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  1. Updated and added a few.
  2. Do it. Also added Elise Elswood Blake
  3. Slow as can be but made updates to some in relations / song and picture Relations updated: Phillips Vallas Rys Yhara Dawes Levi Vilish Crawford Chad
  4. OOC Name: Kris IC Name: Kristina Sigrun What Iteration was this character in? (What unit): 2016-2018/9? - 112th Rank they held: Warrant officer Division: Marauders AT LEAST a paragraph of why they would ICly be transferred from their previous unit to this one: Time drew on for the lieutenant within their position. Their enthusiasm for the tasks set always seemed to draw lower every minute they spent in the position of command. It didn't take long for their spot to be taken over by another, one who held more brightness to bring to the role. It was these moments o
  5. I see a lack of things, sleep included ( ❤️ )
  6. All above and an update to some
  7. Addeeed above and cross
  8. Added all the above
  9. <Federation Personnel Index> <Designation - FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES> <Subsection - FEDERATION MOBILE INFANTRY> <Opening…> <Folder - ENLISTED> <Subfolder - 59th CORSAIRS> <Accepted!> >>> ...Accessing File… >>> ...Opening... Credentials Required. Must have at least ‘TS’ clearances to proceed. > USER: *********** > PASS: ***************** >>> ‘Welcome, User!’ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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