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  1. Cleaned up a lot more adding More People.
  2. Added Diary Chapter, Draz Polo, added a few more to Relationships as well. If you wish to be added please request so I can add you.
  3. Awesome! Eriksson lost pretty much everyone, hawkins died last night as well. Only people keeping him Sane are Stuart, Vond, and Volka
  4. You had the best female friend I've had since Zeta Community. I hope you make another wonderful character and I hope we have many more moments of great amazing RP also I wasn't here for the WIll.
  5. ADDED Sov, Hawkins, Wyatt, Gadabeani, Jody, Winnie, Etc.
  6. I'm still adding more lol I'm sick with Covid so kinda fucked everything up LMAO.
  7. Changed Face claim, Added and edited Relationships, some are still being worked on.
  8. I SAVED YA LIFE!!!!
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