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  1. The suit of Swords deals with our mental landscape, and often serves as a reminder to lead with our minds and not our hearts in our current situation. The Queen of Swords is all about mental clarity and the wisdom that comes with age, maturity, and experience. She is analytical, stoic, and blunt with her words, and often seen as what some might say is a ‘cold, icy bitch’, but it is just because she makes decisions strictly with her brain and does not let her emotions get involved. The Queen of Swords is an excellent communicator and has no problem being direct and saying exactly what she means. She is definitely not going to sugarcoat anything that must be said. She is fiercely independent and knows how to create strong boundaries, and demands that others respect them as she respects theirs. Relationships "Oso throu daun ogeda." "Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim." "Yu gonplei ste odon." // Ask to be added below. // Colors are not keyed as to allow for your own interpretation. // These are also apart of the IC Journal Item.
  2. A leather hard-cover Journal lays about Mayumi's belongings. It has no label and it seems old, albeit really cared for as it resembled some sort of pristine quality, the paper true in color to what would be considered an older era maybe dating centuries ago on it's fabrication. The first few pages are torn off, but the next ones read as follows -- that is, if you dared to pick it up and read through it. Entry #43 - "Mfuni's Death" - October 26th, 2301
  3. 'Flaming Heart' <:!! THE BLACK CROSS PERSONNEL INDEX <:!! DESIGNATION - MERCENARIES <:!! SUBSECTION - INFANTRY <:!! OPENING... <:!! FOLDER - 3rd Hathorian PDF, Alpha Company, First Platoon 'Asuka's Archangels' <:!! ACCESSING FILE... <:!! CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE CLEARANCE 'S' TO PROCEED <:!! > USER: ******** <:!! > PASSWORD: ****************** <<< 'WELCOME, %USER%.' >>> <:!! ACCESSING FILE = 'Lt. Asuka, Mayumi' <:!! OPENING... <:!! REFERENCE IMAGE: <<< 'M. Asuka, February 28th, 2301. >>> <:!! AUDIO DATA: <:!! PERSONNEL RECORDS:
  4. Godot, when will I see Damon Somerhalder in these lines there
  5. i hope that i'll see Ms. Katherine here after some more interactions..
  6. this mfer belongs to the graveyard
  7. I think the red-colored appeal to the medic's faction, as there's a yellow version for the engineer's faction, should be a thing, considering we have custom-rig armored individuals running around. Not to forget that the camos are a thing too, camos that doesn't even fit the environment.
  8. Major Edit! ~ Completely changed the format. + Added important info that can be acquired ICly. (ask me in Discord Daark#8314 to arrange this) ~ Updated Cosmetic Header Image. + Added reference picture, probably final. ~ Updated theme song, probably final. + Set up grounds for relationships, so feel free to ask to be added. Will add Service Records soon™. Will add Awards once she grabs some, obviously.
  9. Name: Dark Character Name: Katherine Hohenzollern Character division or position: Trainee - Medical Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106376047 PAC File Size: 8.2 MB (Casual) | 17.4 MB (Drop) Images of the PAC or link to load: Casual: Geared: Notes: Any events present will be related to gun replacement/casual showing in gear. Fingers are fucked cus singleplayer is aids.
  10. i expect to see Maya Larron and Raven Rez as soon as you get to relationships
  11. Major Edit! + Added theme, finally. + Added the first entries of the relationships section, a bunch of names there. ~ Fixed typos and formatting in some places. TBA: Service Records. I'll eventually get around to write those down, just not today.
  12. don't care, add Maya Larron and eventually Raven Rez when they get to know each other
  13. Hurts me to not see Luna Cavill here, nor Maya Larron
  14. Name: Dark Character Name: Spc. Raven Rez Character division or position: Combat Engineering, Specialist. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106376047 PAC File Size: Images of the PAC or link to load: Further Explanation: There'll be 2 PAC3s, different from each other, loaded at different situations. One is for the drop, one is this casual one. So far I've only worked on the casual one, therefore I can only put up the casual stuff. Once I'm done with modding the drop one, I'll post it here as a reply.
  15. 'Raven' <:!! UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX <:!! DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES <:!! SUBSECTION - COMBAT ENGINEERING <:!! OPENING... <:!! FOLDER - 2nd Engineering Brigade, 7th Armored Division 'Reynold's Reapers' <:!! ACCESSING FILE... <:!! CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE CLEARANCE 'S' TO PROCEED <:!! > USER: ******** <:!! > PASSWORD: ****************** <<< 'WELCOME, %USER%.' >>> <:!! ACCESSING FILE = 'Rez, Raven' <:!! OPENING... <:!! REFERENCE IMAGE: <<< 'R. Rez, September 13th, 2301, ship-side right after waking up. Photo label: '"Raven is a beast!!" - photo by SSgt. Meredith Payon'.' >>> <:!! AUDIO DATA: <:!! PERSONNEL RECORDS: <:!! PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RECORDS: <:!! SERVICE RECORDS:
  16. this belongs to the graveyard I guess
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