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  1. Reopened and updated one final time, I think. Still need to adjust some things. Let me know if you wanna be added/updated or something.
  2. imagine returning to garry's mod roleplay, couldn't be me
  3. The "I promise I'll become active" Update - Updated Asuka @Dark - Updated Phillips @TheDoc - Updated Voyna @Mist
  4. The "💀" Update - Added Danailov @Detective Brawl - Updated Asuka @Dark - Updated DeClare @BaroqueBishop - Updated June @malina - Updated Sansregret @Primer
  5. The "Strange Arc" Update - Updated rank - Updated pictures - Updated theme - Updated title If anybody is missing or wants to be added/updated, let me know in a reply here
  6. The "Despair" Update - Further updated the [Personal Relationships] section - Updated Asuka @Dark with a new entry and theme - Updated the meaning for the ███ color
  7. The "Cool" Update - Overhauled the [Personal Relationships] section - Added colors and their meanings - Added themes for a few people - Updated Polo 😢 @sarduker - Updated Asuka @Dark - Adjusted DeClare @BaroqueBishop - Updated Phillips @TheDoc - Updated Voyna @Mist - Updated Sansregret @Primer - Updated De Groot @Gr4Ss
  8. SSgt. Jack Hernandez S#: 157-066-67294-ZD
  9. The "I'm not lazy" Update - Updated Asuka - Updated DeClare - Updated Polo - Added Wyatt - Added 920
  10. Add the man you scared for no reason and almost broke his back
  11. Done, along with a few more updates (DeClare and Springfield)
  12. You could finally add Hernandez and update those that died
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