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  1. Combat Engineering 12th "Mongrels" ID, 2nd Brigade, 58th Corsairs, D Company, "Executioners" 1st Platoon, Combat Engineering Squadron COMMAND STAFF Commanding Officer: Warrant Officer Isaiah Beckett - radical roach Executive Officer: Vacant _____________________________________________________________________________ SENIOR STAFF Master Specialist Holly Garret - Aurora Master Specialist Angelika Gjallahad - Thaslanar Senior Specialist Neora Hadar - Virginia ________________________________________________
  2. Note I'm posting this on Albino's behalf - he has been having problems receiving his validation email to sign up here Name: Connor Braun Character Name: Connor Braun Character division or position: MI PFC Connor Braun Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:151277388 (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198262820504/) PAC File Size: 15 KB Images of the PAC or link to load: https://imgur.com/a/wpVpxId Explanation of any events: check the first photo for a diagram Any other comments: This is being posted for Connor Braun/Albino#4065 due
  3. wow this sucks wish he'd stayed dead
  4. hehe whats she looking at behind there owo
  5. imagine making this many shitpots without contributing to the thread
  6. ya i agree guys. i like playing against the skinnies and i feel like we don't do anywhere near enough w them u dont even play here
  7. lt camacho used all the adhesive for a fucking prog-tech infused coffee maker
  8. i used to have these switch for daytime and for nightime
  9. i have a lot of sex on my big penis and all else i do is play this or work
  10. pac editor was a mistake here's my lock screen:
  11. damn this is the same nigger with the life is strange headhack character are u sure its 'just to piss people off'
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