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  1. asuka got forced transfered out a while ago, might wanna update that perhaps
  2. Seems good. A Senior Admin+ should probably approve this soon.
  3. Should be approved soon. A Senior Admin+ will soon respond to this
  4. Manual https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MdSN3q6k9UxY5G05xzT2c7P5nzN2bzZgkIH6-iv9bYU/edit?usp=sharing The link above will lead to all of our information regarding the faction's abilities and tools. Rosters https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zVngsiHKIJBjEccGKWrZz70UphBkCmugJNjizzKoDls/edit?usp=sharing The links above will lead to all of our information regarding the faction's rosters. Mechanized Add-ons Below will be a list with all our current in-use Vehicle add-ons from Simfphys. IFV: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2190247257 SPAAG: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2203311673 MBT: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2193246982 APC: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2209704927 LAV: These are perma-mounted.
  5. I support her appeal. I had a bird's eye view. Textbook overspawn. < bear in mind, we had a GAU-19 < and enough vFire to make Satan himself blush 😳
  6. Seeing you've went out of your way to appeal this ban, I'm inclined to unban you and leave you at a warning, making this ban somewhat around the 18 hour mark. Just be mindful that randomly shooting someone isn't what you should normally do in a Serious Roleplay environment, even if you think it was at an 'unserious' time or place.
  7. Looks good. Waiting for an XA to approve.
  8. I see no issues. Waiting for an XA to approve.
  9. little to no interaction between them
  10. 12th 'Mongrels' Infantry Division; 2nd Brigade; 58th Corsairs; Delta Company; 1st Platoon 'Wilkes' Wardogs'; E-88 Machinegunner Detachment Roster: Lead E-88 Machinegunner TSgt. Tommy Valentino | @Northvanguy#6895 Senior E-88 Machinegunners Spc. Spc. E-88 Machinegunners SSpc. Nadia Anzhelika LCpl. Kaye Romero LCpl. John Damien Spc. Sam Costa The Role of the E-88 Machinegunner You, along with the SAW gunner, act as a squad's heavy weapons support. You are expected to thin out swarms to manageable numbers for the riflemen and women as well as take down any priority targets that the bugs send IE: Tigers & Elites. Sometimes Tankers. Tankers are not generally considered among your responsibilities to handle but if there are no M-55 operators in the AO you are one of the few people with the firepower to crack its carapace. Your position should always be as close to the front of the squad as you can manage. The recoil on the E-88 is high enough that it is unreliable to control and you are at great risk of hitting any friendly troopers that happen to be between you and the target. As a rule you should always plant yourself where the fighting is at its thickest as to take full advantage of the E-88s ability in the destruction of bug swarms. Know Your Weapon Introduced alongside the E-44 during the “railgun” era of weapon development, the E-Pulse 88 or better known as the E-88, is a high powered railgun designed for complete anti-material capabilities. Like the E-44, it utilizes a specially designed and much larger 12x108mm PULSE round accelerated by magnetic accelerator rails to 1650 meters a second. Fed by box shaped batteries inserted on the left-hand side of the E-88, this firearm is capable of firing roughly two-hundred shots before needing a new battery. Unlike the E-44, the E-88 can only fire in automatic. It also comes with a built-in display that shows the remaining charge level and a rudimentary tracking system effective up to forty meters. Large, unwieldy, and heavy-hitting; the E-88 is a weapon that requires the strongest and most dedicated users to get the most out of it Yinima Electric-Pulse 88 "E-88" Standard E-88 Machinegunner Loadout The E-Pulse 88 is not a light weapon nor are the batteries required for its firing so you will find great difficulty in bringing additional weaponry onto the field. It is recommended to requisition a sidearm to bring in emergency situations. Additional Info: If there are any questions regarding this specialization, don't shy away from contacting either TSgt. Tommy Valentino or the other Senior Operator. If you would like to specialize as an E-Pulse 88 operator simply make a request to TSgt. Tommy Valentino or other Senior Operators. // You can also contact us OOCly via Discord DMs if necessary. // Credits to Northvanguy for making this and upkeeping it.
  11. updated Jack Hernandez - @Godot updated Aya Matsui - @Valkrae updated Ainslie DeClare - @BaroqueBishop updated Bryce Tewalk - @Pasta updated Ridley Wilkes - @theduwuke
  12. added also updated Jack @Godot also changed header + ref image also changed theme fuck it
  13. i just realize they didn't have enough meaningful interactions to add sans, sorry.......
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