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  1. Addendum: Additions; 1x group 5x bones 2x events 1x model 1x holdtype Explaination of Events; Event one key binded to pac command to toggle the initial three bones, the model, and the hold type as well as allowing the second event to be activated Event two key binded to toggle last three bones File size (old > new); 84KB > 94KB @Deckers
  2. Ya'll broke the first one, since the warranty was still in place you get a factory replacement.
  3. Name: sniper_security#5909 Character Name: Joseph Braft Character division or position: Mobile Infantry, Specialist (M55) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59365062 PAC File Size: 84 KB Contents: 1x Entity 36x Model 27x Clip 8x Text 2x Event (One hides the launcher and text on my back while unhiding the text on the launcher in hand when I have the M55 out, the other hides the Morita slung on my chest when I have the Mk3out) 10x Group @Deckers(and so the fun begins again.)
  4. @Deckers@scout Additions: 1x Group- Labled 'Scrawls' 1x Text- Orange text attached to holstered Launcher "<--KEEP CLEAR" 1x Text- Orange text attached to holstered Launcher "KEEP CLEAR-->" 2x Text- Orange text attached to holstered Launcher "/////" 1x Text- Orange text attached to unholstered Launcher "<--KEEP CLEAR" (Group Scrawls) 1x Text- Orange text attached to unholstered Launcher "KEEP CLEAR-->" (Group Scrawls) 2x Text- Orange text attached to unholstered Launcher "/////" (Group Scrawls) 1x Event- Find Weapon Class Simple tfa_sst_rock
  5. @Deckers Additions: 1x Group, 1x Models, 4x Clips- Backpack and removal of straps 1x Group, 14x Models, 7x Clips- M55 Rockets cut in half with caps, 1/2 warheads 1/2 secondary lower portion as the total length of the prop is to unfeasible to carry at assembled length 1x Model, 1x Event- M55 Launcher, event hides model when weapon in use is M55 Changes: Bodygoup change to Mk3 to add holosight Old file size > New file size 82KB > 112 KB
  6. @Deckers Additions: Model 2x- Holstered and Unholstered Plasma Torch Light 1x- Orange light Brightness 8 Size 40 Effect 1x- Sparks_d Rate 0.1 Holdtype 1x- SMG1 animations Event 3x first hides model on back if command 'torch' is inputted, second unhides model in hand and unhides hold type when command 'torch' is inputted, third under the second unhides light and effect when left mouse button is in use Removals: Model 2x- pistol in hand, silencer Event 1x- if weapon class pistol unhide pistol in hand (removed in preparation for new handgun
  7. Yeah usually I add small bits to my pac at a time frequently instead of large swathes over long periods, so kinda get slowed down by the auth processes but what can you do.
  8. @Deckers Addition: Model 4x- (3) Pistol, holstered pistol, holster (1) Silencer Event 2x- When weapon class is pistol hides holstered pistol, second event hides unholstered pistol when weapon class is not pistol Old > New file size 100kb > 107kb
  9. that a approved yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or a 'yeaaaaaaaaa thats gonna be a no' yeaaaaaaaaaa? (i told him its a good yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) -scout
  10. @Deckers Additions: Model 1x- Toothpick Sub material change 5x- Changed submaterial of pants and top of BDU to 'sand', changed vest and helmet to 'green', changed gear to 'gearloadout' (approved by rose colored ryan#1312) Color change 5x- Changed color of Biotech to match BDU Old to new size; 98kb > 100kb
  11. Additions: Model 14x- (2) ski mask under gas mask, (12) flares and holding slips Clip 6x- Cut off unwanted parts of ski mask Event 1x- When weapon class is not the mk3 props attached to rifle will be hidden Submaterial changed 3x- (2) gas mask lenses changed submaterial, (1) goggles submaterial changed File size- 74 KB ---> 98 KB (Circled in red = New)
  12. More additions while waiting; Model 2x- Crowbar and midsection which is point of extension Event 2x- f5 plays toggle command which hides the models at my hip and unhides the holdtype and models attached to my hand or vice versa Bones 2x- adusted rotation of hand and finger to prevent crowbar from going through my face when unholstered
  13. Pending additions; Model x3- Crowbar (Three crowbars modified in scale and with clips to depict a telescopic crowbar I recently acquired) Model- EMP tool (Meant to be a Federation Standard Multi-tool I recently acquired)
  14. Pending additions; Model- SST Helmet Model- Morita mk3 Event- Find Simple Weapon Class tfa_sst_morita3 (Holstered)
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