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  1. This appeal has been noted, a decision will be made within 24 hours.
  2. After reviewing the evidence provided as well as the statement from the event runner, the decision was made to accept this appeal and overturn this PK. Taking into account the multiple factors that were at play here. Between missing textures from cliffmite impacts that undoubtedly obstructed first person view of all parties, making combat unreasonably difficult from a technical aspect. As well as the verifiable issue with the physics of the rocks/terrain that Kris himself has attested to, there is more than sufficient reasoning to overturn this. I would suggest you take a reasonable temporary injury for simplicity sake, as well as to explain your character's absence. I'll leave this open for 24 hours for any additional parties to make statements/arguments. Appeal accepted.
  3. Update: The Devil's Tattoo Edition! "There is no peace here, war is never cheap, dear. Love will never meet here, it just gets sold for parts." Relationships: -Format Updated - Organized by Faction -Cassidy DuBauer - Added -Peter Mgabi - Added -Cassie Newman - Added -Berndt Reinmann - Minor Update -Sam Costa - Moved to Graveyard -Ainslie DeClare - Moved to Graveyard -Mayumi Asuka - Moved to Past -June O'Riley - Moved to Past Just a month overdue!
  4. After an extensive and lengthy review by an independent third party XA - in this case @Reverend whom I am posting on the behalf of. The conclusion was made that the PK is valid and will be enforced. Odin and I both excused ourselves from the review and ultimate decision so as to not present a conflict of interest, as both of us were involved in the drop as players. -------- In regards to the double flow and delay: Rev himself pulled the logs and reviewed them. Flows run in coordination with server tick rates. When the server starts to go through heavy loads, flows are delayed. What this means is that the time between you receiving the damage and the flow being proc'd is delayed, I'll go into detail on it in my next line. According to the server logs, Larson received a Moderate Fall Flow AFTER receiving 100 damage resulting in the PK flow. This is the only mention of your name prior to the PK. Our long-established rule with these things is that the FIRST flow is ultimately the one that will be enforced. In this scenario, it was unfortunately the PK flow. In regards to the Tiger Elite itself: At 1:12 of Dark's video, we can see multiple nearby Tigers being killed. One Elite seemed to take advantage of this opening, ran through the VFire and hit the piping at the 1:16 mark, where it carried out its AoE attack. Due to server load and how tickrates work in regards to flows, there was a delayed flow proc around 1:24. Between this window, Larson can be seen running toward the pipes - but by then the damage had already been issued and the flow proc pending. In regards to the allegations of over-spawning: Currently, after review and receiving feedback from those involved in the event, there is not sufficient enough evidence to support the allegations of over-spawning in this scenario. Keep in mind that this is a difficult precedent to set. The provided videos clearly show the combined GAU emplacement and VFire doing their job, as only one arachnid really managed to break through the gap - ultimately resulting in the injury we're discussing here now. Spawn rates can be a difficult thing for anyone to balance, especially on large-scale drops that incorporate emplacements. It requires finding a fine balance between what is challenging to the players whilst not being overbearing. Regarding the claims of being stuck / low client-side framerate, lag; I personally play these VFire-esque events with especially low framerate myself and can sympathize with the difficulties. Ultimately, this decision has to be made based off the evidence that has been provided and what we have to work with. The evidence provided does not show you being stuck and we have no way to be able to reasonably verify this with the evidence that we have here. Some takeaways here to consider. A small handful of Troopers willingly chose to fight the arachnids on the ground instead of making use of elevated positions and available cover. This is perfectly fine, as this is an IC choice on their part and the part of the IC leadership. However, this choice directly impacted the events that occurred here today. Currently the GAU is capable of gunning down arachnids - including Tiger Elites with extreme ease, to the point that we sometimes often opt for the M134 instead. An unlucky scenario presented itself where one stray one managed to break through the defensive line. This PK will be upheld.
  5. This appeal is noted and under review. As we've heard from the Event runner already, an official decision will be posted in the near future after all the evidence has been considered.
  6. Ban is downgraded to one week with time passed taken into consideration. It'll be lifted on Wednesday, January 5th. Allow this to serve as a time for reflection and as an example to dissuade others that have been demonstrating similar questionable behavior. Locking this, we'll see you back in a week.
  7. Approved. You're an admin. Give yourself the flags in server. 🤪
  8. Approved. Ask an admin in game for your flags.
  9. Approved. Ask an admin in game for your flags.
  10. This PAC is approved. Ask an admin in game for your flags.
  11. The appeal is noted, a response will be posted on this within a 24 hour period.
  12. Add Vond and Jessica Dooley to fuck/marry/kill
  14. Update #100,304,996 | "I Feel Time" Edition! Relationships: -Draz Polo | Final Update / Moved to Graveyard 😭 -Hui-ying Kyang | Added! -Valerie de Groot | Added! -CHAS #920 'Mom' | Added! -Ridley Wilkes | Added! -Mayumi Asuka | Added!
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