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  1. Added - Mental state -Specializations -Updated relationships
  2. LCpl. Damian Mendoza
  3. Theme Picture of Mendoza "Losing someone you love dearly Hurts like a son of a bitch, life isn't always fair. Life takes things from you, and gives back in other places, but when life spits in your face? You spit right back at it, and soldier on... Plus, nothing a little whiskey, and a cigar won't fix."- Damian Mendoza Basic information Name: Damian Ortega Mendoza Title/Alias: Armless, Mendy, and Mexican Age: 18 DoB: January 25'th 2281 Homeworld: Earth Race: Hispanic Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Religious belief: Undecided Weight: 97KG Height: 6'3FT/ 190cm Bloodtype: O- Detailed information Appearance Mendoza has a face of someone who's much older than his own age, which can easily be mistaken for someone in his 20's. His height would be rather decent, not too tall, nor too short. His physique would resemble that of an Athlete's, barely having any fat on him, making his muscles rather defined. His beard seems to always be short, only allowing it to grow to an inch before shaving it clean off. His left arm seems to be severed from the elbow down, replaced by a BT, which always seems to have gloves covering the hand part of the thing, leaving the upper part clearly visible. Weapons and equipment On-Duty Mendoza's combat uniforms would vary from drop to drop, depending on the terrain he was dropped in. The camo on his combat uniform always suiting the environment, to make blending in much easier. He carries a SAW into battle half the time, but his weapons would change depending on if the combat was at close range, or long range. He'd always have a hatchet strapped to his right thigh to be used as either a tool, or a last line of defence. His knife sheath would be placed directly under his radio, easily accessible in case he needed to defend himself against attackers. His Combat uniform always covers both arms, not revealing the left BT, as the combination of both his gloves, and his combat uniform would not allow it. Off-Duty Mendoza would usually have a normal black t-shirt along with his green woodland camo pants, and a pair of gloves that cover both hands. He'd almost always have a bandana wrapped around his head with his black aviator glasses. He can be seen half the time with a cigar in his mouth, but this isn't always the case. His knife sheath would be strapped to his right thigh when he's off duty. Background story "I was born on January the 25'th, 2281, I was the youngest of four children. I've always been picked on as a kid, due to the fact that I can't keep my mouth shut infront of the big kids. I was beaten up time, and time again. However, I didn't go down without a fight, even with my age I managed to land a punch on one of the big kid's eyes. Of course that only pissed him off, and made the beatings worse. When my brother David saw my bruised face he asked me who did it, I didn't want to get him hurt, so I refused to tell him, he just smacked me across the face before repeating the same question. I reluctantly told him, he took my other brother Ricardo, and myself with him. He walked towards the kids that beat me up, and returned the favor with the help of Ricardo. I couldn't just let them fight them alone, so I joined in, here I was a little midget in the midst of giants clashing. The kids who beat me up ended up heading home with broken noses, and their tails between their legs." "When I became a teen I became less, and less interested in school, eventually I dropped out with. My mother wasn't very pleased, and made sure I knew it, she asked me to do all the work around the house for one month. Still I loved my mother, and father with all my heart, they wanted what was best for me. I on the other hand wanted what was fun for me, not thinking about the future, instead just thinking about what was happening now." Family Father: Luis Mendoza - Deceased Mother: Diana diaz de mendoza - Deceased Brother: David Mendoza - Deceased Brother: Ricardo Mendoza - Deceased Sister: Maria Mendoza - Deceased Mental state: Sane Specializations CD-96 Ventilator shotgun, SAW, Morita Mark lll, and Hel' Flamethrower Relationships Romantically Involved - Best Friends - Close friends - Adore - Friend - Respected - Neutral - Disliked - Hate - Deeply hate Omar Saastamoinen This guy is one of the few fuckers on the shit that is actually fun to hang out with. He does the weirdest shit, but what comes out of his mouth? Even weirder. You don't have to understand him to like him, I know I sure as hell don't understand him. He says what's on his mind, and doesn't give two shits if he's talking to an NCO, or a CO, he got demoted to Retard for that once. Rodrick Oakwood I enlisted a couple of days after this dumb son of a bitch, he's the first person I befriended. He's fun to spar with, or simply just hang out with, especially when we're all in the bar. He lost his leg exactly one day before I came along, so I just started calling him legless, and it kinda stuck. Best thing about Legless is that he can switch from being a dumb ass to being serious with the snap of his fingers, which is why he's good in the field. Welp, you lost you right hand, managed to burn yourself to shit inside a vehicle that was shot by an RPG, and now you're in a coma. Let's hope you wake up sooner rather than later. Alessandro Noviello Where do I start with you, Italian? Well he's one hell of a guy to hang around with, never hurts to have him around you in the field as long as he's a medic. He's one hell of a musician, plays both the guitar, and the piano, though no one notices the fact that he plays that shit. I actually enjoy it when he plays songs in the bar, sets the mood of the place. As long as I'm concerned he only pissed me off once when he tried to grab my tags, but other than that he's one of the closest friends I have around.
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