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Complaints & Appeals

A place where you can fill out your PK Appeals, your Ban appeals, or your complaints about a specific person or topic.

For everyone

  1. Unless we say otherwise, do not reply to a complaint or an appeal unless you were involved and have something material to contribute - for example, your testimony of what happened, pictures of evidence.
  2. Usually we don't care about opinions; these are fact finding missions, not popularity contests.
  3. Provide evidence inline rather than in a list at the bottom; for example: "He firstly called me a stupid bitch in OOC [link to pic here], and then he RDMed me twice [link to pic here, link to pic here]."
  4. Please provide links to supporting evidence, rather than pasting it directly into the body of the text. Chat logs should be stored on somewhere like pastebin.com
  5. Provide a precise and concise timeline of the events. We do not want giant paragraphs of what happened - we want bullet points or numbers that say this, this, and this happened. It's easy to misinterpret or simply miss things in a giant block of prose.
  6. Please provide a date and time so that we can check against the server logs if necessary.
  7. Appeals can be made to the executive team (XAs). It need not be an exhaustive appeal if on the face of it there is no basis to the appeal.

For complainants

  1. Complaints against players need the player's name, and where possible their steam ID.
  2. Complaints against staff only need the player's name (as we probably should have the steam ID's of our staff).

For ban appealers

  1. Please provide your character names (all of them), your steam ID, and who banned you, what they banned you for and why/if you feel it was unfair.
  2. The admin who banned should reply within 24 hours to reply otherwise it should be escalated.
  3. The admin who banned or any admin superior to them may rescind the ban.
  4. Players can and should be granted second chances even if they were at fault.
  5. Only acts of malice should result in serious/prolonged punishment.

For admins

  1. You are entitled to take up any complaint against any player and to arbitrate as necessary.
  2. Special efforts should be made to ensure there is no actual or apparent conflict of interest. If you have a reputation of being best buddies with the complainant or the complained, you should let another admin take the complaint.
  3. Ban and PK appeals will be handled by Executive Administrators.
  4. You should reply within 24 hours to any ban appeal.
  5. Complaints against non-executive staff members can be taken by anyone on the executive team.
  6. Complaints against XAs should be handled by Xalphox

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