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<//: After Action Report :\\>


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ER: Cipher


//: Drop Lead: Captain Asper

//: Second In Command: N/a

//: Squad Leaders: 

  • Blue Team: Sergeant Oakwood
  • Orange Team: Sergeant Goose

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Hunt, Simmons, Goose, Murphy, Gunner, Tankijin.

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/a

//: Notable Acts:

Simmons had several mental episodes that slow down the retreat.

Ignis did well in covering the wounded as they slowly retreated from the advancing Progenitor force.


//: Mission Summary: Head into a station to grab some schematics. Expected Progenitors.

In the entrance, it was apparent that we walked into a Progenitor with psychic abilities, everyone in the squad took lithium after making our way past the entrance. Orange was caught out by a flanking Progenitor force, amounting to several wounded.

We navigated throughout the station, clearing sections of the place to find the schematics. We encountered Three Thralls and Six Grunt Progenitors in total, they were all equipped with freezing grenades and anti gravity rounds.

After the schematics were extracted from the station's console; we made our way up towards the surface of the rock. Extracting our wounded.

Schematics have been handed to the Black Cross and allowed us to repair and lounge on their dry-dock.

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//: Drop Lead: Sgt. Jackie Knoxx


//: Second In Command: Sgt. Oakwood (left) 


//: Squad Leaders: LCpl O'Mara, LCpl. Odin 


Blue Team: LCpl. Odin

Orange Team: LCpl. O'Mara

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Spc. Geier 


//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): 


//: Notable Acts:




//: Mission Summary: Drop down to supposedly abandoned fleet weapon depot to gather fleet related supplies and information from the computers we find. Main thing to get was weaponry reloads for Upham. 


Ended up running into seperatist contact, had to fight through them to find the supplies and so on. ROE was fired if fired upon and we were, retrieved one W.I.A which was Spc. Gierer 


(Sorry if this is short, 12am and wrote on phone) 

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//: Second In Command: Lance-Corporal Kyril Layland -> Sergeant Redbrick|


//: Squad Leaders: LCpl O'Mara, LCpl. Odin


Blue Team: LCpl. Odin

Orange Team: LCpl. O'Mara

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A


//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.):  N/A


//: Notable Acts:

All squads aside from drop SIC did very well.


Lance-Corporal Odin promoted to Corporal.

Lance-Corporal O'Mara needs to clean up response times.

General Larsen Recovered without a large incident.

Sergeant Sarah Redbrick And Third-Specialist Kordan stood out in the open in full view of two VTOL's to threaten them with death, resulting in the complete back down of hostile forces. (Again, i'm a god. Fuck you lit. )


All members of squads including leads did especially well providing both suggestions and being very proactive.




//: Mission Summary: RV with locale populace to determine cause of the Distress call. After RV'ing with the locals we made contact with a patchless company of Mobile Infantry. I hade decided to avoid them at all costs until it was confirmed they were in fact hostile. After we attempted to plan an assault of the base, MOBCOMM suggested we move to secure the civilians instead and we complied. I had set up a Infrared-Strike from orbit on the hostile base and was subsequently jammed by the MI forces encountered, we subsequently moved ot secure the civilians and plan out our current situation. Shortly after the plan was enacted, we were contacted by the hostiles via VTOL airship loudspeaker. I myself as droplead moved into the open on a roof and threatened them with death if they did not comply, citing our unit being the Hundred and Twelfth Alpha company. -- The VTOL's hightailed it away and we were contacted on frequency 112.59 per their request. We then were asked for a parlay with their commander and discovered that General Larsen was in command of this small unit of bandits, we made a deal and were reunited with our old commander. -- Oh how small is this galaxy? Jesus. -- Recommend surveillance over all members of Larsen's group including himself just in case history repeats itself.. However, personally it seems Larsen is quite weary of the current events.  Radio contact was established and all parties were handled amicably with resources being returned to the populace.


-General Larsen and his Command staff were safely recovered, as well as several companies of manpower including supplies of all manners. -- Total of Two VTOL's and multiple forms of Triple A were recovered. (OOC, i'm a god.)

-Odin Promoted to full Corporal.

-O'Mara Promoted to Full Corporal. (I Sarah Redbrick will watch over and train these individuals in their new duties.}


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ER: Bishop


//: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose

//: Second In Command: Sergeant Oakwood->Specialist Kirkwood

//: Squad Leader: Pfc: Dick Simmons

  • Blue Team: NA
  • Orange Team: NA

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Oakwood and Beans. 

//: Killed In Action/(M.I.A.): Master Specialist Reel

//: Notable Acts:

Reel stayed in her tank while giving spots for our TAC pilots. Real hero shit, honestly.


//: Mission Summary: Head to a rail yard in order to capture Venisian high value targets. The MI arrived and livberated seveal souls from their body, as they suffered a brutal attack. Eventually shooting down a hostile VTOL attempting to escape. The unit saddled up and pursued the crashed VTOL. The troopers secured a POW and the HVT. A bonus being the destruction of several tanks in a TAC run, and the acquisition of the VTOL's black box for later inspection.

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ER: Banana


//: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose

//: Second In Command: N/A

//: Squad Leader: N/A

  • Blue Team: N/A
  • Orange Team: N/A

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None

//: Notable Acts:

Cover maintained, after a massive shootout.


//: Mission Summary: Units oversaw a deal that was being organized by the Military Intelligence officials aboard the Upham. The deal was shorthanded so the Mobile Infantry were send down to collect more of the supplies, to which they had found. Resulting in the deal going south as there was never any intent of letting the MI leave, since there was a Federation bounty. This lead to the Troopers securing the lost rifles and armor, as well as ammo and medical supplies. A VTOL was left aboard the Upham as collateral, which was then seized by TAC officials and is now in circulation.

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ER: Sami


//: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose-> Corporal Volker

//: Second In Command: N/A-> Pfc. Netanyahu

//: Squad Leader: Corporal Volker, and Pfc. Simmons

  • Blue Team: Simmons
  • Orange Team: Volker 
  • //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.):  Goose, Simmons, Reynalds, Mandella, Mercier, and Novellio
  • //: Killed In Action (M.I.A.): Private Forrester

//: Notable Acts:

Volker did a superb job launching a "No trooper left behind mission" after the objective was completed, resulting in the Extraction of Private Reynalds, the holder of an alien cactus. 


//: Mission Summary: Troopers were send down to a planet in which a shuttle, transporting General Larsen's pilots had been shot down by Separatist forces. A pilot was dispatched with the MI to secure a VTOL. Heavy resistance was encountered as the troopers moved through nearly half a mile of Urban war zone to retrieve the pilots, resulting in several wounded and a single trooper killed in action by a hostile Sniper. After they arrived at the crashed shuttle, the VTOL was seized by a wounded Mandella, who completed his objective after suffering a critical wound, returning to the ship for medical. The pilots were secured, and the objective completed.

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//: Drop Lead: Sgt. Oakwood later replaced by Cpl. Odin due to being wounded

//: Second In Command: Cpl. Odin, Lt. Winters

//: Squad Leaders: Cpl. Odin, LCpl. Hartwick

  • Blue TeamLCpl. Hartwick
  • Orange TeamCpl. Odin

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Gatsubashi,Oakwood,Sigrun,Saiphan

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A

//: Notable Acts: Marauders dealt with the tanks generally very well with good response times.


//: Mission Summary: Go down and assault and capture an Vetanian prisoner of war camp. To rescue Naomi Reel. To also liberate any other prisoners we find.

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//: Drop Lead:  SGT. Oakwood

//: Second In Command:  LCPL. Oberlin

//: Squad Leaders:  None.

  • Blue Team:  -------
  • Orange Team:  -------

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.):  SGT. Oakwood, PFC. Simmons, 2SPC. MyCroft.

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.):  None.

//: Notable Acts: The entire team held their ground pretty well until EVAC arrived after a Chariot had misteriously died.


//: Mission Summary:  Locate the squad previously sent down to find and extract data on Control Bugs from a research facility. Locate and extract the research from the facility once the squad had been found.

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//: Drop Lead: Cpl. Odin

//: Second In Command: Cpl. O'Mara

//: Squad Leaders: LCpl. Hartwick (Replaced by Cpl. O'Mara), Pvt. Cooke

  • Blue TeamLCpl. Hartwick (Replaced by Cpl. O'Mara)
  • Orange Team: Pvt. Cooke 

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Cpl. Odin, Pvt. Cooke, Pvt. Gadabeani

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Spc.Hughes

//: Notable Acts: MSpc. Drivas did some fine work closing the holes with his Y-Racks


//: Mission Summary: Go down onto the planet make our way to a listening post and obtain the data. How it actually happened we were shot down upon insertion and were crash landed in a crevice around 3km from the listening post. The platoon pushed through the crevice and eventually reached the listening post that was occupied by the 145th I personally spoke to and arranged a truce so that we may obtain the data without bloodshed as the platoon was already rather beaten up after dealing with arachnids. After this we obtained the data and left the AO.

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//: Drop Lead:  Sergeant Rodrick Oakwood

//: Second In Command:  Lance Corporal Henry Westfield

//: Squad Leaders: 

  • Blue Team: Sgt. Oakwood, LCpl. Henry Westfield, 3Spc. Bilal Ahmed-Jabril
  • Orange Team: LCpl. Jamie Modine

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pvt. Simmons, Sgt. Oakwood, LCpl. Westfield, Pvt. Seydar, 3Spc. Ahmed-Jabril, TSgt. Donovan, Pfc. Kent

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A

//: Notable Acts:

 Private Simmons followed instructions and orders exceptionally well, proving himself to be a reliable member of the team. Lance Corporal Jamie and Specialist Jabril stepped up when ordered and took control of Orange and Blue respectively. Specialist Kirkwood figured out how to launch an ICBM by himself.


//: Mission Summary: 

Deployed in FOB Kelly. Took on light attacks from arachnids. Received orders to advance into nearby compound located inside a town from MOBCOMM and locate Arachnid Plasma batteries. During the advance, Sergeant Oakwood and several others got injured, requiring a MEDEVAC. Lance Corporal Westfield took over as drop lead, assigning Specialist Jabril and Lance Corporal Jamie Modine to take over Blue and Orange respectively. After the MEDEVAC, moved into compound where we set up a defensive perimeter and held off heavy Arachnid waves. Located Arachnid Plasma batteries and destroyed them. Received secondary orders from MOBCOMM to launch an ICBM located inside the compound, which we successfully managed to accomplish. Evacuated shortly afterwards.

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//: Drop Lead:  SGT. Oakwood

//: Second In Command:  CPL. Mercier

//: Squad Leaders:  LCPL. Westfield

  • Blue Team:  LCPL. Westfield
  • Orange Team:  -------

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.):  None.

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.):  None.

//: Notable Acts: The team managed to complete the objectives and close the bug holes in spite of not having engineers around.


//: Mission Summary:  Head over to 'Old Haven' in Scarvis, locate survivors and any Mobile Infantry left on sight, evacuate them and collect the dogtags from the dead. Eliminate the bugs in the area afterwards.

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//: Drop Lead:  SGT. Oakwood

//: Second In Command:  SGT. Redbrick

//: Squad Leaders:  CPL. Vond, LCPL. Westfield

  • Blue Team:  CPL. Vond
  • Orange Team:  LCPL. Westfield

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.):  None

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.):  None

//: Notable Acts: The hive was burnt to a crisp, no wounded nor casualties sustained.


//: Mission Summary:  Head down to Scarvis at the northern area of Fort Kelly, locate and destroy the hive underneath the airstrip with either using a GEONAV TON or burning it up close.

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ER: Kris


//: Drop Lead: Lance Corporal Cooke

//: Second In Command: N/a

//: Squad Leaders: 

  • Blue Team: Lance Corporal Westfield
  • Orange Team: Tech Sergeant Donovan

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): TSgt Donovan, SSpc Fayzulin

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A

//: Notable Acts:
Ensign Owl fucking carried this entire mission with his TAC gunship. He destroyed multiple holes, reported pretty much every one before MI could see it, then EVAC'd the injured. Recommended a medal, or something. @Kris
Westfield did a really good job holding the rear and commanding the squad.
Leeds identified a Royal successfully, and made everything probably better.

Chandler literally blew up the silo by literally throwing DOTONs into it.


//: Mission Summary: Destroy a silo during a bug assault to slow down the attacking bugs.

In the entrance, bugs were initially unaware of our presence. This stealth was broken in about thirty seconds, at which point, we immediately slammed every hole with a rocket and pushed forward - nice work, Engineering fags. Good job on dumping holes.
We made our way to the silo with no injured, and proceeded down the silo and attempted to push into the compound. There was like - a lot of bugs. Donovan and Fayzulin got injured, I almost died, but I randomly saw a ladder.

Chandler literally just threw 2 DOTONs straight into the compound, and I called a MAC cannon strike on it. We pushed back to the landing site, but the dropship landed 40m away from the landing site, anyway. The combination of DOTONS and MAC strike leveled the entire silo. We went home, no dead people. Cool success.


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ER: Bishop-Deckers and Lit


//: Drop Lead: Sergeant Goose

//: Second In Command: Sergeant Jonsson

//: Squad Leader:Lance Corporal Westfield, and Corporal Cooke

  • Blue Team: Cooke
  • Orange Team: Westfield
  • //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.):  Several minor wounds, major wounds included a Lance Corporal Westfield, Lance Corporal Modine, Private Bae-Cho
  • //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None, hopefully.
  • //: Notable Acts: Though there was a lot that had gone down in the drop, several people that stood out include. Sergeant Jonsson and Corporal Zaki who secured a the primary LZ and set up an IR Flare for EVAC while fighting through a horde. Third Specialist Ahmed-Jabril who singlehandedly put out a raging tanker fire that started in the Mobile Infantry's Triage floor. Lieutenant Winters, for bringing their own Long Range Radio, and finally the pilot so graciously volunteering the unit for a rescue operation.


//: Mission Summary: The mission came hot off the heels of another operation that happened merely a few hours prior. The objective parameters stated that the Mobile Infantry were to head into Hoy City, in order to confirm the possible disappearance of a  Platoon stationed at one of the previously seized Forward Operating Bases. The Mobile Infantry were dropped nearly a hundred meters from the objective, making their way throughout the ruined city. After arriving at the entrance of the tower, it was obviously abandoned, but it seemed to have been a recent abandonment. No bodies were found within the tower, yet all supplies and lights were still active. The Orange team, lead by Lance Corporal Westfield were stationed at the ground floor, to set up a defensive on the one known entrance to the objective tower. Blue as well as the two Marauders deployed with the Infantry began their search of the tower, discovering the supplies and other trinkets left behind.  At this time, Mobile command was alerted to the discoveries of the Mobile Infantry and a new order was passed down the line: to hold the tower. After this order was given, the unit began hearing several explosions throughout the city, though tame and of the same caliber of hand grenades of forty millimeter explosives, the unit did not wish to investigate it further. After nearly twenty minutes of inconsistent explosions, another explosion was created directly outside of the Forward Operating Base, to which the gas to the building was shut off, to avoid a possible explosion and collapse. The fire on the street caused by the explosion began to simmer down after awhile of burning, the Mobile Infantry staying put. A triage was set up on the Third Floor, as all of the floors had been numbered by a Private from Orange. At this point, there were no contacts within nearly another twenty minute interval, until a distant Vehicle was heard. Blue, who were stationed on the upper floors of the tower, floors nine and ten, were first to have visual. The car had two people, both equally as obnoxious. They're belongings were searched and they two were restrained while the vehicle was searched. A living human male was found locked in the trunk. The three were searched for weapons again, their keys taken, and brought into the triage restrained. After nearly another ten or so minutes, a wave of chariots were thrown into the city, scurrying around for what felt like a few moments. Hoppers then took over the skyline, sending some to engage the mobile infantry. The upper floors were the first ones hit, as the bugs took control of the roof. The troopers began fighting them on the surface level, as a detachment was sent to clear the upper floors. That same detachment stayed on floor nine, providing support to the ground level after the extermination of the threats. The fighting raged on on the lower floors, as the car that was parked outside of the Forward Operating Base was blown up, more and more arachnids following the sound of war. Rhinos and Warriors began massing on the lower floors. Several tankers had found their way to our lines, as they set the Third floor ablaze, killing the civilians that had been restrained there, and giving the medics quite the scare. The fire was put out by the Engineers, and a fair bit of the medical supplies were salvaged. The Infantry did an absolutely superb job defending the floor for a few hours. Eventually running low on rounds, ammo runners were conscripted. Throughout the fighting, the first floor was nearly flooded with corpses, as the walls were taken down by the hordes of Arachnids. Eventually the floor became too unstable for actual usage, the unit retreated farther up the stairs, holding the second floor where the fear and hysteria truly took place. Conflicting orders from several different commanding elements lead to mass confusion in the abandonment of the objective. Though ordered by the drop lead, the primary EVAC only secured half of the remaining troopers on the field. The rest of the troopers were acquired at a second location, atop of the near collapsing building, as it was nearly impossible for them to reach the ranks of the first EVAC. A tanker ended up separating a majority of the troopers that remained, causing Modine and two others to be trapped in between the two evac points, requiring the dropship to hover over some debris in order for them to climb aboard. During this time, Westfield was wounded and temporarily knocked out during the mass confusion and extreme fighting, causing him to awake within the almost collapsing building. The trooper was reacquired after the dropship returned to it's secondary LZ and a squad was send down to retrieve him. The drop ship then went back to the Upham with several wounded, and none that had the fortune of dying. Command later informed us that it had been a massive Arachnid counter attack that was aimed to retaking the city, it is unknown at this time if it was truly successful, but it can be heavily assumed the Arachnids maintain control over Hoy.

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Event Runner: Kris


//: Drop Lead: Corporal Cooke

//: Second In Command: Sergeant Knoxx

//: Squad Leaders: 

  • Purple Team: Private First Class Smith

//: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A

//: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A

//: Notable Acts:
Saiphan shot cliff mites with a rocket launcher. Unfortunately, it turns out mites are immune to explosions. Shame.


//: Mission Summary: Go to a bridge and cover the evacuation of multiple APCS. 5 out of the 6 APCs made it across, but the last one got caught in a tsunami and then the tsunami destroyed the bridge. After attempting to call in a bioscan to find the status of the passengers, an earthquake and then another tsunami hit and we left the final APC behind.

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