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  1. Hi Been a while since I posted but this is a bit too important of an issue to allow to slide by in my hermetic reclusion. I completely support Misty and Orwell in their decision, everyone else has pretty much said all that I could have wanted to say so to keep it brief; As a group of individuals who come together to craft a community and enjoy the roleplay and experiences here we have to have some common decency and our own little social contract. I can't believe it needs to be said that something as triggering and traumatic as sexual assault doesn't have a place as something to just make your character more interesting. If it was actually well thought out and not advertised then my opinion might be different but I digress. Do you want to be associated with a community and allows people to throw things like that around willy nilly? I know I wouldn't and that's why calling this censorship doesn't make sense at all. It's a private forums, private server, and I'm sure you don't need me to explain the differences between government and a bunch of rp nerds like us. Just be better.
  2. Name: Latias Character Name: 3Spc Atticus Greene Character division or position: Medical Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19860963 PAC File Size: 16.8 MB Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: Just removing the hair and slapping a helmet on, there's some body groups to change how much of the cig is left and change the armor as well Any other comments: :^]
  3. Updooted and let me know if you're not here! Let me know if you're not here and please make sure that if you want and older character back that you'll be active and expect non-preferential treatment to be fair.
  4. Latias


    whop whop, let's get the ball rolling and fuck up the upham again against more bug cruisers for the sake of my project
  5. -1 Lower right leg BT (Pfc. Oliver Stanley, 3/6/2299)
  6. -1 Left arm BT (Pvt. Loen Burke, 3/6/2299)
  7. Latias

    AEWS Proposal

    Abstract - While the Federation has an extensive sensor network and ability to combat Arachnids in space the most common interaction is either direct confrontation in a defensive posture or offensive fronts. The proposed Arachnid Early Warning System (AEWS) seeks to bolster the defense of the Federal colonies and space borne endeavors in a preventative manner. Due to the fact that most engagements between Arachnid and Human forces either end up resulting in a Human offensive on a bug infested world or the defense of a Human holding. Rarely, it seems, that the fight is taken to space where Humanity should have an undeniable edge. Our mastery of combat in the void will either be confirmed or subverted by the proposed research and development project, leading to possible boons in naval combat and strategy. The proposed system will identify and exploit weaknesses in the Arachnid space strategy, either through detection and interception or direct confrontation. In short, this project sets out to deeply and thoroughly examine Arachnid space capabilities and to find counter strategies that reduce the risk of human loss of life. Whether this be through early warning, preventative measures to avoid Arachnid incursions, or so on is to be determined. ARsr. Connor Caerson FFRL Weapons and Defense Division´╗┐
  8. Latias

    Medical Rolls

    As if we all aren't
  9. >rolls 11 to not fall >kill me.jpg
  10. Why you trying to ERP me ­čśž
  11. Added Holt @Mighty Mouse Added Hawthorne @Coleision Added Hartwick @nikb Added Moore and Christensen @Fluid Added Davidson @Rouge Added Miller @Deck Added Rowan @aphasic Added Emmett @Silent Added Bronson @NorseTheNomad Added Cross
  12. Latias


    Instructor: Spc. Katrina Geier Trainee: 3Spc. Rowan Burke Time and Date of Training: 14:12 EST, 2/16/2299 Goal of the Training: Aftercare, BCLS/CLS, DARPA foam use and removal.
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