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  1. Update: "The Future" Edition! Relationships -Vika Logan - Added -Draz Polo - Added -Jack Hernandez - Added -Marceline Voyna - Added -Daniel Phillips - Small Update
  2. At the request for clarification, below is a full listing of the current Ranks within the Medical Division and their IC/OOC responsibilities. ------------------------------------------- TRAINEE (TRN) A Trooper who has expressed interest in joining the Medical Division. A non-trained individual who has been granted a probationary period / trial run. Assigned to one or more fully trained medics, they shadow Medical in the field during drops and work alongside their mentor handling wounded and getting a taste for the day to
  3. Mandatory Music (Importante): Update: "A Way Out" Edition! Relationships: -Aaron Holtz - Update (Day's Past Section) -Elliot Yhara - Update (Graveyard) -Ela Bal - Added (Graveyard) -Daniel Phillips - Update -Carter Sims - Update -Harald Eriksson - Added Timeline Updated: -Recent Events Added "For as long as I can remember, I've been lied to, taken advantage of, shot in the back and left for dead. And now, I have a way out of all of this... What in the hell makes you think I'm going to ask for it?"
  4. Update: Time Goes On Edition! Relationships: -Vilish added. You need to interact / Ask to be added!
  5. Update: Getting Old Edition! Relationships: -Carson Added Minor Updates -Zaki -Dawes -Levi -Yhara -Elswood Interact / Ask to be added!
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