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    WIP another brand that has a W idk ill finish this tomorrow
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    WIP some sharpshooter brand i don't remember idk ill find it eventually
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    Krediisk Arms Manufacturing Founded In: 2249 Headquarters Location: Ottoshk, Kredia Entity Type: Publically Limited Company CEO: Peter Nadasic Non-Executive Chairperson: Andrea Jastyrsdottir Net Income: £4.8 Trillion Operating Income: £2.1 Trillion Revenue: £2.7 Trillion Asset Value: £826.6 Billion Industry: Firearms, Ballistic Protections History: Kredia's second-largest exporter, KAM is the largest outer-colony weapon's provider, used by companies such as SSI and GDI as well as far-reach colony PDF units. KAM is a direct descendant of Kalashnikov, utilizing old-format weapon documents from the Soviet-born company to redesign and revamp weaponry that is incredibly cheap, and incredibly durable. Recently; sole supplier of armaments and security systems for the Kredian Armed Forces - including but not limited to; Firearms, Ballistic Protections, Vehicles, Computer Systems, Explosives, Explosive protections, PPE, and a plethora of others. Items of Manufacture: AK80 7.62x39mm A simplistic, durable, and cheap rifle to make, the AK80 acts as the main Automatic Rifle of the Outer Colony. Mainly used by PDF, PMC’s, and a number of Separatist groups that have been able to get their hands on them. Firing a 7.62x39mm round, the AK80 adorns a plentiful number of rails to make up for its lack of any built-in attachments. AKV 7.62x39mm One of the most rugged rifles on the market, it is said that the AKV is an unjammable weapon. Utilizing a bull-pup system with KAM’s 7.62x39mm redux round, the AKV is praised for it’s easily-controlled recoil, high velocity, accuracy, and reliability in the field. However, one of the chief complaints about the rifle is it’s lack of customization and the rather uncomfortable built-in stock. Whilst just a bit more expensive than the AK80, it still finds itself below the cost of a Morita Mark one. NAB18 ‘Vulture’ 8-Gauge The KAM-NAB18 is a full-auto shotgun known for its unjam-able nature, and is KAM's highest-praised CQC weapon. It’s relatively odd-looking design is made up for in reliability. With the capability to contain both banana mags, drums, as well as a highly interchangeable body, the NAB18 is considered KAM’s finest creations. PPS9 9x21mm Boasting an incredibly high-rate with excellent recoil control, the SM45 fires caseless 9x21mm in a bullpup fire-system. Used mostly by PDF Police forces for public control and SWAT scenarios, the PPS9 is a very compact SMG, only hindered by it’s rather awkward stock. This weapon comes mostly pre-built, leaving little room for attachments and customization. AE01-P 7.62mm-PEP A PDF favorite after the Skinnie Uprisings of 2300, the AE88-P is incredibly similar to the weapon systems temporarily adopted as a mainstay by the MI-- The E-Pulse Line. In previous models such as the AK01 and AK01-J, the weapon fired caseless 7.62x39mm, however an adaptation was created in a rather controversial manner as Kredia produced its first plasma-variant weapon-- The AE01-P. Firing a plasma-excited projectile utilizing the same reverse-engineering of Progenitor weaponry that created the latter E-Pulse firearms, the AE88-P is a dangerous weapon from close-to-medium range, with a fast fall-off for long range engagements. The 7.62x39mm Plasma-Excited-Projectile firing system operates by using a battery-like magazine to charge the rifle, promptly sending out a round at high velocities with a rather quick drop-off in stopping power and velocity. Every 300 rounds, the plasma battery will require replacement. SV14 10x85mm A highly durable, always reliable sniper rifle is what the SV14 is known as. Being it’s oldest model still in service, the SV14 is a nearly indestructible weapon, and fires a 10x85mm in-house produced round with a bolt-action mechanism. A true mark of KAM craftsmanship, this rifle is considered KAM’s highest quality rifle, period. PVH-10 11x35mm A revolver produced for the 25th anniversary of KAM, the predecessor of the PVH-10; the PVH; is a more ceremonious or competitive shooting weapon than anything, firing a less-produced 11x35mm handgun round. However, in 2295 the PVH-10 was released quietly, with large amounts of the weapon shipped to the company ‘SSI’ alongside the 11x35mm APL (Special Armor Piercing - Aratyistä Panskarin Läävitsas) round capable of even penetrating Intelligence-grade MI Armor. Listed under KAM’s collectors section, the PVH and PVH-10 are some of the most expensive handguns within KAM’s arsenal, and are typically engraved by their owner for decorative purposes. PMH-P 9x21mm Easily the most widely-produced handgun within the outer colonies, the PMH family is a highly-respected line of handguns. Firing a 9x21mm round with a higher rate of fire than the Peacemaker, a PMH can be found anywhere from local police departments in the outer colonies, to the waistbands of gangs and pirate crews. Whilst it’s incredibly cheap price, three-round burst setting, and almost indestructible nature is praised, it’s accuracy beyond close quarters is abysmal at best.
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    KRISS Founded In: 1876 Headquarters Location: New Madrid, Karrus Entity Type: C Corporation CEO: Frederick Ostwind Non-Executive Chairperson: Alexander Viscov Net Income: £321.8 Billion Operating Income: £172.1 Billion Revenue: £101.7 Billion Asset Value: £406.6 Billion Industry: Firearms, Explosive Ordinances History: Originating on Terra far before the rise of the Federation, KRISS was one of the many corporations to survive the Disorders. However, the company is far from it’s previous bounds of success, and relies solely on the production of it’s Y-Racks. Recently, due to the increase in production of power armor suits for special forces and special-forces-capable units, the company was able to land a small contract for a sidearm; one that could mag-lock to the side of a power armor suit and be handled by the enlarged grasps of the power armor with ease. Items of Manufacture: Vector CT1 .45 ACP Issued to Fleet and Special Forces personnel of the 11th Experimental Fleet, the Vector CT1 is a revival of an early 21st-Century firearm. Still in prototype, it is nigh impossible to obtain one of these outside of the 11th Fleet. This firearm has a semi-automatic setting, as well as a three-round burst setting. Rumor about a CT1A and CT1B being in development speaks about a fully-automatic variant, as well as a variant chambered in .50 AE for use in power-armor. EO-422 ‘Hellseed’ Y-Rack Launcher 40mm Grenades - 70mm NT Rockets Attached to numerous iterations of Marauder program armor-suits, the EO-422 Hellseed Y-Rack Launcher is capable of launching two different munitions. First, numerous 40mm grenades can be launched in rapid succession at oncoming enemies. In the same ports, 70mm NukeTech rockets can be launched out of these, two at a time before a manual reload is needed.
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    E-Pulse Initiatives Founded In: 2271 Headquarters Location: New Athens, Althea Entity Type: C Corporation CEO: Erika Stoltalapolous Non-Executive Chairperson: Mikael Denvers Net Income: £6.8 Trillion Operating Income: £5.9 Trillion Revenue: £5.2 Trillion Asset Value: £6.6 Trillion Industry: Firearms, Ballistic Research, Xenotechnologies History: Considered one of the most technologically-advanced of the firearm tycoons, E-Pulse is a fairly new company recently put on contract for its energy-based weapon systems. Achieving such great wealth in such a short time had come with a catch, as most of the income is required to go directly back into the companies’ functioning due to how expensive their work is. With how expensive it is to front the research for energy-weapons, it’s no surprise E-Pulse are the most expensive weapons on the market. Items of Manufacture: E-Pulse 44 Designated Marksman Rifle 20 P-EEE (875W Dispersion Rate Battery) One of the newest weapons available to the Mobile Infantry, using a new state of the art ‘Pulse’ fire, the E-Pulse 44 is the new designated Marksman rifle, replacing the Morita 1 DMR variant. This rifle's round is designed to tear through arachnids and solid cover. Often described as a sized down energy-thrower, it utilizes a battery to substitute for its magazine. E-Pulse 88 Heavy Machine Gun 50 P-EEE (1kW Dispersion Rate Battery) Another new weapon added to the Mobile Infantry’s arsenal, the E-Pulse 88 serves as the second heaviest-hitting weapon carried by troopers, only topped by the NukeTech M-55. Capable of punching through the chitin of a tanker, the E-88 is a must-have when fighting arachnids.
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    Brunham Ballistics Founded In: 2099 Headquarters Location: Vigil’s Point, Iskandar Entity Type: C Corporation CEO: Arthur MacVanard Non-Executive Chairperson: Kaitlyn Corro Net Income: £6.8 Trillion Operating Income: £3.1 Trillion Revenue: £3.7 Trillion Asset Value: £1.22 Trillion Industry: Firearms, Ammunitions History: Born in the shadow of Morita, Brunham Ballistics is the second-largest firearms producer in the entire Federation, and the second-longest holder of a contract to supply the Federation with trusty sidearms. Items of Manufacture: TW-102-A 'Peacemaker' Pistol .45 ACP The Peacekeeper is a Magazine fed sidearm, the standard weapon to be given to NCOs who request them, along with standard Infantry who take heavy weapons like the Morita E-Pulse 88, SAW or DMR when engaging in close quarter combat. It fires .45 Armor-Piercing ammunition, and is ideal against Human, and lightly-armored combatants, though quite ineffective against anything else, especially Arachnids. TW-109-E ‘Emancipator’ Heavy Pistol 7.62x51mm The Emancipator is a Magazine fed high caliber sidearm, used primarily by Senior NCOs and Officers. Unlike the Peacekeeper, their ammo count is far lower, however the rounds are much bigger, so much so that it can cause an instantaneous spraining of the wrist, if not handled correctly. This weapon is not to be given to random Infantry as a secondary, they are to only be used by SNCO/Officers. TW-111-P ‘Reaper’ Revolver .500 BM A weapon that can only be carried by Intel Officers (Including Psychic Operatives below a commissioned rank), the 'Reaper' is a high powered revolver capable of dishing out high damage with it’s .500 Brunham Magnum cartridge, and can kill a man or Arachnid Warrior with a single shot, and can also penetrate an Intelligence-Grade combat helmet in one shot. hence why operatives always save the last round for themselves. The round is also easily able to sprain the wrist in the hands of someone not familiar with the handgun, or if fired in rapid succession. MK7B Designated Marksmen Rifle .416 JPR A new product made as the heavier predecessor to the WA-21 used in the Federal Civil War, the MK7B is considered the hardest-hitting DMR on the market. Stepping on the grey lines of a full-blown sniper rifle, the MK7B utilizes the .416 JPR round; a relatively new redux of an early 21st Century round used to provide more power to the individual without it becoming a burden on the weight and recoil scale. Whilst the rifle is favored by some for its power and durability, some complain of it’s built-in bipod’s poor functioning, as well as the difficulty of changing out barrels in the field. However, the highly modifiable versatility of the rifle is something many appreciate greatly.
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    Morita Arms Corporation Founded In: 2074 Headquarters Location: New Austin, Rhohan Entity Type: C Corporation CEO: Jonathan Hammerwald Non-Executive Chairperson: Olivia Connors Net Income: £28.6 Trillion Operating Income: £16.2 Trillion Revenue: £20.3 Trillion Asset Value: £32.9 Trillion Industry: Firearms, Ballistic Protections, Optics History: Morita Arms Company is a major civilian firearms manufacturer in the Federation. They are the main provider of weapons used by SICON forces. Morita Arms Company was founded by Akihito Morita, a former Japanese military officer during the Disorders. Akihito's family had a proud military background, and he was educated by his grandfather in the way of firearms when he was a young boy. Early after the Terran Federation was formed, Akihito Morita was offered an opportunity to design, and manufacture weapons for SICON. Morita Arms Company became widely known for their efficient firearms and rifles, such as the Mark One Morita Assault Rifle, which became the Federal Mobile Infantry's primary weapon during the age of colonization and onwards. Items of Manufacture: Morita Mark One Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm The Mark One Morita is the longest-serving rifle of the Mobile Infantry. It fires .308 ammunition. Being able to fire in single fire, burst fire or, as it most commonly is used, fully Automatic. This rifle is the go-to weapon for any member of the Mobile Infantry. An underbarrel attachment is incredibly common, with standard-issue including an under barrel shotgun. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers and Defoliant Throwers are also available, however are not standard issue. Morita Mark One Carbine 7.62x51mm The Carbine is a modified version of the Morita Mark One, being a shorter, lighter, and faster firing variant of the Rifle. This, in the history of the Federation, was issued to Engineers, Medics, NCO's, and point-men. Useful in CQC to Medium range, the Mark One Carbine lacked in the long range department, and understandably so due to the shorter barrel. Due to a modified Piston it trumps the Mark 1 rifle variant in terms of Rate of Fire by about 25%. Morita Mark Three Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle 10x55mm, 30mm AGL The newest Standard Infantry weapon produced by the Morita Arms Company, being a recreation of the Original Prototype seen in the Second Bug War, the Mark 3 used to be the replacement for the Mark One. Holding a larger magazine capacity with armor-piercing, high velocity rounds, as well as a built in, five round 30mm above barrel grenade launcher, this weapon is deadly when put in the right hand. Morita Mark Four 10x24mm, 40mm UGL Once the FEDINT's weapon of choice for special operations, the Morita Mark IV has now reached a larger audience in the Federal Service. Utilizing 10x24 Pulse rounds that are capable of punching through most non-federal infantry armor, this carbine is very dangerous when used in the right hands. Having an effective range of about 600 feet, and a low fall-off rate after that, a 40mm single-load UGL, as well as being the quietest non-handgun firearm in the Federation's arsenal, the Mark IV is quite the multi-purpose weapon. Morita Mark Three Squad Automatic Weapon 10x55mm The newest weapon to the Mobile Infantry Support Gunners, the Mark Three SAW is a Light Machine Gun assigned to Troopers to provide covering fire, suppress enemy forces or eliminate large numbers of Arachnids without needing to stop and reload. Whilst not having as many rounds as its predecessor, the .30 Caliber Special Purpose Cartridge developed by Morita Arms has a higher impact rating and profits off of higher pressures. Originally intended to be used exclusively against bugs, doctrine has changed with the dawn of the third bug war to be utilized as a General Purpose Squad Automatic Weapon. M2-PAS Shotgun 12-Gauge The Mark II PAS is the now-retired pump-action shotgun, having seen heavy use during the Federal Civil War. Now, the Mark II is mostly used by Marines and Police units for it's simplistic yet versatile functionality. M2A-PAS ‘Ventilator’ Shotgun 8-Gauge An upgraded version of the basic Pump-Action shotgun, using a larger magazine count but designed to work better in CQC with more compact pellet spread. While this weapon may be capable of dropping an Arachnid in only a few shots, the reload time and reliance on close quarters makes the weapon not ideal against them. M2-FAS ‘Belcher’ 8-Gauge The 'Belcher' is a 15-30 round fully automatic shotgun, perfect for CQC combat or to fight lower leveled Arachnids, the consistent fire and larger pellets of buckshot mixed with the fast reload speed makes this weapon ideal for quickly killing groups of enemies, and weakening arachnids for their fellow infantryman to finish off with proper rifles.
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