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  1. OOC Name: The Harmacist IC Name: Argus Parrow What Iteration was this character in? (What unit): Assigned to Ulysses S. Grant as TAC support for 112th Rank they held: Ensign Division: TAC AT LEAST a paragraph of why they would ICly be transferred from their previous unit to this one: As a veteran pilot flying sorties during both the Civil War and the Progenitor War, Argus Parrow is a valuable resource to a unit seeing a lot of ground action requiring TAC support. With the Corsairs engaged in a high volume of combat drops in bug infested zones, and with the need for pil
  2. You ask for Elswood add without adding him to yours!? The audacity! 😛
  3. Still no Elswood! DX
  4. Dorian Elswood, if you feel you have enough basis for it.
  5. @saber's Winchester added. @Merkalinth's Rys final update added.
  6. Personal relationships blank!? Unacceptable! Add Dorian Elswood!
  7. What, are you an addict or something!?
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