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  1. Big one! Daniel updated. De Clare updated. Wilkes updated. De Groot added. Springfield added.
  2. Name: rosecoloredryan Character Name: SSgt. Avery Dawes Reason for un-PK: During the end of @Deckers finale, after clearing out the bunker and while going up an elevator, the person above copy pasted this emote, completely failing to even properly format it, failing to give me time to react, and just instantly going to S2K. At the time, I didn't dispute it. With what little time was given to me, I just rp'ed getting shot, while Crozier sacrificed his life and got shot by almost everyone else in that room immediately after killing my character.
  3. Barrymore, Stuart, Garret, Armistead, and Phillips receive major updates.
  4. Updated O'Riley Sousa added (RIP) DeClare also added. Rest of you...I will get around to you soon. Especially you, Thas.
  5. With this in mind, you are still 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, denied from using this PAC. /s
  6. I can't really speak as to what you were supposed to do: all I know is that the thing you did in the moment just ended up being really deadly to you. Either way, my input stays the same and I'm not arguing explicitly against this appeal. It's not my call.
  7. I'll add on: I don't really mind if this PK gets lifted, either way. I'm not really a fan of doling out PKs anyway, but: I deliberately stopped your IFV with a physgun freeze after I evented multiple times the warriors chipping away at your armor and the chitin gumming up your wheels. I think it's an undisputable fact that a lot of people saw you drive your APC right towards a massive horde of bugs (that we spawned to push people TOWARDS the dam btw.) Keep in mind me eventing that stuff didn't seal the deal on your PK - the only thing that 100% resulted in your PK is Braft being or
  8. Hello, event runner here. I feel no strong emotion towards this PK: the simple fact of the matter is that for all that happened, I would've let you do whatever and sit there until you eventually got flowed to death or somehow miraculously managed to get out. This changed immediately when Braft was ordered to fire 4 HEATs as what I assume was an IC mercy kill. When two other players acted to ICly spare your character a horrible fate at bug hands, I decided to enforce this PK rather than let you roll against it.
  9. Hawkins and Bal added, with their deaths. R.I.P.
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