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  1. The flicker of eyelids invites unwanted light into the brown, bloodshot eyes of the woman sprawled on the hospital bed. A fleeting battle was lost as she finally gave in and opened them, letting out a yawn and stretching out her arms, her metallic fingers rigidly moving one by one. The medical bay was bright, as it usually is. People coming and going through it seemed quite quiet tonight. Her body slips up along the bedding on the mattress, propping her back up against a set of pillows. The mechanical hand moves up to rub at her eyes to loosen the sleep as the other grasped at her PDA
  2. Added pew pew with an event of the prop vanishing when I equip the weapon also https://imgur.com/a/iKzKW49
  3. Just a small thing for when she's inside FOBs
  4. Changes to the PAC, using server-mounted content for head hack, a change in height (though can be altered on request). The imported shit is the bag and injecty thingies (Can be painkillers or an injector for the celox) praise the turtle
  5. Name: ThaslanarVR.TTV Character Name: Fiadh Hayes Character division or position: Rct - Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49214382 Images of the PAC or link to load: Just a hidden entity and then server-mounted content to headhack and such, nothing too fancy
  6. Nevermind I'm a fucking retard this is the head
  7. My bad sorry I'll slap the medic armour on the material of the model when/if I get to use it in server
  8. Change in colours to suit medical armour
  9. Name: ThaslanarVR.TTV Character Name: Etsuko Yamazaki Character division or position: Pvt - Mobile Infantry Pyromaniac Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49214382 Images of the PAC: Explanation of any events: Zero, just a headhack total size is 2.7mb for the head + 2.5mb for the hair, totals to 5.2mb
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