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  1. Ok then, thought id put the appeal in anyway. The creation of the second chracter early was with the assumption this would have been denied so all logistics could be done there and then.
  2. Name: ^ Situation: In breif got bug butted into a corner while setting up a ladder on some glitchy terrain for it, got focused by i think 3, and my cover didnt get downed. (facing equal or worse numbers) Reason/s for un PK: A) The terrain i was laddering was glitchy to the extent somone (when trying to remove my ladder) deleted the rock i was palcing it on. Whcih slowed me down and made it harder to do. B) I was effectively doing my job, and followed a order to go there.(with expectation of cover) C) The person who was meant to cover me didnt get downed in the incident (
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