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  1. SSTRP.net is or was a Garry's Mod Starship Troopers roleplay community. It ran fairly continuously between 2008 and mid-2019, with a short revival in the summer of 2020. It enjoyed reasonable success over its lifetime, and was an early pioneer of the now prevalent event-driven model of GMod RP. We did some really cool things: we built out a rich and varied culture and canon that persists to this day, our staff team ran many, many incredible multi-day blockbuster events, and we built cutting edge and unprecedented technology. It'd probably be naïve of me to say that this is categori
  2. Moustache is fine, but speculars on the glasses seem a little off.
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  11. An example of what I mean is that she describes Holtz as "Daddy Top"
  12. Rhohan, UCF September 3rd, 2321. To the tune of https://youtu.be/ypApKTXuOxU Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 0500. Sunlight filters through the thin, tattered curtains, slithering its way across the mottled carpet and up the bare plaster wall, bathing the room in a sickly yellow hue. An alarm sounds, just as it has done, every day, for the past 56 years. There is a groan, and the sound of a short struggle, as the room's sole occ
  13. The character seems tonally inconsistent with the theme that we're going for; she seems a little bit too anime when we're trying to push away from that and instead push towards a more militaristic atmosphere this time around. Sorry buddy!
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