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  1. Name: Aurora Character Name: Kate Larson Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM:0:1:81214520 PAC File Size: On duty: 19.5 mb Off duty: 14.2 mb Images of the PAC or link to load: Off duty Combat: Explanation of any events: I have included two simple events: a weapon_class event for my SAW and one to change her alert carry. Any other comments:
  2. You're gonna add Holly or I'm gonna break into your house. Holly Garret - Master Specialist S#: 102-93-12313-g3
  3. garret or i break into ur house and kiss u on the lips
  4. Was on scene when it happened. I was in the second hovercraft, scanning the skies for Hoppers while they checked on the pilots. I saw nothing, but then as I pulled up, just saw a Hopper phase into existence out of nowhere. To that end, part of me wonders if it even was a Hopper or just one of the placeholder 'Water Tigers' I dunno. Just a thought.
  5. made some small updates to vond and added Holly's opinion on herself. will be adding more people soon(tm)
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