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  1. This as I am sure everyone is aware has been a very messy situation. It involves two admins and two XAs (myself included). Given that, we've taken the unprecedented decision to review the appeal as an entire XA team rather than simply assigning an individual XA to arbitrate, and I'm writing this up on behalf of everyone. I want to apologize ahead of time: this is almost legalese. The reason for this is that these appeals form a binding precedent that we use to inform decision making in the future: in other words, these set a precedent. Here are the facts as we understan
  2. I've spoken to Ace and he has confirmed that it was only meant to be a temporary ban and he's happy for you to be unbanned - which settles the matter. In terms of admin malfeasance I don't think it's worth investing the time to look into: (1) it was several months ago and corroborating anyone's versions of events would take hours or even days (if it is possible at all), (2) Ace is no longer an admin and so at best it would be for the record and (3) from what I've seen so far (including a screenshot from the time of Ace politely asking you to tone it down), it seems at best to have
  3. I've deleted the verbal sparring between Cipher and OXY: I remind everyone that unless we say otherwise, do not reply to a complaint or an appeal unless you were involved and have something material to contribute - for example, your testimony of what happened, pictures of evidence. These aren't discussion threads, they are fact finding missions. Given this is Arrow's appeal and all you really seem to have to contribute is overblown rhetoric we're in the peculiar circumstance that that also applies to you too Cipher. @Ace Can you give your version of the events please?
  4. @Kris and @Rhode have asked me to look into this as they were both involved in the PK. @Rhode has kindly supplied me with this video of the hopper attacking you: https://holbr.me/v/261PRutOsgZuA11VbfxY In it, they do not appear to teleport - they appear to descend in from the skybox as they were designed?
  5. Noted, thank you, it's kind of you to set this aside for the sake of other's roleplay. For the sake of posterity (and because judgments form precedent for future rulings) this appeal would not have been upheld. Based on the facts as stated, I'm confident that the tests for a PvP PK has been met. Courts-martial are entirely IC affairs: the fact that their characters chose not to pursue this avenue was their decision to make, and they are quite likely to face consequences for their actions. This forum is your venue (your court per se) to complain against a PK
  6. I'm going to specifically focus on the substance of the complaint (that the PK was illegitimate and should be reversed). Firstly, PvP CKs/PKs are permitted on SSTRP. There are consequences for actions IC, and this is the ultimate consequence for a character who is acting obnoxious. For a PvP PK to be legitimate the following tests need to be met: There is a reasonable justification for the PKers to want to murder the PKee. The manner in which the PK was conducted was plausible The PKers are not throwaway characters The PKers acted in good fait
  7. Went back and forth about making the head look a little less porcelain in Discord; eventually we got to 3 Which is passable for me. Approved.
  8. You don't need to apply - Sergeants or above are allowed back.
  9. I'm presuming the hand glitching into infinity is just a PAC viewer bug and not something that really happens whe nyou have it applied? If so, it looks perfect to me.
  10. We shouldn't get too technical with these things (so long as it's not egregious). An accepted PAC application doesn't have to be regulation; it's only a check really to make sure it broadly fits within the tone and theme of the server and that isn't going to shit up anyone with a pre-2016 graphics card. NCOs can still order them to take those things off IC though. I think unless anyone has anything else to say it's going to be an approved from me.
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