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  2. In this thread I'll be covering the stats, what they do to the dot, and how they work alongside our dice system alongside the rules regarding it when trying to engage in combat or other similar actions through dice. Starting with the core of it all - the stats - we have these available to us: Each of them have their own unique properties. The mechanical maximum of each stat is 30. Let's get into it. Dexterity: - Increases your ducking speed. (+3% Ducking speed every full DEX point) {caps at +90% Ducking speed at 30 DEX points} - Increases your unducking speed. (+3% Unducking speed every full DEX point) {caps at +90% Unducking speed at 30 DEX points} - Increases your crouch walking speed. (+3% Crouch walking speed every full DEX point) {caps at +90% Crouch walking speed at 30 DEX points} - Increases your jump height. (+1.1% Jump height every full DEX point) {caps at +33% Jump height at 30 DEX points} - Increases your running speed. (+0.84% Running speed every full DEX point on average) {caps at +25% Running speed at 30 DEX Points} (Broken at the moment, needs fixing) - Increases your ladder climbing speed. (+3% Ladder climbing speed every full DEX point) {caps at +90% Ladder climbing speed at 30 DEX points} Endurance: - Increases you maximum HP. (+1.67 HP every full Endurance Point on average) {caps at +50 HP at 30 END points} Stamina: - Decreases your Stamina usage speed. (-1.67% Stamina usage every full Stamina Point on average) {caps at -50% Stamina usage at 30 STA points} Strength: - Increases your inventory carry weight. (+0.5kg Carry weight every full Strength Point) {caps at +15kg Carry weight at 30 STR points) Weapons: - Marginally increases your reloading speed. (WIP) Skinnie Language: - Influences how well you can read the Skinnie language. (We have a custom script which encrypts the Skinnie language and only those with high enough stats can read it well. The more points you got, the more it gets decrypted) The stats also have usage in dice-backed actions. Let's see how so: Dexterity: - Used to check if you can precisely aim your weapon during an aiming and shooting action. - Used to check if you can dodge a melee attack. - Used to check if you can land your melee attack. - Used for other dexterity related actions. Endurance: - Used to see if you can endure the shot you just took for a little longer. (Max of three shots) - Used to check if you can endure a melee attack if you didn't dodge. - Used for other endurance related actions. Stamina: - Used for stamina related actions. Strength: - Used to see how strong your melee attack is. - Used for other strength related actions. Weapons: - In rare occasions they replace Dexterity for aim precision check. Admin discretionary. Skinnie Language: - Irrelevant to Dice Combat. Let's get into more detail on how the rolls work: These are the rolls you might see every now and then. Let's see the easy to understand ones first. If you do /roll 1d20, the above will be the output. A standard 20 face dice will be rolled. This could be used in numerous occasions, the amount of dices and amount of faces is determined by an Admin+ in a case-by-case bias. If you do /roll, the above will be the output. The default minimum value is 0. This is a standard roll, and can be used in a many ways or form. If you do /roll 95 100, you're specifying a minimum and a maximum, in this respective order. This can also be used in a variety of situations, the minimum and maximum determined by an Admin+ in a case-by-case bias. If you do /roll STR (could also be STA/DEX/END), the above will be the output. At first glance its a lot, but its easy to understand. The default minimum we have for stat rolls is -50, the maximum is 50. Anything negative in value is a failure. Anything positive in value is a success. The base result is shown first, then the stat is accounted for for the next result, generating the final result. DEX, in particular, has a secret boost modifier that can be boosted by a hidden stat called 'PSI', which only Psychics have. You don't need to worry about this since it is rarely used. Finally, if you do /roll DEX +50, you're specifying a custom modifier to your final result. This can be used to represent an XA approved drug-enhanced performance {IC}, or represent an upper hand you might have in a specific situation over whoever you're engaging. A negative modifier could also represent your perilous state during a certain action that which would affect the action in a 'realistic' sense. How the rolls might interact, and other examples: Melee Combat: Step 1 - There'll be a default /roll from both parties to determine who is the Attacker. Step 2 - The person who is the Attacker describe their attempted action with a /me. Step 3 - The person who is attacking then does /roll DEX, if the final result is a negative value, skip to step 6. Step 4 - The person who is defending then does /roll DEX, if the final result is a negative value, the Defender takes a hit and the Attacker continue as Attacker as we return to step 2. Step 5 - If both rolls are positive values, a check is had to determines who wins. Step 6 - If the Attacker won the roll, they /roll STR, otherwise the Defender does a /me of how they dodge, and then we return to step 2 as the Defender becomes the Attacker. Step 7 - The Defender then rolls /roll END. Step 8 - The difference determines who wins the action as we return to step 2 with the winner either staying or becoming the Attacker, and vice-versa for Defender. The first to four total successful hits, wins by K.O. Modifiers may be employed under XA approval, supervised by an Admin+. Example 1: Example 2: While complex at first glance, it easily boils down once you practice it enough. This can used as a fall back for fair spars where either party don't feel like doing a P2L session and wants to use their stats to their advantage (or disadvantage), or if a melee combat ensues in PvP during a serious situation and the involved prefer to use dice instead of P2L (most cases in a serious situation will be P2L with an Admin overseeing). Remember that this is a guideline. SAs+ reserve the right to adapt the rules to whatever better fits the scenario on a case-by-case bias. If you feel like you were treated unfairly, you can always make an Appeal on the forums where an uninvolved XA will review. THIS IS NOT YET FINAL AND MIGHT FACE MINOR TO MAJOR OVERHAULS/CHANGES. Still work in progress as of November 11th, 2022. Last revision: November 11th, 2022.
  3. PvP CKs/PKs are permitted on SSTRP. There are consequences for actions IC, and this is the ultimate consequence for a character who is acting obnoxious. For a PvP PK to be legitimate the following tests need to be met: 1. There is a reasonable justification for the PKers to want to murder the PKee. 2. The manner in which the PK was conducted was plausible. 3. The PKers are not throwaway characters. 4. The PKers acted in good faith OOC. 5. The PK doesn't set a dangerous precedent for the server. Players do not need to seek approval ahead of time for a PK and any roleplayed murder of a character should be presumed to be a PK unless there is a prima facie reason to believe it was illegitimate - which is to be arbitrated by an admin. A player who has been PKed can contest it by making a PK appeal here. Any ambiguities will, by default, be found in favour of the PKed player. To prevent a PK being overturned, it would make sense to either record the PK, or ask an admin to supervise. You can also ask an SA+ for guidance on the likelihood of attaining a successful PK based on the above rules, but that advice is non-binding.
  4. Dark


    Is this a Serious Roleplay server? Yes. Is there voice? No. We're text-based. Is the server S2K or S2RP? Mainly S2K. There will be moments S2RP is applied but those are rare occasions. What does S2K and S2RP even mean? Shoot to Kill. There is almost no roleplay behind this form of combat. You fire at the NPCs like you'd be playing a normal campaign, except you're communicating with your peers in-game via text in an In-Character manner, being it for banter or actual proper tactical communication and orders relay. Shoot to Roleplay. Every action you take in combat is an emoted action via a /me. This system is inviable in large-scale and we won't be having it in such scenario. However, any PvP interactions will be strictly S2RP. Is the server PvE or PvP? We are a mainly PvE server. PvP can happen but at a very rare rate. What does PvE and PvP even mean? Player versus Entity. You, player, will be put up in combat against NPCs for enemies and not other players. Akin to a co-op experience. Player versus Player. You, player, is put against another player in combat. Akin to a multiplayer experience. How are injuries handled? We have an automated injury system for S2K combat. See this thread for more information around it. What year is it ICly? We're in 2320. Does that mean we're ahead regarding last iteration? No! We did a full canon reset. The reason we're on 2320 regardless is because this time around we're going to stick more closely to the RPG canon, and Big K (Klendathu of SST1) was in 2320. Can I bring back a character from a past iteration? Short answer? No. Long answer? If you're willing to completely void all interactions your character had in the past, and know that any and all specializations they might have acquired during that time is now void, then sure. This feels like a kick to your knee though, so I'd rather recommend you start on a brand new character. It'll keep things refreshing and people won't give you silly looks because.. it'd be silly. Don't be creatively bankrupt. Can I apply for a character who starts ahead of another character? Short answers? Yes. Long answer? It is a case-by-case bias. We have most specialist and leadership roles already filled but we won't shut you down if you want to apply. This doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get what you want. For more information regarding this, contact a Senior Admin or above. What is the Ship's name that we're in? This has still to be decided. I'll update the answer here as soon as we have a definitive name. Are we a hero-like platoon? Depends on your point of view. We are, by essence, just another platoon in the sea of Mobile Infantrymen. This doesn't mean we won't be having moments of glory. We aren't the main characters of the story as is obvious, but we'll try our best to make you feel like you are from time to time. Who are the Faction Leads? Refer to this thread. Who are the Staff Members? Refer to this thread. What are the purposes of Admins, Senior Admins, and Executive Admins? Admins are our biggest workforce, responsible mainly for running events and dealing with menial tasks such as character name change, teleports, and stuff related to such. Senior Admins are admins who were given specific or non-specific tasks that require a more trustworthy person to handle. Executive Admins are admins who hold executive power over most if not all affairs of the server. They are the final deciders of complicated topics or drama that might ensue. The only person able to override an XA's decision is Xalphox (the owner) himself. How do I join a faction? Reach out to the specific faction either in-game or in the Discord. Most factions are eager to get new blood. Some will need an application, some just needs an express of interest from you. How do I join the Staff Team? Establish a presence in the community, volunteer to help run events, create content (either literal tangible content - or literally just create roleplay), get nominated by an admin: there's no formal process; If we think you'd be a good fit we'll tap you on the shoulder. Being an NCO doesn't automatically get you admin, but there's a great deal of overlap between being a Sergeant and being an admin. I want more info about the SST lore. Where can I find that? Good places to start would be the movies (particularly the first one), the Heinlein book, or the RPGs. I've watched the movie, read the book, and peeked into the RPGs. How do I get more info about the server-specific lore? There are threads in the Stories section of these forums with information about events that have happened, and planets or solar systems existent all with their own custom lore. These are mostly player-made and if they haven't been removed twenty four hours past it's posting time, it can be considered canon to the server. We'll soon also have a revamped wiki to draw information from. Stay tuned. How do I get access to PAC? PAC is free for all but is moderated and each character's PAC needs to be approved. PACs must be a reasonable file size, mustn't be an undue burden on other people's frames, and must fit within the bounds of what is reasonable in our universe. See this thread for more information. If you need help with PAC, there are plenty of folks in the Discord channel #pac who will be happy to help - including how to get most PACs under 30MB. Is there PvP PKs? Yes, but it is heavily moderated. Most if not all PvP interactions need to have an in-depth reasoning behind, this is assuming you want to kill the other character. More information about this in this thread. Credits to @Xalphox & @Dark for this FAQ. Last revision: November 5th, 2022.
  5. Hey all, I've went ahead and did a complete overhaul of the Forums. I've archived most topics that would have become obsolete going forward into .net 2023 and thus you might've noticed your stuff is nowhere to be found. (If you're a common user, admins have access to the archive.) If you want me to restore data that was archived, contact me directly on Discord: Dark#2959. Furthermore, I'll be compiling a FAQ soon enough for you all to get your most common questions answered quickly. Stay tuned.
  6. This is the subforum where you can post your own little stories, in this subsection specifically related to your characters. This is a place for you to share personal stuff about your character, or eternalize a cool moment that happened on the server in a more detailed manner. Anyway. Go ahead and write to your heart's content! There's no set template for this.
  7. Subject to change. This is our current Arsenal going into Big K though. For now at least. Decisions aren't final yet - will update when it becomes.
  8. In virtue of streamlining our S2K combat system, we've introduced in a past iteration the Flows system. During the course of it, we've come to improve and perfect it in order to offer a fair and balanced way to handle injuries that every player might get. This system is based in RNG and percentages to determine the severity of your injury, and also a possible PK (rare). (PK reads: Permanent Kill) As it stands today, the system counts with these percentages: - 50.5% chance you receive a Minor Injury. (1 to 50 roll) - 38.5% chance you receive a Moderate Injury. (50 to 89 roll) - 5% chance you receive a Severe Injury. (90 to 94 roll) - 3% chance you receive a Grievous Injury. (95 to 98 roll) - 2% chance you receive a PK. (99 to 100 roll) The way it works is that every time your character reach 0 HP during S2K combat, you'll roll a 1d100 dice and enter a downed state. We have handcrafted a multitude of pre-written /event or /it text paragraphs to depict the injury of your character based on what caused them to reach 0 HP (damage type, such as Arachnid talons, or Bullets), taking then a gigantic load of work off the event runner's hands. These /events and /its are separated between the groups of Minor, Moderate, Severe, and Grievous injuries. Addendum: As per executive decree, these injury chances based on this system are the norm in normal situations where the risk given to the Mobile Infantry is within what we consider 'normal level' OOCly. If by any reason a specific mission entails a higher risk endeavor, manual injuries can still be applied to negligent Troopers based on different types of rolls that are discretionary to the event runner. Essentially, this is a rare occasion, but its nice to mention the possibility of it happening. What is the 'downed state'? Think of Left 4 Dead's downed state. Your character is downed and you can barely use a weapon to defend yourself, needing the help of someone to stand back up. You can move very slowly and will also have a custom animation representing that you're downed. Your vision will also be blurry to represent the difficulty in shooting. Your recoil isn't affected. Okay, but what does each level of injury mean? - A Minor Injury is an injury that you can treat yourself, no real harm done. - A Moderate Injury is an injury only certain trained personnel can treat, them being either CLS certified Troopers or actual Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment. These injuries aren't life-threatening, but they'll hinder your ability to perform on the field until it gets treated. - A Severe Injury is an injury only Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment can treat. While not necessarily life-threatening, these injuries are, as said, severe. They need to be treated soon or otherwise they could develop into a life-threatening situation. Most cases you can still fight after getting treated, but at a hindered performance due to the injury you sustained. - A Grievous Injury is an injury even Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment can't treat on field and thus they must stabilize you to the best they can on field and then send you back home on a MEDEVAC, essentially TKing (TK reads: Temporary Kill) your character for the rest of the mission. These are life-threatening and if not tended to quickly they can actually develop into a PK. Case-by-case bias. These injuries can also sometimes be permanent. These include but are not restricted to: loss of a limb (arm, leg), loss of an eye, permanent scars on body/face. All loss can be remedied by the use of prosthetics. More on that in the Medical Section of this forums. - A PK is, as said, a Permanent Kill. These will not have automated injuries but rather a /event that says 'Death approaches Sgt. Example Exemplarius'. What this means is that we leave it open for the PK'd and the Event Runner to discuss the way the death of the character will go. It can be quick and painless, or slow and painful. Most times than not, up to player's discretion rather than event runner's. These are obviously appealable, but after extensive testing there's a high chance that PKs wont ever be overturned, save for server performance issues (rare), or unfairness created by the event runner during the time of the PK (overspawning of NPCs). If unsure about the rules around PKs, contact an Admin+. Any further inquiries about this topic should be directed at the Staff Team via Discord. Thanks to @Xalphox for concept/coding. Thanks to @Luna for flows written. Thanks to @Reverend for flows written/coding. Thanks to @prim for flows written. Thanks to @Gr4Ss for coding. Thanks to @radical roach for coding.
  9. All staffing and leading positions will be listed here. Executive Administrators: @Xalphox -- Xalphox @Deckers -- Deckers @Odin -- Odin @AbroadHawk -- AbroadHawk @Reverend -- Reverend Senior Administrators: @Orwell -- Orwell @Dark -- Dark @Gr4Ss -- Gr4Ss Administrators: @cat danny 25 -- arb @SirCox -- Cox @Australis -- Aurora @Godot -- Godot @Minyari -- Minyari @Sgt.Slaughter -- Aussie not tiger @Jack -- Jack @Rhode -- Rhode @Detective Brawl -- Brawl @Pasta -- Pasta @Dan -- Agent Maryland @LofiHipHopRadio -- lofi hip hop radio @Mist -- Mist @Sellka -- Sellka @Rook -- ShamRook @OXYMORON -- oxY @Brigade -- Brigade @maxrevolver1 -- HECU Marine @Chargrilled -- Chargrilled @MrDepths -- MrDepths @Kris -- Kris @TheDoc -- deerjohn @Durango -- Durango @Jun Nagase -- Jun @Sting -- Sting @Joe4444 -- Joe4444 @TinPan -- Tin @afric -- afric Forums Administration: @Xalphox -- Xalphox @Dark -- Dark @Gr4Ss -- Gr4Ss PAC Moderators: @Dark -- Dark @TinPan -- Tin fredi @afric -- afric @Jun Nagase -- Jun Developers: @Xalphox -- Xalphox (Senior Developer) @Gr4Ss -- Gr4Ss (Senior Developer) @Jun Nagase -- Jun (Modelling) @Durango -- Durango (Developer) Dakota (Developer) Medical Leads: CO -- Deckers -- @Deckers XO -- Minyari -- @Minyari Engineering Leads: CO -- HECU Marine -- @maxrevolver1 XO -- TBD MIPOD Leads: CO -- arb -- @cat danny 25 XO -- TBD Pathfinders Leads: CO -- Pasta -- @Pasta XO -- Willful -- @Willful Kurei Fleet Leads: CO -- lofi -- @LofiHipHopRadio XO -- TBD Aviation Leads: CO -- Brigade -- @Brigade XO -- TBD
  10. As of the moment no returning characters are allowed in light of the canon reset. We are restarting the community's lore and starting over from Big K, therefore no returning characters would even exist. At this moment you are NOT denied the ability to re-shape your character as if they're a new character that you played in a previous iteration, but that'd look really silly and people will most likely make fun of you for it. Be creative and don't recycle characters. Make a new one! Who knows what kind of friends will you make this time around? The above is subject to change, that is, being allowed to re-shape your character in order to fit the canon reset. We're very keen on outright not allowing any form of characters used priorly in an attempt to keep it as new and refreshing as possible.
  11. Going forward into .net 2023, this is still very much in effect.
  12. Subject to change. Medical Conditions: Giving your character disabilities including but not limited to: - Schizophrenia - Suicide attempts in the past, or known suicidal thoughts - PTSD - Maniacal behavior - Missing eyes/limbs and refusal to use prosthetics Will earn you a psych eval IC at the best, instant medical discharge at the worst, and a talk with an Admin+ in any case. The Federation's goal is to emphasize choice, ensuring those that enlist are fully committed to serving the Federation - with no second thoughts, doubts, or anything of the like. The recruiters are actively talking people out of joining throughout the whole process of enlisting. Recruits are also ran through every kind of testing: Medical, Psychological, History screening, and more. All of it could be used against the person who wants to join in hopes of changing their mind. The Federation doesn't have the right to deny you joining, but if you don't qualify for the position you picked, it will send your character elsewhere, and you most certainly won't be sent to MI or Fleet if you don't qualify medically. Generally, if it can get you discharged IRL, it will likely be the same course of action in-game. Prosthetics are okay, but it'd look weird if you're joining as a Recruit with a prosthetic already, most likely not going to be accepted or end up being placed elsewhere. Criminal Past: The Federation doesn't accept criminals into the military ranks either. If your character was in prison for stuff like rape, murder, robbery (bank robbery and the like is implied), major theft, and others of the caliber, your character would be denied the right to enroll into the Federal Service by default. Very petty crimes like hooliganism, minor assaults and other would likely be turned a blind eye to, as these kinds of criminals are allowed to enroll into the colonization program in exchange for their crimes being pardoned. Gang activity would likely be acceptable, too - provided the character didn't commit major crimes during their time in the gang. Separatists and Problematic Troopers: Because of how the enlistment process works (partially detailed above), the average MI soldier is highly motivated and patriotic - after all, the character's been fighting through the long, tedious medical tests, recruitment officers' speeches, the view of their missing limbs, tales of casualty rates, etc.. - and has refused to back down from their decision to enlist. On top of that, the character's been subject to weeks of boot camp designed to root out the weak, the rebels, and those that can't work as a team - turning them into the best trained and equipped soldiers in all of human space. All of that leaves little to no reason for any kind of rebellious thought or any room for sympathizing with the enemy - or even acting dumb within the platoon. For example: A trooper backtalks his sergeant, and threatens him with legal action based on 'rules' describing how NCOs should act. Before doing that, ask yourself a question. What'd happen to your character if they did that in boot? Nothing good, I hope you thought. You'd probably end up being lashed. The level of punishment would increase until you yield and change your behavior or simply wash out, that is, in bootcamp. In-game, the 14th is almost constantly in a combat environment. Any stunts like that would earn you a harsh punishment, or at worst even a court-martial which can end up with your execution, or a dishonorable discharge (read: PK). Additional note is, bodily harm punishment is a common practice even outside of the Federation military, so lashings or beat-ups of problematic troopers shouldn't be a thing that surprises your character. Employment in the Government and Politics: Being employed in the government (including being part of public service such as the police, medical services, firefighter services, others), as well as having the ability to vote or be elected, and other privileges like being allowed to have more than two children in a family, requires you to be a Citizen. This means that your character cannot be involved with the government (being a cop or a doctor or a politic before enlisting in the MI) without having completed his service first (impossible in this case, as it equals a PK); and if your character comes from a fairly big family (read Bohannon), that means their parents are both Citizens with everything that fact entails. It's worth noting that you're not forced to abide by what I've described above - though I highly suggest those in the position of power keep it in mind. In the end, your story is up to you - though always remember that there will be consequences for your character based on how you play them in-game - and what you put in your char's medical or criminal record in the char bios section. If you're in doubt or if you think parts of your biography will make little sense from the lore's standpoint, consult an Admin+. Thanks to @Archer for writing this. I just proof-read some parts here and there.
  13. Klendathu is nothing but a vast desert where sand and rocks sprawl over the few patches of vegetation. The surface of Klendathu is dominated by steep, rocky mountain chains. It is also rich in craters, chasms and pits. The planet is surrounded by an asteroid chain, which may have been a whole planet – perhaps Klendathu’s twin – many millennia ago. This asteroid ring has functioned as a platform for launching spores and devastation meteors since the Arachnids matured as a species. The Aries Range mountain range is known for the ferocious radioactive winds that endlessly hit its peaks. It is also home to a great colony specialized in breeding flying bugs with swarms of ripplers, hoppers and kamikazes. The Aries’ Southeast range ends in the rock known as Bug Peak, an awesomely tall mountain, which is in fact the planet’s largest colony, housing millions upon millions of Arachnids. This massive mountain chain covers about 40% of Klendathu’s circumference and may be the largest mountain range in the galaxy. Klendathu’s weather is quite a challenge for humans, with equatorial temperatures ranging from 150ºF during the day to –15ºF at night. The lack of humidity in the area makes it a hostile wasteland for most life forms. Polar temperatures range from 80ºF to –100ºF. These abysmal differences in temperature breed violent winds, sandstorms and hurricanes from one end of the planet to the other; causing dunes to shift wildly all over its surface. Arachnids have adapted wonderfully to these cruel environmental conditions, having grown used to the climate with little or no genetic modifications. The Black Wind is a terrible storm, created by climactic conditions unique to Klendathu. It sweeps over Klendathu once or twice a year, at which time it causes the sky and horizon to darken completely. The razor-sharp silicates and irradiated winds carried by this storm blow with such strength and fury that they can peel the shell right off an Arachnid, stripping even warrior bugs to shreds if it catches them in the open. General Information Planet Name: Klendathu Star System: Alpha Hydrae Allegiance: Arachnid Empire Population: Bug Central Capital City: N/A Physics Radius: 9071.92 km (1.42 * Earth) Mass: 1.50 * 10^25 (2.51 * Earth) Composition: 24.9% Silicon, 11.0% Magnesium, 4.3% Sodium, 1.8% Other Metals, 1.0% Other Elements. Gravity: 12.14 m/s² (1.24G) Rotation Period: 21.47 hours Atmosphere Type: Dense Composition: 75.9% Nitrogen, 24.1% Methane, 1.0% Other Gases. Climate: Arid Minimum Temperature: 251K (-21°C) Average Temperature: 308K (35°C) Maximum Temperature: 377K (104°C)
  14. This is the subforum where you can post your own literacy about a planet uniquely created by yourself, or about of the existing ones already. If your unique planet that you create falls into the category of a well established planet, we might visit it in the future with events tailored around it! (That is, if you allow us to.) Anyway. Go ahead and write to your heart's content! Template for a planet/moon/solar system if you plan to write one (Info we'd need if you want us to use it!): Planet Name: (can also be a Moon!) Star that it orbits: (Example: Majoris IV {you can create your own solar systems}) Location: (Inner Colonies / Outer Colonies) Capital: (You can have states/countries/continents if you wish too!) Population: (Humanity's current estimated population is at roughly 12 trillion (, being just Earth. Be mindful that a higher population count is more inclined to be in the Inner Colonies) Gravity: (Earth: 1G / Klendathu: 1.24G) Primary Climate: (Arid / Tropical / Temperate / Mixed / Continental / Polar {continental means it has multiple climates depending on continent, like Earth}) Length of Day: (Earth: 24h / Klendathu: 21.47h) Key Features: (Stuff that would matter about the planet such as natural resources (resources for the war, or just humanity in general), flourished fauna or flora (food/medicine respectively), location (strategic value for war), anyway reasons that would make it prone to be colonized.) Key Locations: (Points of interest such as facilities, mines, fishing docks, hunting ground, towns, cities, villages, military complexes, factories, the gist of it.) Species: (Any alien species that would be noteworthy {not inherently rational}, stuff like a variant of Cows, or a variant of Fish. Be creative.) Description: (Story of the planet, about it's colonization, important historical events, or other details not predicted above.)
  15. Going forward into .net 2023 this is still the official place to go to for the Articles of the Federation.
  16. Still very much in effect going into .net 2023.
  17. This will continue as the main official reference going forward into .net 2023 by executive decree.
  18. Below is the link to the updated Database of Mobile Infantry affairs, including the 104th Heroes & 14th Highlanders outline, and other useful documentation. link tba
  19. Manual https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MdSN3q6k9UxY5G05xzT2c7P5nzN2bzZgkIH6-iv9bYU/edit?usp=sharing The link above will lead to all of our information regarding the faction's abilities and tools. Rosters https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zVngsiHKIJBjEccGKWrZz70UphBkCmugJNjizzKoDls/edit?usp=sharing The links above will lead to all of our information regarding the faction's rosters. Mechanized Add-ons Below will be a list with all our current in-use Vehicle add-ons from Simfphys. IFV: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2190247257 SPAAG: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2203311673 MBT: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2193246982 APC: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2209704927 LAV: These are perma-mounted.
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