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  1. Name: Twisted Machine Character Name: Ainslie DeClare Character division or position: Lance Corporal - MI Steam ID: PAC File Size: 10kb Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: No events Any other comments: These are the preliminary models, I may change camo textures and things like that, but there shouldn't be any other major addons.
  2. e l z a r a f a y z u l i n there
  3. Engineering´╗┐ Training Log File 068 Instructor´╗┐: SSpc. Elzara Fayzulin Trainee(s): 3Spc. Ralph Range Subject: WEPTECH Category: Weapon Repair Date: 07/05/2299 Time: 2000 EST Notes: Trainee understood and is now able to repair Marauder weapons in the field, and standard infantry weapons. Will finish Weapons certification in the coming day.
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