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  1. Updated Avery, Raven, and Sydney @Dark@rose colored ryan@Sgt.Slaughter
  2. I have hesitations to approve this app purely because of the red top, but I've seen more outlandish things get approved. App approved; pending answer from XA regarding red top.
  3. Big update for the bio - last standing hathorian (because screw the other ones who transferred in recently) Added @lpriml@sarduker@TheDoc@Kris Updates for @scout@saber@Merkalinth@lpriml@cat danny 25@Dark@Sonsick@Detective Brawl@Ace@Fredthebrick@Cross
  4. Updated reference photo, will get to those posts for people.
  5. it's a stretch, levi armistead
  6. whenever you do relations, maybe add levi armistead?
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