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  1. @Cipher Feel free to add any stuff if you please.
  2. Spartan: IFV (LAV 300) Vehicle type: APC Mass: 14,696 kg. Length: 6.40 m Width: 2.54 m Height: 2.7 m (turret roof), 1.98 m (hull top) Crew: 3 The IFV offers high mobility, and can reach speeds of up to 65 mph. It comes in three variants and is commonly used for deployment on planets like Scarvis. Its been proven highly effective against a wide range of targets. Spartan: Oppressor: x2 .50 cal anti-aircraft gun. This variant of the Spartan IFV is designed to tackle air contacts, whether it be flying bugs or enemy aircraft as well as arachnid swarms of warriors and more heavier bug types. The Oppressor can also be used on large hordes of bugs as it uses .50 cal rounds. Brilliant for cutting through bug carcass. Sword: 120 mm cannon. The Sword is commonly used to take down enemy bunkers or buildings, its highly effective in urban combat. It can be used against bugs if the situation calls for it, but that kind of combat is more suited to the Oppressor or Spear. Spear: 125 mm cannon. The Spear is effective against enemy armor like tanks or APC's, the 125 mm cannon can pierce through various armor types easily. It is also used to take down Royals or Tankers, when in combat with Arachnids. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1694366152&searchtext=lav+300
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  5. Ymot

    Training Log

    Instructor: TSgt. Cait Donovan Trainee(s): SSpc. Elzara Fayzulin, SSpc. Chloe Harris, Subject: MEC Category: Everything Date: 30/06/2019 Time: 4 pm - 6 pm Notes: Borrowed a suit from the rauders so that I could visually show the two Senior Specs how to fix the suit, we also went through all the facts in the classroom before, in which both Fay and Harris were quick to answer questions. I am proud of these two and I am glad that they are on the team. The VR tank training went well as both had prior experience, they just needed there knowledge ironed out, which they did. 
  6. Ymot

    Training Log

    Instructor: TSgt. Cait Donovan Trainee(s): 3Spc. Bilal Ahmed-Jabril Subject: Sapper Category: Everything Date: 22/06/2019 Time: 1:00 am Notes: Jabril was very keen and listened extremely well, he followed each task perfectly and was very patient. We had a drop start in the middle of our training, but managed to catch up and finish after the drop. His effort didn't decline despite the break and he went to pass with flying colors. 
  7. Ymot

    Training Log

    Engineering Training Log File 060 Instructor: TSgt. Cait Donovan Trainee(s): 3Spc. Alessandro Noviello Subject: Sapper + M55 training. Category: Everything Date: 21/06/2019 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm Notes: Nov has been an engie before, resulting in this training running smoothly. However I went over everything in detail to ensure he can still do Sapper, and he can. His work with the plasma torch and lizard line are brilliant, and his fortification building was good. I also put M55 training in there due to him showing great work with it in the past. Note to any engineers that pick up his Munitions training, please make sure to go over TON with him, its the only rocket I left out due to the great responsibility that comes with using such weapon. Never give a Third Spec a TON, its not safe.
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