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  1. I myself usually don't too many issues on the Garry's Mod client, however the event last night definitely had its moments. Due to the multiple accounts of lag and your video evidence I feel a PK reversal should be instated. I will now leave the final say to an Executive Administrator.
  2. This is approved... be mindful that the facial hair is to be taken IC and if NCOs enforce grooming standards so be it.
  3. ah thank you mister executive administrator luckish. i shall now do the honors of formally approving this PAC 3 application. you are now legally able to use this PAC and request PAC flags on the server. thank
  4. If you could please post a picture of your character's backside with the combat attire that would be great. I currently have no issues with the pictures you have so far posted.
  5. Mobile Infantry Ribbons & Medals (Ranked in order of precedence) (Credits: Argon - Ribbons, Minyari - Compilation) Hero of the Federation Awarded for the highest levels of conspicuous bravery, daring and devotion to duty, acts of gallantry deserving of this medal are emblematic on the United Citizens Federations values. Medal of Valor Awarded for distinguished acts of heroism and gallantry beyond the expected call of duty during active engagement with the enemy, whose actions set them apart from their comrades. Legion of Merit Awarded for successful completion of an operation of great importance to the United Citizens Federation, where extreme risk was overcome with aptitude and intrepidity. Mobile Infantry Cross Awarded for acts of bravery and expertise above the call of duty which maintained combat effectiveness against an enemy of the United Citizens Federation. Valorous Unit Medal Awarded to recognize accomplishment and heroism against hostile forces of the United Citizens Federation. This award is presented to both the company and to all individuals of the qualifying unit. Mobile Infantry Silver Star Awarded for facilitation of critical mission objectives through direction action against a formidable foe. Mobile Infantry Bronze Star Awarded for heroic achievement or service. Purple Heart Awarded for sustaining injury during active combat. Veterans Commendation Awarded for significant experience in combat situations against the United Citizens Federation's foes. Combat Commendation Awarded for experience in combat theaters against the United Citizens Federation's foes. Distinguished Service Commendation Awarded for combat action which resulted in unprecedented success despite hostile resistance. Meritorious Service Commendation Awarded for being a model trooper both in direct conflict with opposition forces and outside of a combat situation. Good Conduct Commendation Awarded for shown exemplary conduct, demonstrating the fundamental core ideals for the mobile infantry. Engineering Accomplishment Commendation Awarded for outstanding contributions in the field of Combat Engineering. Medical Accomplishment Commendation Awarded for vital medical care which prevented the loss of life or outstanding contributions in the field of Combat Medicine. PsyOps Accomplishment Commendation Awarded to members of the Federal Psychics Division whose ability provided significant impact in a combat theater. Mobile Infantry Reconnaissance Commendation Awarded to those who collect significant intelligence on enemy forces while in a combat theater. Mobile Infantry Veterancy Medal Awarded to all personnel in the Federal Armed Forces who complete their two year term of service. Superior Command Commendation Awarded to leadership figures whose leading prowess resulted in a successful operation against a formidable foe with minimal operational losses. Prisoner of War Commendation Awarded to those who survive any period of time as a prisoner of war. Emergency First Aid Commendation Awarded to any non-medical personnel whose action directly prevented the loss of life. Humanitarian Aid Commendation Awarded to any Federal Armed Forces personnel who complete a successful humanitarian operation. Professional Development Commendation Awarded to those who are promoted to the rank of Corporal and conducted trainings which informed and improved the quality of their subordinates. --- maybe... --- Marksmanship Gold Commendation Awarded for master level skills with a marksman rifle. Marksmanship Silver Commendation Awarded for expert level skills with a marksman rifle. Marksmanship Bronze Commendation Awarded for adept level skills with a marksman rifle.
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------- Personal Information Name: Sophia Audrey Reed Age: 23 DoB: September 4th, 2277 Sex: Female Origin: Faraway Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Red Height: 5'4" ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Branch of Service: Fleet Enlistment Contract: Career Current Unit: 17th Combat Control Squadron, Charlie Detachment, 2nd Team Previous Unit(s): Attached to 30th "Battle Boars" Infantry Regiment Rank: Petty Officer Second Class (PO2.) Billet: JTAC - Data Specialist Length Of Service: 5 Years Service Record: Neural Networks: CR. > CA. > CN.TRANSFER JTAC: CN. > PO3. > PO2. Training: WIP Awards/Achievements Veterancy Ribbon Good Conduct Ribbon Service Ribbon ---------------------------------------------------------- Relations Chara Moon
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