENGTH] 1.78 meters [WEIGHT] 75 kilograms [SKIN TONE] Normal [EYE COLOR] Blue [HAIR COLOR] Brown [PROSTHETICS] -Right arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech -Left arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech [SCARS] -Various minor shrapnel scars and cuts, whole body [TATTOOS] None [BACKGROUND INFO] [DATE OF BIRTH] 2281-04-08T00:00:00Z [PLACE OF BIRTH] Epsilon Prime [DOMICILE] MSV Demetrios [KNOWN LANGUAGES] English, Spacer Creole [RELIGION] Ietsism ________________________________________________ [MEDICAL INFO] [STATUS] Alive [PHYSICAL STATUS] Healthy [BLOOD GROUP] AB Rhesus D Negative [COGNITIVE FUNCTION] Good [MENTAL STATUS] Sane [EMOTIONAL STABILITY] Stable [MEDICAL NOTES] ________________________________________________ [vdg@pda:~$] contacts --list-all --include-archive [LOADING contacts] ________________________________________________ [vdg@pda:~$] cat ./bucketlist [LOADING bucketlist]
  5. Name: Gr4Ss Character Name: Valerie De Groot Character division or position: 3Spc Combat Engineers Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:18559166 PAC File Size: 7KB Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: Events to hide weapons when active/unequipped Any other comments:
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