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  1. Mills, Gilles and Asuka updated Wyatt, Mom, Scott and Matsui added If I missed anyone I promise ill get to you soon
  2. Death at the gates again... Howling my name... Can't greet you today. I have a war to win.
  3. Date of the event: 12/30/2021 Event runners: Bishop/Twisted Machine Helper: Senj What happened/reason for the appeal: We were deployed to hold a terraforming plant on Moloch, and had entrenched against the Bugs. After a few waves of Warriors and Tankers, we were suddenly overtaken by a massive wave of Tigers, along with three Tankers. Though we repulse the first few waves, several Tiger Elites were able to break through the horde of Tigers and charge our position. I survived the first stomp, but at this point I was stuck against the fuel container trying to crawl under the pipes to escape and couldn't move, and was also suffering a frame rate drop and lagging from the combination of vfire and bugs. One moment I was standing, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground, having been double-flowed-- one being a normal /it and the other being a PK flow. Attached is a video showcasing the exact moment the flow occurred https://streamable.com/yjff0x I'm submitting this appeal on the basis that I was getting really bad framerates, was stuck from the first stomp attack, as well as several others I was with at the time attesting that they were lagging as well due to overspawning. Many of us were stuck playing Garry's Slideshow with the sudden influx of Tigers spawned practically on top of us, and recordings are present to attest to the case of overspawning. I understand that the roll was valid, but I feel as though the lag, the overspawning with 100% higher caste bugs to counter a GAU-19 and the fact that I was stuck on an invisible wall shouldn't be reason to lose my character.
  4. Kate or I will send forth a plague upon your house
  5. the emperor commands it. it is done. also updated falkner and konta, and a new theme
  6. The emperor wills it. It is done. Not if I get u first certainly quit being a brooding pathfinder and come say hi bitch ye
  7. Name: Kate Luna Larson Aliases: Lasso, General, Lada, Legs Gender: Female Age: 18 DOB: 11/15/83 POB: Fort Duncan, Syubi Highlands, Kaladan FID Number: 451312-314245-KL Current Assignment: 58BAT/DCOY/1PLAT 'WILKES' WARDOGS'. UCF CV-133 JOHN BASILONE Height: 6'0 (1.82m) Weight: 178 lbs (80.7 kg) PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Standing at a tall six foot, Kate possesses an athletic, mesomorphic build-- ideal for Jumpball, skiing and, of course, soldiering. Her smooth face is accentuated with freckles, blue eyes, and framed by raven colored hair-- oftentimes tied back in a mid ponytail. Her accent appears to be an amalgamation of several different dialects-- likely due to a fusion brought on by colonization, the most prominent being American, German and Danish. She seems to habitually wear a stoic, even expression-- whether it is due to her military training or an attempt to hide how she feels remaining to be seen. Kate is seen by many as a pure and uncomplicated soldier. Stoic, fierce and motivated, one can consider her the ideal warrior. What many do not see however, is the Kate lurking underneath-- lonely, self conscious and nerdy. Her stoic, strong exterior emerged as a result of necessity-- gathering the strength to bite her tongue and simply take the abuse of her peers in high school. Once one gets past her defenses however, Kate is a steadfastly loyal, ride-or-die friend. She's kind and caring to those who care to befriend her, and would happily risk her own life if it meant keeping them safe. There is no call a Kaladanian will not answer. There is no faith they will betray. Eluta Kontaveit Blaine Falkner Valo Gilles Draz Polo Alexandra Mills Sofie Bishop Mayumi Asuka Ridley Wilkes Cassidy 'Candy' DuBauer Eric Shepard Hui-Ying Yang Sydney Wyatt CHAS #920 'Mom' Dominik Scott Ainslie DeClare Aya Matsui ask to be added and junk
  8. Name: Aurora Character Name: Kate Larson Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM:0:1:81214520 PAC File Size: On duty: 19.5 mb Off duty: 14.2 mb Images of the PAC or link to load: Off duty Combat: Explanation of any events: I have included two simple events: a weapon_class event for my SAW and one to change her alert carry. Any other comments:
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