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<//: NCO Roster :\\>


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<//: Terminal booting, please wait...:\\>


<//: Booting complete. Locating files...:\\>


<//: REDIRECTING. Searching through offline directories...:\\>


<//: Files located. Opening...:\\>


<//: 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion - Echo Company - Fourth Platoon :\\>

<//: "ASPER'S ARCHERS" :\\>

--"Fight together, die together."--



Company Commanders




Platoon Commanders (Archer Actual)


Lt. Elaine Asper - @Lit





= Platoon Sergeant (Archer 1-1)=


MSgt. Aaron Holtz - @Mighty Mouse LOA



= Staff Sergeants (Archer 1-2)=







= Sergeants (Archer 1-3)=


Sgt. Adrien Goose - @Scoutis

Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood - @Floofy

Sgt. Sarah Redbrick - @TheLynch  LOA July 20th


= Corporals (Archer 1-4)=


Cpl. Anton Volker - @Rook LOA

Cpl. Mira Oberlin - @Coleision

Cpl. Harper Jonas - @TacticalTwinkie ???

Cpl. Lionel Mercier - @Banana

Cpl. Zealious Odin - @Odin

Cpl. Kyril Layland - @Cipher

Cpl. Naomi Vond - @Luna

Cpl. Elliott Cooke - @Sting





= Lance Corporals (Archer 1-5)=


LCpl. Mikhail Kuznetsov - @Tridon ???

LCpl. Yasha Bellic - @Lit

LCpl. Natalie Wilson - @Wewai ???

LCpl. Jamie Modine - @Ymot Tommy Wort

LCpl. Arkady Netanyahu - @Shaxx LOA 07/05 - 08/02

LCpl. Henry Westfield - @Teoras

LCpl. Anastasia Kreslina - @Ace




"If you have not already been added to the Platoon's NCO roster, please notify us below of your name (IC+OOC) and rank, and we'll see that it gets added as soon as possible." -SSgt. J. Cutter




<//: Closing files...:\\>


<//: Files closed. Logging off...:\\>


<//: Terminal shutting down :\\>






LOA - Leave of Absence

??? - Undeclared LOA

(?/?) - Unspecified dates.


Blue - Marauder

Yellow - Combat Engineer

Purple - MIPOD Operative

Red - Combat Medic


[N/A] - None Appointed

A/ - Acting rank


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2 hours ago, Baltazar said:

I'm sorry to do this again, but I need another LOA for 3-4 days. I failed my english exam and I got one more exam to pass, so I need time to study it. I will try to find time to appear on the server these next days. Once again, I'm very sorry guys.  

School > Vidya

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Requesting that all JNCOs/NCOs not on this roster please post their character and rank, because I keep seeing random LCpls appearing which I've never seen before, or in the last few weeks. If you don't RP or want to RP your NCO anymore, let me know so we can free space up for players who actually want to pursue leadership.

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New call-sign system. 


Your RTO will now refer to themselves as the call-sign assigned to your rank. 


If a Sergeant leads, they will refer to themselves as Bastard 1-3, or their assigned RTO will be Bastard 1-3 Romeo.


This should be a nice, simple system for people to have their own call-signs that they can remember, as well as giving some better consistency. 

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