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  1. MB hasn't changed, just a HL2 Crowbar put in the back (IC Item) for the Combat gear
  2. my question is why is an engineer doing fleets job with CAS
  3. do the thing admin pls i'm begging youplease it's not an import, mounted content (usually), whenever applicable
  4. Name: Merkalinth Character Name: Yelizaveta Volkova Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77706439 PAC File Size: 12.7 MB Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: Weapon going disappearing / appearing if (un)holstered Any other comments: Head has other bodygroups (helmet, beret, other hairstyles) and aren't part of any other import
  5. where.... where is she.... the x.... yla....
  6. Xyla loses half her body and fucking dies (expect a post-mortem update) (will, relation updates) (and even backstory)
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