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  1. not enough interaction not enough interaction
  2. Major Update! Added a bunch of people to the relationships, including: Miguel Antonio @spart_n Aya Matsui @Valkrae Bryce Tewalk @Pasta Claudia Crespo @cat danny 25 Blake Barrymore @elf Johnny Vilish @Sonsick Valerie De Groot @Gr4Ss Dwight Yorke @spart_n Lynval Messier @Sting DeShawn Jacobson @Arrow Fiolina Springfield @saber Daniel Philips @TheDoc Avery Dawes @rose colored ryan Raleigh Annan @rose colored ryan Ridley Wilkes @theduwuke Cassidy DuBauer @Arrow
  3. updated, stop bugign ,m,e ;( updated Ainslie DeClare too @BaroqueBishop added journal entry
  4. shameless steal from me (i stole from misty {with her approval}) also add mayumi when you get to it also reserved
  5. when are you updating Mayumi also when are you playing again
  6. what about Lt. Victoria Bellamy AND Cpl. Mayumi Asuka? sigh
  7. Mayumi Asuka - Corporal S#: 774-73-30003-SX
  8. added added added added too little interaction
  9. Mayumi Asuka where is Damon Somerhalder mate
  10. Updated, ish. Its late, I'll get to the important stuff later. Feel free to ask to be added.
  11. 'Reaper' <:!! UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX <:!! DESIGNATION - OFFICERS OF THE UCF <:!! SUBSECTION - FLEET <:!! OPENING... <:!! FOLDER - 814th Naval Air Squadron, Reaper Wing, REAPER-1 'The Sky Reaper' <:!! ACCESSING FILE... <:!! CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE CLEARANCE 'X' TO PROCEED <:!! > USER: *********** <:!! > PASSWORD: *********************************** <<< 'WELCOME, %USER%.' >>> <:!! ACCESSING FILE = 'Lt. Bellamy, Victoria' <:!! OPENING... <:!! REFERENCE IMAGE: <<< 'V. Bellamy, February 23rd, 2295. -- Image Caption: 'Cdt. Victoria Bellamy -- Flight Academy.' >>> <:!! AUDIO DATA: <:!! PERSONNEL RECORDS:
  12. Mayumi Asuka else u getting fragged
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