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  1. Work updated as well vika, but cant do the @ @Xaero_SSTRP
  2. Updated quite a few of people. You can find your self with the red writing if not? Then you where not updated.
  3. @Nyx Saddly didn't have that much to go off of! 😧
  4. Huge revamp for the Relationships So! Enjoy! Also People added! @Centrix
  5. Added a bunch of things! Updated a few folk... @Xaero_SSTRP @Lead @PeaceKeeper2018 New thing added and will be added! Are dates, though everyone before this update shall be marked as UNKNOWN... Since I am goldfish and I forget... Hope you guys enjoy
  6. Anything on beau before you leave?
  7. Beau since he did save your ass twice.
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