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  1. Minor Edit! + Reference picture changed. (Note: The Tattoo is not IC. Couldn't find the same image without the tattoo cus.. you know.. the OC of that image has a tattoo on that arm.. so..) ~ Some sections have been modified to represent an up to date reference. No relationships entry this time around. It hasn't been long since the last time. Maybe next weekend, yeah?
  2. why am I not seeing your loyal books costumer, LUNA CAVILL??????????
  3. Major Edit! + Another entry in the Relationships section has been added, updating Elliott @Ace, Levi @Reverend, and Xyla @Merkalinth. + Theme change, again. This one is final, I promise. (unless she dies) +~ Many other sections were re-visited and updated, check it out and see if you can spot the differences! And with that said, added added added added Hope ya'll enjoy
  4. Major Edit! + New reference picture! + More Relationships added! + Theme changed, and final this time around.. I think. + New entries added in some sections. ~ Some sections were re-visited and altered accordingly. And with that said, added added added added. Hope ya'll enjoy!
  5. Major Edit! + Relationships introduced! + Theme changed! + New Service Records entries added! + New Technological Advance entry added! ~ Health Condition updated. And with that said, Added! Anyone else who wants to make it, leave your char's full name and rank here! I'll be adding them in pairs at minimum.
  6. Luna Cavill, maybe?
  7. I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies lore-wise. I haven't watched the movie yet and will gladly adapt if necessary.
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