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  1. Quoting Deckers from the PAC channel on discord: "Hey folks. The PAC applications on the forum are suspended until we get a PAC flag. People can use PAC until then. However, the normal rules persist. Nothing over 20mb and nothing outrageous or ridiculous. We (the admin team and other factors of leadership) can still require you to alter or remove your PAC. The applications have been a nuisance to all since the fact that they’re overrided by other members of the community."
  2. Updated both winchester and Turner. Will do cox when I wake up
  3. Updated barrymore Added H. Eriksson
  4. Updated and added a few.
  5. Do it. Also added Elise Elswood Blake
  6. Slow as can be but made updates to some in relations / song and picture Relations updated: Phillips Vallas Rys Yhara Dawes Levi Vilish Crawford Chad
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