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Robert Taylor


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Face Claim:





General Information




First Name:  Robert  

Middle Name: William

Last Name: Taylor

Age (yo): 20

Date of Birth: 21st March, 2278

Place of Birth: Vigil’s Point, Iskander

Nationality: Iskanderian

Status: Alive

Religious Affilation: Christian Church of Iskander



Maser Sergeant William Taylor (MI, ret.), fatherMissing

Lilith Taylor, mother - Missing

Sergeant John Taylor (MI), brother - Alive / active duty Mobile Infantry

Petty Officer Jane Taylor, sister - Alive / active duty 6th Fleet

Kathy Taylor, sister - Missing

Jane Taylor, sister - Missing





Pre-Enlistment Background



High School Education: Graduated in 2296

High School GPA: 2.95

Extracurricular Activities: Mobile Infantry Cadet Training Corps (2291 - 2296); Forward & Captain for Vigil Point South MS/HS Football Team (2292 - 2296)

Criminal Record: None.

Summary of Pre-enlistment Life: To be written up whenever




Summary of Armed Forces Career




Rank: Corporal 

MOS: Rifleman

Billet: First PlatoonSecond Section, First Squad Leader

TIS: 1 year, 10 months

Federal Service Number: MI-094021-RWT

Demotions: None

Criminal Record: Nonexistent

Previous Units:

  • 15 MAY 96 to 15 AUG 96:  1st Iskander Training Battalion, Mobile Infantry Colonial Training Command

  • 16 AUG 96 to FEB 11 98: C Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Iskanderian Regiment

  • 11 FEB 98 to present:  A Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 31st Morita Regiment


112th MI Promotion Record

Recruit  -> Private: 27 FEB 98

Private -> Private First Class: 1 MAR 98

Private First Class -> Lance Corporal: 13 MAR 98

Lance Corporal -> Corporal: 18 MAR 98


Combat Record

Total Deployments: Fifteen combat drops (with the 112th)

Notable deployments: Alad V, Heloys III, Iskander '98, Jayuk

Wounds Received in Duty:

  • 2nd March, 2298: Gunshot wound to the upper left arm

  • 14th March, 2298: Talon to the right thigh






SSgt Franco Sorrentino - He kept us together during our toughest moments in battle on Iskander. Without him and Staff Hawkins, we'd have collapsed and died where we stood. Instead, we pushed through and kicked ass. You can't ask for a better NCO. Off-duty, he's great and isn't afraid to trade jokes with the rest of us grunts.


†Sgt Jack O'Neill - My first real mentor in the 112th. Took care of me while I was a fresh Lance Corporal, guided me, then promoted me to Corporal. And now he's gone -- just like that. I don't know what to think of it... but I know I'll miss him.


Corporal Finch - Along with O'Neill, mentored me when I first transferred to the unit. He promoted me to PFC and I reckon it was thanks to him that I got promoted to Lance Corporal. He's a dependable man, loyal, and I'm always glad to serve alongside him.





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