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  1. Add your least Favorite Italian you stupid vikingg
  2. Add Gadabeani or I will go to the Phillipines and make sure the US takes over your ass a second time you piece of shit
  3. I know we likely ain't had enough interactions, but perhaps Gadabeani?
  4. Also updated and put in the first 'chapter' of the backstory. Read it, or don't, I ain't your boss
  5. All added, god's speed you dirty animals
  6. [Requesting Files on N.A.] [Request Accepted] [Accessing Files on Enlisted] Nicky Gadabeani "Eh, I mean look at us, we're killers, we ain't doin' much with our lives. Maybe I will just take my pop's advice and join MI. At least then, ya know, I can have a good payin' job in my families Corpo after gettin' out." Basic Information: Service information: Medical information: Backstory: Personal Relations:
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