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  1. The bitch sees herself as skilled (even if it doesn't reflect OOCly and I use a lot of google), and confident. She knows she can be a hardass, but (at least as I had originally intended her to be before the Corsairs stole her happiness) she's overly friendly and in-your-face. She's not afraid to speak her mind but currently feels she's still too new and doesn't know anybody well enough (besides Levi, and perhaps Vilish) to really say what she wants.
  2. Done and done, with additional additions that have been added.
  3. yer welcome it's what i signed up to do add ela
  4. Updated some, added @Dark She's "finished" but she's not "done". We'll see how she goes, I reckon.
  5. Yes. As well as @Reverend and a few bits and pieces. I'm staying on top of this one, none of that rushing after she's dead BS like last time.
  6. Let's try this again, nerds. This one doesn't have a dick 😜
  7. As it's written, none of this should be taken IC Full Name: Vika Logan Pronunciation of their name: Vick-uh Nickname(s): Personal Information Sex: Female Age(and how old they look): 24 Orientation/Sexual preference: Straight Appearence Height: 5'9" Weight: 155 pounds Age: 24 Eye color(s): Blue Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): A tall build, short torso but long legs - moderately mesomorphic. Hair color(s): Black Hair length: Shoulder Hair style: Messy, bangs are generally in h
  8. Not done yet, looking like it'll be tomorrow. Thanks for the words, I appreciate it! Gonna be tough topping Ela but, we'll see how it goes.
  9. @That one edgy dude @UnRuleD Grizz @sarduker @Godot @Luna and finally @Troy Hughes Her will is to be IC. I said it on the server yesterday, but it bears repeating. Thank you to everyone who made Ela the girl she was. You guys made her life a great story to tell, and I appreciate it.
  10. Added, as well as @Nyx and a few updates to others. Added her final video, the following people are mentioned in order: @malina @Bav @Mist @Sonsick @Dan @Sgt.Slaughter @Kris
  11. Done. Changed her alignment, tho will probably add a bit more detail later on.
  12. added, as well as Winchester and updated Cox. Added a new little uh, thing? in the soundtrack section. I think that's it? IDK. If it looks new to you, then it is. Other updates to come.
  13. i have a lot of updates to get to, i am in fact, very lazy
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