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  1. the fact that this is even something that needs to be discussed is legitimately annoying. there should be no discussion required here. gmodders famously don't have the tact to detail even the simplest of touchy scenarios, and this is one out of a hundred dozen examples. it's outright appalling that this is even something that needs to be discussed or contested. sexual assault is a highly personal and uncomfortable thing to many many people. it doesn't need to be entertained in a media such as this. write a fucking book were it up to me, anyone involved with this complaint and those crying foul would be swiftly told to leave the community and not come back. these things should not be entertained. garrys mod roleplay is not the place to play out your trauma or your fantasies; whatever the fuck led to this occurring. those involved should seek therapy or at least go outside; especially with the fact that the banned got warnings, which shouldn't have been necessary the only things the current administration could have done better is ban these people sooner, along with anyone acting like this is a grotesque breach of the community's trust. otherwise, they did everything right. if you disagree then you have issues with yourself to reconcile
  2. this was discussed privately with multiple parties, Xal informed Dan of the decision and the PK was revoked
  3. hi, so as this normally goes i'm going to respond to your initial post and go through the sequence of events as I view it from my position as the event runner and person responsible for the PK after a /event depicting the encroaching arachnids swarming over the berm and entering the camp, you stood still for quite some time and eventually looked at me as another /event was being typed - if I recall correctly, you then moved away from me and did an emote of moving for cover - fair enough, i suppose. the tiger I was portraying continued to pursue you as the closest target, and for the sake of a close call and storytelling 'flavor' i described you having a close call with death but being saved by an amount of fire that was enough to stagger the tiger. as i feel it's relevant to this section, i'm attaching a quote from your second spoiler regarding the perceived strength of a tiger bug. running an event, especially a heavily s2rp-focused one, can be very hectic. there are a lot of variables, a lot of questions being asked, just a lot of communication going around that can interfere with the brevity of interactions - in this we also had multiple XAs coaching newer administrators on arachnid s2rp, especially because arachnid s2rp has been an incredibly rare occurrence this iteration. yes, a tiger is strong - but they are not, as you said, 'god bugs'. i presume the perception of the tiger i was portraying being a 'god bug' was from a player dissatisfied with the drawn out, in depth s2rp nature of the event who lodged a complaint in looc about my arachnid being a 'god bug'. this was merely due to an issue with timescaling. i did not post any sort of emote or event of my arachnid surviving that final charge into the firing line that you mentioned here: what occurred here was a multitude of things. as mentioned above, I was communicating with all of the other admins assisting me with the event; i was considering emotes, collecting rolls and discussing outcomes of said rolls with the other XAs present. yes - there was a significant amount of lag time. sure, that can be dissatisfactory and unenjoyable at times, but i don't feel its relevant to this argument. it sucks to wait, yes, but that wait time did not influence the events that unfolded. from the moment you all opened fire, the tiger was going to die in the next event/emote. i was simply trying to determine how it played out. what played out, after much discussion, is that the tiger was keeling forward from the momentum of its charge but dead. directly behind you, effectively putting you in a crossfire, was a pfc played by valk - I asked them for a base roll to determine the probability of them hitting an automatic burst against a moving target with friendlies literally a few feet in front of it. they rolled a 5. at that point I verbally declared to the others present in the chat that I felt this roll of a five, a critical failure, would result in friendly fire. as the tiger was already decided to be dead due to the immense amount of fire, about midway through this lag-time of us trying to figure out the sequence of events, i asked those in front of me to roll to determine who would be hit in the tiger's expiration event and the severity of it. you rolled a nat 0. nat 0s have precedent to be considered the ultimate failure - in any 'saving' throws, or anything to determine injury or avoidance of death, even something as low as a 5-10 could get you killed. a nat 0 is an instant death in almost all cases. considering the circumstances, I asked @Luckish to assist me in determining the injury - because of the nature of how it was playing out, i felt it would be unfair to have the round somehow ricochet into Sims' forehead and give him an instant death - I felt it would be fair to at least give you time for some dying words, or something to that effect. i would like to give @Luckish the opportunity to respond to this as well, as while ultimately it was my responsibility, i did ask him to weigh in and handle the actual description of the death (again, due to rolling a nat 0 on an injury roll). i think it's only fair that we receive luckish's opinion, primarily because i put him on the spot and asked him to manage that as he has far more scifi rp medical knowledge than me and to allow me to continue to oversee the broader aspect of the event. as such, i will insert the quote of your description of events that luckish managed and my opinion on it. luckish was, to my knowledge, trying to describe a freakish occurrence where either your femoral can be injured and retract into your torso, or can be hit very high up, both situations (i am unsure of which) can render a tourniquet not very useful or virtually useless (i am iffy on the details of this as i've lost most of my gmod scifi medical rp knowledge over the years). you can do all the bells and whistles you want of trying to treat an injury like this, but the fact of the matter is, again, it was a nat 0. that is, as i've said, held precedent numerous times to describe a freakish and inhumane occurrence that, specifically in the realm of injury flows, is certain death. as such, luckish was working with you to best describe this occurrence through PEVs. in my view, rather than engage with the roleplay as an event runner was describing to you, you chose to argue about what was occurring in /reports. when it was explained to you in greater detail, you asked for a redo. this sequence was redone about fifteen minutes after the original 'death sequence' started happening. with proper accordance to timescaling, especially since the event progressed from s2rp (heavily timescaled) to s2k (virtually real-time) in that time, it's unfair to argue that because of the re-do you were thrown onto the medevac mere seconds after the injury occurred. because of this, as the dropship was flying away, luckish was engaging you with multiple /its describing your wounds, and the treatment being rendered by pararescue medics aboard the medevac boat. without word, you disconnected, and did not respond to DMs concerning the matter. it's my understanding that it's long been precedent that leaving to avoid an injury can result in a PK. while that may not paint the full picture, and you may have misunderstood the situation, i feel like that is relevant to mention. to address this, yes - there are faults with the flow system, which automatically generates injury messages based on a rolled number. we've observed somewhat frequent issues with this roll system where a roll beneath that threshold (a -99 or -100, which on a scale of 0 to 100 is functionally the same as a 0) is incorrectly flagged and displayed as a PK flow. whenever this occurs, it is generally announced publicly that the roll was incorrect and that it is not a PK, which if I recall correctly is what occurred with Draz Polo. additionally, even when this system appears to be working correctly, we take extra steps to ensure the correctness of the PK. in this PK appeal by null, their PK flow appeared to show the correct roll of -99 or -100. Xal debunked the occurrence of the simultaneous result simply due to the way that computers simulate 'randomness' - as the rolls were generated simultaneously. in this case, there wasn't a simultaneous roll causing doubt in the validity of the roll - you rolled independently, on your own time, far outside the margin of error of computer-generated randomness. this is an incredibly longwinded post, simply because I felt the need to address each point and explain my decision making and thought process for each issue raised. i'm happy to respond as well to Kentora and Jack's messages as well if whoever takes this up deems it necessary, I'm just choosing to end it here for sake of some semblance of brevity. i also feel that luckish's input is necessary here.
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