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  1. It went like this: A chamber under the soil, dimly lit. The air is thick with musk. Their thin bodies are notched with old lacerations. One tends to the armor, wafting burning foliage over its brass-like and glossy surfaces. It gleams in the light, adorned with spirals and swirls of magnificent colors and draped in shimmering fabric. The other pours sludge into a basin, and mixes it with pigment. They smear it onto its skin in silence. I held a vessel filled with inky fluid. Its stench was overwhelming. I felt
  2. The ocean churned sea foam and alien kelp into a froth as it curled against the beach head. Higgins spit, wiping his eyes from the blood that had made its way through the open slits of their Gecko. "God damn! It's in my fucking mouth!" The machine whined as it crushed Arachnid chitin beneath its weight, making the pavement run with green ichor and Bug viscera.] Paulson gripped the wheel, and maneuvered around the larger, jagged corpses. Somewhere along the way, the dead bugs gave way to dead members of the garrison. Fingers, scalps,
  3. On the Fives, things are pretty slow and placid. Save for the tropical storms that occasionally rock the islands and topple locals off their schooners, the post is a toss up between the paradise of Zegama Beach and the sweltering wilderness of Faraway. Alien insects assault you incessantly, and the Fomalhaut scarabs find themselves in all kinds of inconvenient nooks and crannies, scaring the living daylights out of newly-arrived troopers. Fomalhaut’s rays bounced off the shimmering waves that lapped up on the powdery shore. The 17th, Stadler’s Stallions, were filling sa
  4. 58th Corsairs Outline
  5. FEDERAL COUNCIL BUILDING STORMED! ORTIZ RECEIVES VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE WROCLAW APPOINTED SUCCESSOR; 112th TO RECEIVE PARDON Vigil's Point on Sunday night, approximately an hour before the incident. Police and Federal Fleet grounded all air traffic out of the capital once authorities realized what was going on at the Federal Council Building. VIGIL'S POINT, ISKANDER ‒ The Federal Council's late-night hearing over Cassandra's fiscal contingency was interrupted on Sunday by members of the 112th; the celebrated military unit turned fugiti
  6. BLOODY CONFRONTATION BETWEEN MOBILE INFANTRY AND FUGITIVE 112th; ONE ARREST MADE MOUNT MAVILE, NEW VETANIA ‒ In a masterful operation that was the product of months of investigation, Mobile Infantry and Fleet elements near Mount Mavile on New Vetania have apprehended a suspect believed to be directly involved with the infamous 112th. After a deadly firefight in the foggy streets of Mount Mavile, the suspect was left wounded at the scene and was arrested shortly after the rest of the 112th fled the scene. The suspect has been identified as one Edward Vang; a Terran ex-Mobile
  7. St. Lawrence, Cassandra. Members of the 204th Moritas rush to lick their wounds after sustained fighting. CASSANDRA, CASSANDRA ‒ As the planet approaches the turn of the century, Cassandra has found itself as the setting for vicious fighting once more. This most recent Arachnid offensive following the disaster on Tango Urilla has resulted in Cassandra's falling under siege with renewed vigor. After making significant strides against the endemic Arachnid population last year, the self-named capitol now finds itself within range of bloodthirsty Arachnids.
  8. I do not remember how I got here. I have been around for as long as there has been a time and a place to exist. A fluttering series of images, spread across a million different worlds unrecognizable to mine own eye. I have tried to make sense of these things, and have come to no avail. Perhaps I exist to carry out some task. My taskmasters, whoever they are, are not keen on communicating their desires. I hardly know if the apparitions I see periodically are genuine or a figment of my scattered mind. My actions to appease these unseen eyes are cut short at st
  9. Fires raging in the brush outside of Dundreary, on Pallas. Fragments of a small Guilder Wave relay station peppered the planet, resulting in a mounting casualty rate. Investigations are underway regarding the planetary defense system, the nature of the impact, and the effectiveness of Pallas' planetary defense system. GUILDER RELAY STATION FALLS OUT OF ORBIT; BLOWN APART BY PALLAS' PLANETARY DEFENSE SYSTEM WITH FATALITIES MOUNTING, SICON SCRAMBLES TO DETERMINE CAUSE DUNDREARY, PALLAS ‒ With a blast heard literally around the world, the planetary defense cann
  10. An angle of the eastern section of the memorial. The pictured area was converted from the ruins of the Golf Club du Domaine Impérial. PRANGINS, SWITZERLAND ‒ Today, SM. Ortiz christened the opening of a memorial graveyard for casualties of the Civil War. Attended by several hundred thousand veterans and their families, the memorial is the result of an ambitious undertaking on behalf of Fleet and Mobile Infantry in casualty recovery. The remains of over ten million military personnel are now interred on a massive 2500 acre plot now accessible to the public. Sitting in the s
  11. ETIQUETTE FOR OUTSIDE BUSINESS Never use your real name. First name's can stay, but surnames must absolutely be changed in public. Do not try and interact with any banking interfaces. Any interactions with your accounts are almost certainly being watched, with people waiting on stand by for you to withdraw any funds. The Federation has all that information, they are not above using it against us. Deny any and all involvement with the Mobile Infantry/Fleet, etc. Cover scars as best you can. If someone asks, you are a stunt driver, you are a laborer, you are anything bu
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