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  1. 1st Experimental Squadron, 809th Naval Air Squadron - 'Immortal' "Aut Caesar aut nihil." Available Equipment Manifest F-76 Tactical Aerospace Control Fighter - 'Thunderbolt' VT-2 Atmospheric Operations Vessel - 'Caracara' DR-4 Assault Lander 'Viking'
  2. 1st Experimental Squadron, 809th Naval Air Squadron - "Immortal" "Aut Caesar aut nihil." Squadron Commander: @BaroqueBishop - LTJG. Amara Salameh [VT-2][F-76][DR-4][DR-8] Executive Squadron Commander: @Detective Brawl - OCdt. Borko Kovačević [VT-2][F-76][DR-4][DR-8] Pilots: @Lead - OCdt. Alex Payne [VT-2][F-76][DR-4][DR-8] @Willful Kurei - OCdt. Sean McCollins [VT-2][F-76][DR-4][DR-8] Flight Certifications: [VT-2] [F-76] [DR-4] [DR-8] Squadron Awards: Aerial Achievement Medal - 1/14/2302
  3. Alright, as the presiding admin, my position is naturally going to be biased. The lag caused by VFire, I agree, should not have been happening. We've had rules against giving it out, and I saw at least three people using the flamers on that drop. That is utterly unacceptable. However. No one reported on lag prior to the wave, during the wave, or after it. Every report that did come through was handled swiftly, and a lag report would have too. As for the overspawning claims - the infantry had several buildings and fences they could use to put barriers and elevation between them and the swarm, which would totally nullify the threat of every bug that came their way. Not only that, but they had a GAU-19, which swiss cheeses even a tanker within seconds. However, in fairness I don't believe this was a case of overspawn, and while I understand the lag issues - it was never reported beforehand. The MI were under no obligation to be on the ground with the arachnids at all. I think this is a case of IC leadership and player choice leading to a death. However, from the footage, and the ending player perspective, I can absolutely understand the position and reasoning behind the appeal.
  4. Delivery incoming 7/12/2301. Last requests for next delivery must be completed within three hours.
  5. Delivery made. All non-collected packages left in ship armory. Additional ten sterling fee applied.
  6. FEDEX is being brought back to the server. Feel free to start putting in request. Myself and the rest of the staff team will do our best to deliver. Your character may be required to pay for whatever they want to purchase. Custom items can also be made in certain cases upon request.
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