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  1. OOC Name: Misty IC Name: Sarai Mizriah Character Division: Medical- Trauma Surgeon / Aux Instructor Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0 Off Duty: Size of Imported Assets: 6 MB
  2. Sure. I can do that, I can change the makeup sometime anyways - Its just a holdover from the object's texture. I'll downsize the walkman, that's fair that it's a bit massive. I can try to have it attached to the belt, if possible.
  3. I'll probably do something more complicated later but I just wanted a simple headhack port
  4. OOC Name: Misty IC Name: FLt. Emilija Levitsky Character Division: Fleet - VIKING Pilot Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0 On Duty: Off Duty: Walkman: Size of Imported Assets: 5MB
  5. Name: Starship Troopers RP: The Klendathu Era | sstrp.net Server IP: TBA Forums: http://sstrp.net (I hope you know this one.) Discord: https://discord.gg/sstrp Wiki: http://wiki.sstrp.net (Being rebuilt) Content Pack: TBA
  6. Pathfinders Rank & Responsibilities As per SICON-OSW regulations and documentation LAA: DEC21 2301 Corporal ---- Corporals are newly inducted Pathfinders. These people have yet to pass through the Yukon, the final test in Pathfinder training and are still considered to be learning. Sergeant ---- Sergeant is the standard rank allotted to Pathfinders after they’ve completed their training in the Yukon. These are full Pathfinders, they are the bread and butter of the OSW. Technical Sergeant ---- Technical Sergeants within the OSW fulfill a variety of different, specialized roles depending on their group. They make up a small cadre of experienced Pathfinders, who've chosen to decline leading on the field. They train newer Pathfinders and excel at their speciality traditionally. Staff Sergeant ---- Staff Sergeants act as squad leaders within the OSW’s elite teams. They’re veteran Pathfinders and are entrusted with leading, both on the field, and off the field by representing the culture of their Pathfinder Group. Master Sergeant ---- Master Sergeants operate on a squad-wide level within a Pathfinder group. They’re directly responsible for the lives of 12 Pathfinders beneath them and managing their team leaders. Lieutenant ---- Overall commander of a Pathfinder platoon, they’re low in numbers due to the extreme standards of the OSW. While often seen on the field, their concerns lay mainly in ensuring the health of each Pathfinder in their platoon. Warrant Officer ---- Warrant Officers are rare within the OSW. They’re one of two breeds: Retired officers, who’ve since then resigned their commissions, or experienced SNCOs who've denied a commission. Warrant Officers act in an advisory level with the Master Sergeant and Lieutenant, looking over the health of a platoon.
  7. Pathfinders – SF A Comprehensive Guide What are special forces? "Soldiers that exceed the average trooper's capabilities, and that are used in clandestine operations to achieve previsionary goals." Special Forces, in essence, are exactly what was listed in quotes. But, they're much, much more than just that. There are three main things to discuss when talking about the creation of an SF character. Ethics Rules, and Knowledge -=- Ethics Arguably one of the most important aspects of this document should be teaching the ethics that should be practiced in SFs characters. Teaching the goals of a unit, and the purpose of them is vital in creating a cohesive unit that plays off one another, as well as other units. Things to note are the following: - Special Forces are not psychopaths. They receive extensive psych evals in order to stay at the top of their game. - Special Forces are not invincible, and are arguably more likely to die in the field than your average trooper. - Special Forces have years of experience, and have learned much over this time. They know when to be quiet, and when to listen when the officer is talking. - Special Forces are, more times than not, more humble than most infantrymen you’ll come across. In the Federation, each infantryman must serve two years before applying to become a Pathfinder – They aren’t going to pick on grunts when they’ve been in their position. Proper Ethics is something that is vital to playing out a good SF character. Without ethics, we run into many pitfalls that are ultimately the reason why PFs are seen as a joke by some. -=- Rules Simple, basic things. Guidelines that can’t be violated without resulting in removal. Can’s - Give advice to non-SF, so long as no information they give is classified. - Offer to train non-SF, but cannot order them to undergo a training. A simple hand-to-hand combat training can not only spark roleplay, but also encourage those not in SF to strive to roleplay at a higher quality, like yourself. - Do cool Special Forces events, and show off high-quality roleplay! Cant’s - Commit crimes on and off the field because they’re ‘valuable assets’. - Indirectly or directly undermine command of another branch such as the M.I, or those of a non-SF standing. - Belittle those of another branch for the sole standing of them not being SF, and feeling the need to compensate. - Deploy with the M.I outside of rare, XA approved circumstances. - Metagame by ass-pulling technology or information. What you know ICly is what you know, and what you have in your kit is all you have. You have the environment, but sometimes, you can fuck up. Yes, even a special forces person can fuck up. -=- Knowledge Perhaps the most extensive of the categories, the knowledge of a special forces is split into two parts. Their specialization, and their baseline knowledge. Their specialization is what they are top-tier at. They may not be able to be the best at everything, but this one thing is something they can nearly never mess up on, and perform well above average at. Their baseline knowledge, however, envelops a large portion of certifications, such as: - Combat Life Saver Course (Secure Area, Call, Stop Bleeding, Stabilize) - Mapping & Compass Usage - Basic Non-Standard Firearm Usage (Non-standard issue firearms) - Basic Standard Firearm Usage (Snipers, Rocket Launchers, GL’s) - Proficient Standard Firearm Usage (Moritas DMR’s, SMG’s, Shotguns Handguns) - Wilderness Survival (Staying warm, staying dry, [sometimes] staying hidden) - Basic Reconnaissance (Know what to look for, what to write down, how to stay undetected) - SERE (Distract yourself, make friends, stay discreet) - Security Clearances Any new Pathfinder should be thinking about what specialization they want to take up! There’s plenty of unique opportunities within SF, such as technical specialists, translators. Think beyond a trigger, you should be looking for something that brings unique opportunities for roleplay! There’s more training to SF than can be explained through a doc, going through it all would take weeks. Use common sense and always think, “what does this add to roleplay?” CREDIT TO @Nyx
  8. CREDIT TO ARCHER, I DID NOT MAKE THIS The presence of Arachnids on a planet is classified by SICON with the Arachnid Infestation Index (AII). There are three levels of Arachnid planetary infestation, which defines how long the Arachnid presence has been expanding across the planet – they are divided into Infected, Compromised and Bug Central. Infected A planet is considered ‘Infected’ when there are one or more Arachnid colonies on its surface and they are just starting to expand. Native species, if any, are still dominant on the world and the presence of Arachnids may still be undetected. Phase One: Arachnid infestation of a planet begins here. Spore capsules or a transport bug arrives on the planet’s surface and the Arachnids begin to expand their areas of control. Detailed analysis of the planet’s surface can detect the presence of bugs by discovering small patches of devastation near their landing site. However, it can be quite hard to find the Arachnid presence and much harder to locate their small colonies. Phase Two: The first couple of colonies have matured and begun to spread their influence, aiming to expand quickly before the world is alerted to their presence. The first Arachnid warriors and workers are already making increasingly daring raids on the environment, identifying the dangers in the ecosystem, including rivals among indigenous life. The first brain bugs appear, their individual growth closely linked to everything they learn and assimilate from the surrounding environment. If a dangerous life form is identified, its habits, strength and weaknesses are assessed and studied by the brainbugs, so measures can be taken to reduce their power (such as attacking their food sources or giving specialised abilities to future warrior bug swarms). Phase Three: The presence of the Arachnids becomes more perceptible. The most dangerous native species has been identified and systematically slaughtered. Wholly devastated ecosystems become more evident in small areas, which is primarily what makes the presence of Arachnids more obvious. Compromised A planet is considered ‘Compromised’ when several colonies are present, to the point the Arachnid presence cannot be ignored any longer. The colonies have begun to breed specialised orevolved sub-species and environmental damage can be seen from space. All of the Arachnids’ main contenders in the food chain have become a target for constant harassment, to the point of extermination. Phase One: At this point, colonies are capable of expanding very rapidly. Attacks on other life forms have multiplied and the planet’s ecosystem has been irreparably altered. Phase Two: Now comes the last onslaught on the planet’s strongest species, after which the Arachnids can proliferate freely without interference. Devastated areas have extended so much that entrances to Arachnid colonies can be found with relatively little effort. Bug Central ‘Bug Central’ is a planet completely dominated by Arachnids, its natural ecosystems virtually eliminated and its landmasses occupied by colonies. Phase One: Most other life forms have been eliminated from the planet’s surfaces. Devastated zones are becoming larger than non-infested areas. Phase Two: The majority of the planet’s surface is devastated, merging into a single ever-growing Arachnid colony, resembling Klendathu more as time passes. Phase Three: The surface of the planet is a wasteland. Nothing remains of the original ecology and the only organic landscape features are Arachnid colonies and swarms of bugs on the land and in the sky. By the end of phase three, there is effectively just one giant colony, all others having merged into this one.This colony is a single, immense network of underground passages connecting the entire planet. At least one queen bug will almost certainly have beenbred by this time. After phase three has been achieved, spores and transport bugs are sent to nearby planets, which continues the process of Arachnid expansion across space.
  9. Psychic Growth - A Brief Introduction As per the Ministry of Paranormal Warfare’s regulations. What is ‘Psychic Growth’, and how does it work? As a young child grows into adolescence, a psychic does the same. The growth of a psychic is split between five parts. Juvenile, Minor, Medial, Major, Proficient. Each of these phases have their own identity of sorts, and are each incredibly important to the development of a psychic and their abilities. Each part is measured in three areas. Control, Capacity, and Fortitude. Control is the self-control in which a psychic has on both its ability to filter out what it receives psychically, as well as what it sends out. This is also coined as accuracy by most psychic handlers. Capacity is the raw power level that a psychic holds. The more trained, and older a psychic, the larger capacity for psychic power and intuition they hold. Fortitude is the measure of which a psychic can withstand not only exterior psychic stimuli, but also the amount a psychic can dish out before hitting their limit. --- Juvenile -- I Those psychics listed as ‘Juvenile’ are almost always children who have just been found. Rarely are adults listed under this category, as most psychics who go undetected until their adulthood are usually able to transition out of this phase naturally, albeit taking far longer than someone under correct supervision. Control: Very Low - Juveniles hold next to no control over their powers, making them rather unstable, and prone to hurt themselves in mostly non-fatal ways. Capacity: Low - With no experience nor age to add, Juveniles hold a very low power ceiling. Fortitude: Very Low - Juveniles are incredibly prone to psychic influence (moreso than your average human), and can’t last very long at all in their own influences. --- Minor -- II Those listed as a ‘Minor Psychic’ are what most civilian-service psychics are. Most are either adolescents, or scarred MIPOD operatives, too battered psychically and physically to work under MIPOD anymore. They exhibit moderate levels of control, paired with their rather punitive capacity; that is just enough to make themselves ‘safe’ to both others, as well as themselves. Typically defines 3SPC, 2SPC, and early SPC. Control: Medium/Low - Still struggling to fully recognize the range and shortcomings of their own abilities, Minor psychics are still prone to nosebleeds, migraines, and loss of consciousness even on successful usages of abilities. Capacity: Medium - Whilst still lacking complete control, a Minor psychic will learn and retain the most psychic growth during this period of time. Some minor psychics can have a higher power ceiling; however this -always- comes with harsher side effects to ability usage. Fortitude: Low - Minor psychics are rather incapable of challenging much in the way of psychic influence, with some of the scarred MIPOD operatives being closer to a Juvenile in this category more than others. ---- Medial -- III Those listed as ‘Medial’ psychics are those who have lasted longer than most psychics, avoiding both death and burnout for long enough to begin taming their own mind. Typically seen as veteran SPCs and SSPCs, a Medial Psychic is a highly useful asset to whomever they’re attached to. Control: Medium/High - Capacity: Medium - Fortitude: Medium/Low - Still vulnerable to the attacks from nearly all alien psychic sources, Medial psychics are able to at least power through low-grade psychic assault; whilst still facing pain and disorientation, they’re less likely to faint at any sign of psychic assault. --- Major -- IV Those listed as ‘Major’ psychics are those who have received sufficient training to be stable enough to handle other psychics and their upbringing. Typically made up of the most senior of MIPOD, most stronger Major Psychics will work in PsyOps as officers. The weaker end of Majors will be MSPCs on the lowest end, and many MIPOD leaders. Control: Medium/High - Capacity: Medium/High - Fortitude: Medium - They can repel attacks from untrained Skinnies but are still prey to the Arachnid Hivemind and trained Skinny Warriors. --- Proficient -- V Those listed as ‘Proficient’ psychics are the best of the best– Members of PsyOps High Command and OSW. At its peak, Carl Jenkins is considered the strongest of all Proficient psychics. These psychics; whilst pale in power when compared to most alien races' highest psychic individuals; can hold their own against most medium-tier alien psychic assaults. Control: High - Capacity: High - Fortitude: Medium/High - Able to withstand the mental pressure of most Skinnies and their attacks, as well as shielding from low-tier Progenitor and Human assaults, Proficient Psychics are capable of holding their ground through higher levels of mental pain when compared to the average psychic. (Credit to Nyx)
  10. Mist

    Psychic -- Roster

    | -://...ACCESSING-UCFDFARMY-UNIT-DIRECTORY -| | -://...ACCESSING-MOBCOM/SEC12-UNIT-DATABSE -| [LAST-ACCESS-12-27-2301:0200-BY-'EDIMITRIJEVIC'] /..\ | -://...SEARCHING-7POG-27CSC-217D- -| | -://...LOADING-7POG-27CSC-217D--| |-://...MBS-LOADED - | -://...DISPLAYING-7POG-217CSC-217D-| 7th Psychic Operation Group, 27th Combat Support Center, 217th Mobile Infantry Psychic Operations Detachment Command Staff: 2Lt. Eluta Kontaveit [ @LoFiSuicide -- Telepath-- IV] TSgt. Adriana Kyung-Mi [ @LoFiSuicide Memory Man -- III] Handlers: MSpc. Eliza Keper [ @Lit Senser/M.M -- III ] MSpc. John Doe [Vacant] Detachment Staff: Spc. John Doe [Vacant] Spc. John Doe [Vacant] Spc. Sofie Bishop [ @Gr4Ss -- Memory Man -- II ] 2Spc. Ardi Kontaveit [@Dimov -- Memory Man -- II] 3Spc. Rebecca Friedman [@chihuaua kisser -- Telepath -- I] 3Spc. Erasyl Omalov [ @Valkrae -- Memory Man -- I] (These follow a template of forum name, specialization, power level and handler. Psychic Handlers are still able to train those who are not billeted as their students.)
  11. Mist

    Psychic Backlash

    Psychic Backlash Backlash is common among human Psychics. It is the negative reaction from overstraining one's self while utilizing Psychic abilities. This is not entirely mental, or physical, but rather a mix of both. These injuries are organized by severity from Green to Black within a color coded system. Minor Presenting Symptoms (GREEN): Irritability (Lack of empathy, annoyed, temperamental.) Migraines (Throbbing pain in the head. Pressure in the skull) Sensitivity with bright lights or loud noises. (Light and loud noises further exacerbate irritability. Natural light can seem blinding.) Nausea (Disorientation. Feeling like you need to throw up. General weakness of the body.) Presenting Symptoms (YELLOW): Haemolacria, hematidrosis, hemotympanum, epistaxis (Blood vessels are bursting as a result of overexertion. This leads to blood flowing from the nose, seeping into and out of the eardrums. Alongside ichor-stained tears and sweat.) Inability To Regulate Body Temperature (Extreme sweating. Passing out, irregular pulse, fatigue, high blood pressure.) Numbness Vomiting Moderate Symptoms (ORANGE): Delirium (Mental confusion, unable to sleep, think, eat. Remembering where the trigger on your rifle is feels impossible.) Retrograde Amnesia (Fading of recently formed memories. Confusion of where you’re at, and why. Older memories can fade if overexertion continues.) Transient Ischemic Attack (Slurred speech, paralysis of the body. Experiencing a stroke, it eventually fades away after several minutes.) Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (The exploding of a blood vessel within the eyes. Feels scratchy and like you can’t see.) Severe Symptoms (RED): Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke (Slurred speech, convulsions, paralysis permanent or temporarily. Brain clots and risk of permanent damage if not MEDEVACed) Extreme Vomiting Muscle Spasms Hypotension (Pale skin, irregular breathing and pulse. Usually accompanied by blood-pressure induced shock which further worsen symptoms.) Increased Intracranial Pressure (Vomiting, possibility of passing out, confusion, lack of energy) Psychic Burnout (BLACK): Psychic Burnout is a complete inability for one to tap into their Psychic abilities. This can last for a couple of hours, or be permanent. Usually, this results in a death for the Psychic. It is one of the primary risks from using Lithium or LP, as it can cause Burnout and permanently damage a Psychic's connection to their abilities. (Do not use burnout except for as a PK)
  12. Mobile Infantry Psychic Operations Division, Handlers & Support Staff As per SICON-MPW regulations and documentation. LAA: OCT24 2301 Psychic Handlers ---- Purpose & Function Within A Detachment Psychic Handlers at a position of billet, rather than rank. It is expected every Psychic who reaches Master Specialist and any rank over it will be trained on how to function as a Handler and function as one for at least a year. Officers as well can and do serve as Handlers; Psychics embedded within Pathfinder units in particular find their handlers being derived only from PSIOP's numbers. But what does a Handler do? A Handler is a Psychic who holds significant capabilities over one or more Psychic specialization - Such as Memory Men, Telepathy or Sensery. They are subjected to limited psychology classes and CLS classes for the purposes of mentoring new Psychics found within M.I.P.O.D. The connection between a Psychic and their Handler is very strong; It only is surpassed by the natural Psychic links that exist from familial connections. Handlers will be assigned Psychics who they will then oversee. It is their responsibility to see that these Psychics grow with their abilities. Additionally, they monitor Psychics and ensure they are in good health. These Handlers will report the growth of their Psychics to their detachment NCOIC and CO, they can make or break the careers of upcoming personnel. Despite the rank inherited by most Handlers, they are unable to give out orders within a combat environments.
  13. Mobile Infantry Psychic Operations Detachment, Rank & Responsibilities As per SICON-MPW regulations and documentation LAA: DEC21 2301 Third Specialist ---- Fresh from the Academy, these Psychics have just arrived at their unit. They are being monitored by a Handler for sufficient growth and are still heavily, heavily learning how to utilize their skills. (Starter rank. At 3Spc., someone is on probation within M.I.P.O.D and is being tested.) Second Specialist ---- Observed to grow with their abilities, these Psychics are the lucky who don't stagnate with their progression and are able to withstand the pressure applied onto Combat Psychics. At this stage, they are now learning general abilities alongside their classification. Specialist ---- Held by those who’ve proven themselves within a unit. These Specialists have sufficient capabilities with their born Psychic specialization and are able to comfortably perform Psychic abilities. They will continue to learn the intricacies of their specialization. Specialists make up the majority of M.I.P.O.D Senior Specialist ---- A mark of veterancy; These Psychics have lasted long in a combat unit and hold a superior understanding over their specialization. Now is held the additional responsibility of helping teach inexperienced Psychics, however their primary role is still acting as a Combat Psychic. Master Specialist ---- Master Specialists are artisans of their perspective Psychic field and are often crosstrained into another field for the purposes of training. Additionally, they undergo medical training and psychology training to allow them to supervise a trainee. Their primary purpose is now as an instructor; although they are able to deploy. These MSpcs. are allotted to manage training for their born Psychic specialization within a detachment. Technical Sergeant ---- The NCOIC of a MIPOD. A TSgt. manages the day-to-day running of a detachment. They work closely with the Master Specialists and advise them, they additionally will act as an instructor where needed. When a WO. sets policy, a TSgt. ensures its being carried out. Warrant Officer ---- A Warrant Officer manages Psychic personnel onboard a specific vessel or base. It is their responsibility to ensure their unit runs smoothly. They act as Handlers where needed and ensure other elements within a unit know how to utilize Psychics.
  14. Psychic Upbringing: Psychics hold a more normal upbringing than most would imagine. None are whisked away to any academies. Instead, upon being discovered as a developing psychic special modifications are made to their education. There is no Federation wide standard for this education, however Colonies are directed to make their best efforts at accommodating these individuals and per SICON regulation all psychics must be reported for a Federation registry. This divide in accommodations has led to their general existing two different kinds of breeds of psychics. Inner Colony psychics, such as those from the Capital and its outlying systems tend to be well adjusted. Fresh psychics from Iskandar for example are assigned an agent from PSYOPs to monitor their progression. Additionally, they're put through an extra course within standard Federal schooling on the different kinds of psychics and controlling their abilities. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, many outer colonies lacks any resources for upcoming psychics. They are left out with little understanding of their abilities, little monitoring and little aid. These outer colonials tend to make up the majority of the psychic population, and surly, they are a stronger part of the view on psychics. Many times, the people are mistakenly diagnosed with mental disorders, or otherwise growth these disorders out of struggles with their developing tether to the paranormal world. However good the teaching these civilians receive is, that is all it is. Teaching. It is strictly illegal for civilian psychics to be taught advanced disciplines with their power. The only option to learn to master their powers is through the Federation, either in the combat arms of M.I.P.O.D or in a noncombatant role within the Office of Special Services. Citizen Services: If a psychic does not qualify for traditional military service then often times they are shoved into 'citizen' services. This encompasses a wide range of roles. Burnt out memory men, who still possess advanced calculus skills are often put into this classification of work as beancounters or astronavigation agents. Other psychics, simply not born strong enough to harness their powers may end up assigned to police departments and roles within the medical world. After five years of working within one of these roles a psychic may go before a SICON board and plead their case for citizenship. If it is denied, per the Federation Oath they will continue their service. Acceptance is rare, as a whole, in these trying times within the 3rd Bug War SICON finds itself unwilling to let go of many psychic assets. Those who are dismissed still maintain an abstract relationship with SICON-- Often times they'll be monitored by PSYOPs on their reintegration into society. Psychics who earn their franchise are entitled to starting up their own services related to their abilities. That is their business, and SICON cares little beyond two ground rules. 1: No Citizen Psychic may train another Civilian Psychic. 2: No Citizen Psychic may provide Paranormal services to anyone who themselves is not a Citizen. This is a privilege as apart of the Federal Franchise. 3: Citizen Psychics working in the corporate sector of the United Citizens Federation may only work for organizations that are owned and managed by Citizens who have completed two or more years of Federal service. These rules are apart of the many ways the Federation grooms Psychics towards working for Enlisted Services. Restrictions on Psychics: Psychics are certainly viewed as an asset for all the unique roles they can fill; A Psychic may be able to solve cases that have been cold for decades, perform Search and Rescue in unfamiliar environments and map out the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. Despite their uses, restrictions are imposed on them lest they go astray and to satiate the appetite of the many who hold an inherent mistrust of Psychics. The most notable, and by far controversial is the inability for any registered Psychic to hold public office and or otherwise hold Executive or Legislative Authority. This means they cannot be a Planetary Governor for example. Additionally, they are barred from entering casinos and participating in gamblings or investing within the Federal Stock Exchange. Public Perception: Psychics retain a nebulous position within society. Many simply do not trust Psychics, others hold a more aggressive malcontent towards them. As a result, they are closely monitored and anyone who threatens the stability of this fragile relationship is dutifully taken care of. When left to sizzle these tensions have simmered before into violence, especially in the far stretches of the Outer Colonies. Others don't believe Psychics exist at all. An easy belief to hold as a majority of civilians never meet a Psychic. The only solace for these individuals is within the Enlisted Services. Reception is often warmer due to the meritorious basis of these organizations and the use these individuals provide.
  15. Judicial Articles & Modifications Surrounding Psychics As per SICON-INSEC regulations and documentation LAA: MAR21 2301 ---- A psychic consistently clashes verbally with infantry causing discourse. The psychic must be spoken to by their handler and the infantrymen by an NCO to follow Federal protocol. ---- A psychic engages in a physical altercation with a Federal Servicemember. A demotion in pay grade or other non-judicial-punishment must occur to follow Federal protocol. ---- A psychic unintentionally psychically assaults a Civilian, Federal Citizen, Federal Servicemember. Summary Court Martial must occur to follow Federal protocol. ---- A psychic possesses a controlled substance without a legal prescription. A minimum of 10 lashings must occur, with greater punishment decided by a General Court Martial. ---- A psychic intentionally psychically assaults a Civilian, Federal Citizen, Federal Servicemember. Punishment via a General Court Martial must occur to follow Federal protocol. ---- A psychic intentionally ends the life of a Civilian, Federal Citizen, Federal Servicemember through conventional means. Punishment via a General Court Martial must occur to follow Federal protocol. ---- A psychic intentionally ends the life of a Civilian, Federal Citizen, Federal Servicemember through paranormal means. Punishment via a General Court Martial must occur to follow Federal protocol (Due to their inherently more unstable nature Psychics are held to higher degrees of accountability and watch by the Federation.)
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