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  1. holy shit is that a motherfucking update? Another update!!! Added: Sydney Wyatt Johnny Vilish Updated: Luna Cavill
  2. Update!!! Wtf??? Irrelevant Character Update!!! Added: -Elliot Yhara- -Moira Stuart- -Blake Barrymore- -Erin Winchester- -Ela Bal- -Carter Sims- Updated: -no one lol- (minor tweaks to rank and wounds)
  3. where is the dead rys :^(
  4. [Now accessing: Personnel Dossiers] [File: J.X.0133608] [STATUS: ACTIVE] -=General Information=- -=Service Record=- -=Medical Record=- -=Backstory=- -=Personal Relations=- (The thing NOBODY is here for) (Yes I really did copy my other format! How dare I! D:<)
  5. my lady, may i interest you in including: the julie xyla? (i will interpret it as you loving her no matter what)
  6. Name: Merkalinth Character Name: Julie Xyla Character division or position: MI - Pft Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77706439 PAC File Size: Head is 4MB and the Helmet is 2.94MB Overall imported assets: 6.94 megabytes Onduty Helmetless Offduty uniform Formals Explanation of any events: An event for the Mark 3 so it holsters / unholsters Any other comments: The textureless sights is a me problem and shouldn't look like that on the server. Otherwise I can just get rid of it. If
  7. One final update. Will added. Love you all. ❤️
  8. Well it's one thing to say updated and not elaborate so: Updated: Beckham Added: Garret Stuart If you wish to be added or want to see something included, say so!!!!!!!!!!
  9. where... is... the rys....
  10. i am actually offended, where is the amanda rys
  11. Updates for some people and finally did the backstory. It is subject to change, possibly in adding new information or changing paragraphs / reconstructing them to make them more comprehensible or w/e, give feedback!!! Point out mistakes!!! DO SOMETHING!!!
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