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  1. Not sure what the problem with the last one was but I re-did the helmet with a little more effort. Also for the application, the rank has updated and she has is now Corporal.
  2. Name: radical roach Character Name: Alexis Petrov Character Rank (EG: Private): LCpl. Character Division (EG: Engineer): Pathfinder BLC Steam ID: radical roach On-Duty or Off-Duty: On-Duty Total size of imported assets (if any): none Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load: NVGs off NVGs on Explanation of any IC events leading up to this application (if necessary): Petrov wants to customize her gear seeing as she is now an elite pathfinder. Additional comments: I do have the quad nod script item
  3. wow this sucks wish he'd stayed dead
  4. hehe whats she looking at behind there owo
  5. imagine making this many shitpots without contributing to the thread
  6. ya i agree guys. i like playing against the skinnies and i feel like we don't do anywhere near enough w them u dont even play here
  7. lt camacho used all the adhesive for a fucking prog-tech infused coffee maker
  8. i used to have these switch for daytime and for nightime
  9. i have a lot of sex on my big penis and all else i do is play this or work
  10. pac editor was a mistake here's my lock screen:
  11. damn this is the same nigger with the life is strange headhack character are u sure its 'just to piss people off'
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