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  1. Mentor Reinmann
  2. your one and only political bargainer
  3. Not enough minerals Interactions, very very blank and neutral opinion other than hold your liquor, do look forward to rping though! Small update, added Levy and Sam Costa the ape. I have been very lazy with this, so my apologies
  4. Reinmann and i am in the means of updating my profile too, been lazy
  5. I do what I want. i am THE Prince of Princes. also i will get on it soon enough
  6. You can't steal my idea of being royal!!! just kidding Reinmann plz
  7. Minor update Added my two Roughrider sisters in arms. Working on backstory draft, I know what I want included, I just don't know what tone or how I want it written (I.E background check or Reinmann reaccounting his past self) Willing to take suggestions on that topic
  8. Theme: Basic Information: Citizenship: Granted Name: Berndt Jacob Reinmann Nicknames: Age: Twenty Eight D.O.B: November 1st, 2273 Homeworld: Terra, Deustches region, Rhineland Alignment: Lawful Good Gender: Male Role(s): Combat Medic, physical therapist, general on-base medical staff procedures, minor field research collection Rank: Second Specialist Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Height: 5 Foot 11 Inches Weight: 185 Pounds Build: Ectomorph Kin: Wilhelm Reinmann - Father - 32 - Deceased - Citizen - Former Captain, Terran Planeta
  9. Add Berndt Reinmann even though I am entirely new
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