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  1. all I really wish is that, as the event runner himself said, had the ability to take on what i pre-meditated: my slim chances of escaping that hellhole. i knew it was such a low chance, but it was there nonetheless, and I feel it very unfair to be PKed by friendly fire while i'm literally saving their lives if i had been flowed by a bug and dropped down, i'd surely take the L, but it was not the case. that's all i'm saying.
  2. i get the events, but what am I supposed to do? literally go full reverse and run over half the squad behind me? or somehow be aware of your intentions to push inside the Dam even though the drop lead told us we were tasked to HOLD the position?
  3. hello, i didnt drive directly into it, as stated. NPCs have hitboxes for vehicles, and my LAV wasnt slowing down. I dodged as I went. the tigers werent near close to hitting my LAV as I was constantly mowing them down but sure, next time i'll let your drop get over run by the massive horde
  4. Name: Dark Char Name: Spc. Maya Larron Reasons for un-PK: So, it is as dictated down below, Ryan can correct me if I'm wrong as he was the Show Runner, but I'm fairly certain I got everything right. We were tasked to destroy a Dam with a bomb, so far so good. I, an engineer specialized in LAVs, was given a LAV Derringer to use, which was great. We did fine for most of the mission until we reached the position of our objective, where we were tasked then to hold. A *big fruity fuck you* hole popped up from the ground and started pouring a canal's worth of bugs onto us, which again, is fair and can be contained by our equipment, but there reached a point where there was one too many bugs that even the Derringer, a very overpowered VIC, couldn't hold at bay. So I started backtracking while taking some minor hits at a slow pace so you know, I don't run over the MI behind me. I eventually reach a wall, to where the numbers of the Arachnids only grow and we have literally no way out, MI and VICs soon to be overrun. I have the brilliantly idea of using my LAV, a vehicle nimble and mobile to steer through the hordes and divert their attention, which I did splendid from an OOC point of view considering the NPCs does in fact hold a hitbox against the VIC, at least from my experience they do, and I still managed to throttle through while mowing them down. Then, I get forced an event upon my VIC, where my wheels are somehow taken out while moving by a talon, and thus I'm completely immobile. I don't get how a perforated tire makes a vehicle COMPLETELY immobile, but that's okay. I put myself there, I can overcome this, I can mow them down and thin them just enough that I can pop the hatch and run back to the MI, to which I did. The Admins went overboard from what I assume is disbelief in my ability to kill NPCs, spawning almost ten tigers at a time, to which I mowed down perfectly, not a single talon of theirs reaching me OOCly, until some genius with a M55 thought he was smart. I broke paragraph here because that is so unfair that it deserves a paragraph of it's own. Braft, I assume it was, decided it was a very smart idea to shoot not one, not two, not THREE, but FOUR HEAT ROCKETS at my LAV while I was still FIRING just fine and holding my own until I got my window to fuck outta there. At first I thought those were HEDPs, right? Cus the dude is a specialist in M55, so I assume he knows the HEATs are literally going to kill me. But, unfortunately apparently he didn't know that. With that in mind, it is obvious from a realistic sense my character can't walk away from that, but then again, I feel I was unfairly PKed because, as the event runner said, it was the friendly-fire that killed me. Proof: So, with all that in mind. I'll gladly take a lost arm or something, I don't know. It just feels unfair that I lose my character to friendly-fire, and a multiple HEAT rockets friendly fire even. It just feels like a very big juicy punch into my fucking balls. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  5. because if you read the engineering manual its not particular to fleet
  6. i was told 2298?????? thanks i'll fix
  7. she aint in for the money, thats how much i'll tell you
  8. 'The Banshee' <:!! UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX <:!! DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES <:!! SUBSECTION - COMBAT ENGINEERING <:!! OPENING... <:!! FOLDER - 2nd Engineering Brigade, 14th Combat Engineering Detachment 'Peake's Pioneers' <:!! ACCESSING FILE <:!! CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE CLEARANCE 'S' TO PROCEED <:!! > USER: ******** <:!! > PASS: ************ <<< 'WELCOME, USER!' >>> <:!! ACCESSING FILE = 'LARRON, MAYA' <:!! OPENING... <:!! REFERENCE IMAGE: <<< M. Larron, 18/09/2292, late at night out commemorating her 18th birthday. Photo label: 'Birthday Girl'. >>> <:!! AUDIO DATA: <:!! PERSONNEL RECORDS: <:!! PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RECORDS: <:!! SERVICE RECORDS:
  9. i want to see Damon Somerhalder here
  10. Name: Dark Character Name: Damon Somerhalder Character division or position: MI, Pfc. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106376047 PAC File Size: 4.8 MB {casual} | 4.8 MB {drop} Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: N/A Any other comments: I've been told to do this app or I'd be banned after using PAC3 for 2 months without anyone caring. Please stop annoying me. My PAC3 has little to no impact on any system because I don't use 4K mega ultra blaster textures, or high polygon models.
  11. Name: Dark Character Name: Maya Larron Character division or position: Engineering, 2Spc. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106376047 PAC File Size: 6.5 MB {casual} | somewhere around 18 MB {drop} Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: Gun show and hide. Any other comments: I've been told to do this app or I'd be banned after using PAC3 for 2 months without anyone caring. Please stop annoying me. My PAC3 has little to no impact on any system because I don't use 4K mega ultra blaster textures, or high polygon models.
  12. Editted the shit out of this. Its kinda finished, some stuff may not be set in stone. Don't @ me. This isn't an official edit or update.
  13. Final Edit!! ;( ~ Changed some stuff in the main post. + 4th and last relationship entry has been posted. PS: There's a lot of info at the end there, check it out. + Added final anecdote (last post before this). +-~ç I'm not crying. You are. Again, thank you all for this opportunity. Was a blast. @Admins please move this to the graveyard.
  14. A Wild Red Rose, resembling Luna Cavill's iconic scent; Portraying her character in one simple object. The battle in Hydella was fierce. Gunfire, Arachnids, ever-looming fear of a might-be presence of Skinnies. Rain poured down from above on what was a night of terror for the Corsairs' Yhara's Yotes Platoon. The area where they were was muddy, and cold, with banks of water every now and then. A swamp. The Corsairs were sent down to Hydella to figure out what happened to a downed Recon VTOL. They went in as a Recon Infantry Drop, alone. At the start it was calm, the Platoon met with very little Arachnid resistance at start. They found their mission objective, the downed VTOL. Yamazaki went in and recovered the black-box while the rest provided cover from the Arachnids, who soon were reduced to a total number of zero, the night falling eerily silent - that is, until said moment of peace was cut short. In the distance was heard the familiar hum of vehicular engines, and trucks were spotted far East, indicating humanoid presence. This confused the Corsairs at first but they quickly decided to adapt their mission objective and inform command that the VTOL was apparently struck down by an AA Missile. Command informed back that they needed to clear that AA Battery before getting any sort of Evac or TAC Fire Support, reserving those to a dire situation where no other option was available. Not seeing that as much big of a deal, the Corsairs went into action as they marched forward to their objective. Specialist Luna Cavill was entrusted with the task of manning a M55 at all times, ready to engage any hostile vehicles that they were probably gonna encounter, but that wasn't what exactly happened. Marching in the frontline alongside the Drop Lead - Corporal Nick Gadabeani - Luna spotted a bug hole danger-close to the Platoon, and proceeded to call it out in the global net. She had to make a decision, and quick. She couldn't use a rocket to engage the hole or she would risk killing half the platoon. She knew it was probably her deathbed, but she threw her M55 aside and reached for a PE DETPACK, rushing forward at the hole as she asked for covering fire. She did receive the covering fire, giving her room to throw the DETPACK in and promptly explode the bug hole to bits, but a tad bit too late as she was punctured through her abdomen by a talon of a fierce Arachnid Warrior. That Warrior was quickly blasted to bits by the imminent explosion wave from the hole, leaving Luna ripped apart by the talon as her intestines poured out of her body, on the muddy swamp beneath her - the talon still partially struck into her. She quickly paled as she stared towards the cloudy night sky, rain pouring on her masked face and on her injury, a sign of an infection to soon come. The medics were quick, and rushed over to assist her. Yamazaki held her intestines back inside while other medics addressed her immediate danger, a severe internal and external bleed. She was put on a stretcher and secured on it as General Evac was called, seeing the Corsairs also got engaged soon after by the separatist force present in Hydella. Luna was brought safely into the EVAC and started being addressed as she coughed blood out and passed out. But it wasn't over yet. As mentioned before, the AA Battery was an issue that still wasn't dealt with, and it proved a fatal oversight. The EVAC dropship got shot down, and as a heroic act the pilots adjusted the crash landing to save all the Corsairs, but one, at their own expense. Seeing the crash was too harsh, everyone fell unconscious from the impact, and this was a bad sign for Luna. Luna's emotions, to those concerned, were almost absent. She could only bring herself to think she'll finally meet with her family once more in the afterlife, but was also terrified as she didn't believe there was an afterlife. She was scared, to go. Not ready, and unable to do anything about it. So many loose ends and relationships to repair, stories to nurture and character to develop, all brought to a halt that night. She felt regret, out of all things. Regret for not doing as much as she could with the time she had on this forsaken Universe. Specialist Luna Cavill, given the injuries sustained and the situation she found herself in, still not stabilized and still bleeding profusely, died on August 31st 2301, 11:12 PM EST, her body rapidly cooling from the harsh cold environment as her chest seized raising as no airflow was present anymore, her pulse gone as the pressure in her bloodstream dropped too low from the lack of.. blood. Fast forward a bit, the Corsairs woke up to find their gear stolen in it's majority, radios gone, and Cavill's body decorating the bloody and broken floor of the crashed dropship. They confirmed her K.I.A. and moved the body out of the broken down bird, towards an empty house nearby. She laid there, unconscious as some refused to believe it, in denial. But there was no time to rest. The Arachnids grew closer once more as the bugs started their assault on the house, the talons penetrating the walls as the Platoon was forced to leave Luna's body behind, running for a secret tunnel hidden in the house's basement. A bright person had the smart idea of putting the house on fire to burn it down to slow or probably halt the Arachnid's advance on the Platoon from behind, and the fire then engulfed Luna's body in flames, soon to be carbonized and turned to ash alongside whatever tattered clothing she still had on her. Rest In Peace, Specialist Luna Cavill. October 8th, 2281 ~ August 31st, 2301.
  15. i expect to see Swedish girl here
  16. 'Kath' <:!! UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX <:!! DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES <:!! SUBSECTION - MEDICAL <:!! OPENING... <:!! FOLDER - 7th Brigade, 67th Medical Detachment 'Vond's Valkyries' <:!! ACCESSING FILE... <:!! CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE CLEARANCE 'S' TO PROCEED <:!! > USER: ******** <:!! > PASSWORD: ****************** <<< 'WELCOME, %USER%.' >>> <:!! ACCESSING FILE = 'Hohenzollern, Katherine' <:!! OPENING... <:!! REFERENCE IMAGE: <<< 'K. Hohenzollern, October 8th, 2298. -- Photo Labelled: "Trip to Iskander.".' >>> <:!! AUDIO DATA: <:!! PERSONNEL RECORDS: <:!! PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RECORDS: <:!! SERVICE RECORDS:
  17. hoping to see an update on luna anytime soon
  18. 'The Stud' Damon, circa 2296. More ref pics: Character Theme General Information Physiological Information Psychological Information Current Status Trooper Information Service Records Commendations Education & Training
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