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  1. Kurei, Valentino are here. Asuka is not updated yet because I am tired.
  2. With Misty's goahead: Approved. Feel free to ask for the flags on server.
  3. Mills, Scott, Larson updated, Hui-Ying's name fixed, will add Valentino when I feel better!!
  4. With the removal of the halo stuff, this PAC meets the criteria to be accepted. You may be ICly spoken to about stuff like vest colors and the helmet: but, like I said, that's just IC. Now all you gotta do is wait for an XA to pass this, and then you can ask for flags on server.
  5. I don't think the additions from halo packs will fly under the clause of 'in this setting:' they're pretty evidently from Halo and fit that settings aesthetic much better than ours. I'd stick to trying to add onto the regular MI gear instead of taking stuff from Halo.
  6. Update - New title - Bye bye ID, hello Banner - Fixed the fucking weird thing where the text of the lyrics cut off because the canvas was too small
  7. Kyang added, Polo updated, Larson added, Scott added, Norman's name fixed, Matsui passed over because limited interaction
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