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  1. (OOC) Apologies in advance, the coding done goofed on site. It didn't allow me to unselect the bold. I also blame Primer for this profile. It stuck to my brain and had to be done. UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX> <DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES> <SUBSECTION - MOBILE INFANTRY> <OPENING...> <FOLDER - 58th INFANTRY REGIMENT> <<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>> <<< ....OPENING.... CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 'S' TO PROCEED>>> > USER: ******** > PASS: ************ <<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>> <ACCESSING FILE = ‘DOUGLAS O’KEEFE > <CLEARANCES ACCEPTED!> <OPENING....> Background Information: <AUDIO DATA> <FACE CLAIM> <BASIC PERSONNEL RECORD:> <BASIC PERSONNEL INFORMATION> NAME: Douglas B. O’Keefe GENDER: Male AGE: 22 POB: Newfoundland, St. Johns, Earth CR: Hathor DOB: 2276/07/16 Marital status: Single <BASIC PHYSICAL INFORMATION> HEIGHT: 5’11 WEIGHT: 190 lbs. HAIR COLOR: Black EYE COLOR: Hazel BUILD: Mesomorph BLOOD TYPE: O- <BASIC SERVICE INFORMATION> ENLISTED: April 1st - 2301 PAYGRADE: E-1 OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALITY: N/A JUDICIAL RECORD: N/A CONTRACT LENGTH: 2301-2306 UNITS: <58th ‘Corsairs’ Infantry Regiment -- Delta Company -- 1st Platoon -- 29/11/2301--??/??/??> QUALIFICATIONS: RANK: Private DEPLOYMENTS/COMBAT MISSIONS: 0 <BASIC PERSONNEL HISTORY> FAMILY: - Bryan O'Keefe, 48, [Alive]: Civilian, Fisherman apart of the shore fishery - Sarah O'Keefe, 45, [Alive]: Civilian, Works in a processing plant EDUCATION: - High-School Diploma LANGUAGES SPOKEN: - Federation Standard English PRIOR EMPLOYMENT: Dock Worker/Wearhouse Deckhand <PERSONAL EFFECTS> 1x boat knives kit <PSYCHOLOGICAL DATABASE> <<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>> <<<....ACCESSING FILE DOUGLAS O'KEEFE, HEALTH AND WELLNESS REVIEW....>>> <<<CLEARANCES ACCEPTED!>>> <....OPENING....> His World | Trusted/Close Friend | Respected | Friendly | Neutral | Mixed | Disliked | Hated | † = Alive | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred The Fallen †
  2. 🤯 No Jacob Problem or William Pafford
  3. I felt lazy and didn't wanna transfer this. (Dam you, Spook for the good idea) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mrmW_UWB1XFjO8K5ZuysG5vDX3jYG6C8sMUvGRZYmyU/edit?usp=sharing
  4. I'm no pac genius so here is my simple asf pac.
  5. Theme: Fed Net Public Records Name: Jacob Joseph Problem DOB: 2273/08/13 Age:28 Medical standing: Clear Home world: Earth Region: Atlantic Provinces Current residence: Unknown LKR: 1881 Brunswick St. APT #150 Education: College Diploma Focus: Accounting Next of kin: None listed Physical Description Hight: 5'11 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Build: Fit/Passed Basic Tattoo on his left Arm Scar on the right side of his face angled at a forty five from a ricochet Service Record Status: Deceased Date of enlistment: 2300/04/20 Date of assignment: 2301/06/27 Unit: 817th Morita Battalion "Corsairs", AFC Basilone Combat Deployments/Drops: 80 Rank: Lance Corporal Role: Infantry Commendations Mobile Infantry Cross x1 Meritorious Service Commendation x2 Emergency First Aid Commendation x1 Purple Heart x1 Personality Jacob is an Introverted and awkward person, he prefers his own company to others and is particularly selective to those he calls friends. His tendencies and hobbies will reflect such, spending a great deal of time reading books, listening to music, playing video games, working out, and attempting to get some elusive sleep. He is slavish when it comes to orders, when they are given he'll roger up and see them through to the best of his abilities. He will not question his orders unless they needlessly endanger the others around him. Additionally, he doesn't like attention focused on him, he resents it and will downplay his actions to avoid it. Relationships The Fallen
  6. Name: Sellka Character Name: Jacob J. Problem Character division or position: Private First Class Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:9855946 PAC File Size: Maxmium of 10 KB per set Images of the PAC or link to load: Just a Base on duty style then various reskins/Camos/BDU's
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