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Lerwick, James


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General Information
First Name:  James
Middle Name: Ward
Last Name: Lerwick
Age (yo): 30
Date of Birth: December 10th, 2268
Nationality: United Citizen Federation
Place of Birth: The Moon
Rank: Technical Sergeant
Status: KIA
Physical Information
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 192lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (head usually shaved)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build Type: Endomorph
General Physical Description: Well kept goatee, stocky frame, missing right ear, boxer's nose, tattoo with a crossed hammer and wrench, beneath that reads "CAN DO" in military font.
Medical History: Sonic grenade injury leading to coma lasting from September 2293, to Mid October 2293
Psychological Information
IQ: 111
Preferred Learning Method: Hands on.
Academic Interests: Arthurian lore, fables, medieval history, engineering spanning a wide range of fields.
Artistic Interests: Photography
Athletic Interests: American football, running, lifting weights.
Key Personality Traits: Thick skinned, judgmental, unforgiving, modest, insouciant, prideful.
Notes: Few friends, though the ones he has are typically close.
Pre-enlistment Background
High School Education: Graduated.
High School GPA: 3.2
College Education (if applicable): None.
Extracurricular: None.
Criminal Record: None.
Summary of Pre-enlistment Life: Born on The Moon and shortly thereafter taken to Portland, Maine. Raised until six by his grandmother and grandfather, until his mother retired from the UCF Navy. Followed work opportunity after high school, leading him back to The Moon where he was born. James then worked as a mine worker on The Moon until he was twenty one, and returned to Earth. Soon after returning, James signed up for UCF Military Service in New York City.
Armed Services Career
Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry Combat Engineers
Previous Units: 155th ACB -> 155th ACB -> 112th MI
Demotions: None.
Criminal Record: None.
Age of Enlistment: 21
Total Deployments: Numerous.
Wounds Received in Duty: No serious long lasting wounds.
Awards Received: Mobile Infantry Silver Cross, Mobile Infantry Silver Star, Citizenship Ribbon, Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon, Purple Heart **, Engineering Excellence Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon ***, Federal Defense Medal, Colony Protectorate Ribbon *, Operation Diving Falcon Ribbon
Service Record: Signed up for Federal Service in New York City (2289)
Assigned for training at Federal training base in Quantico, Virginia (2289)
Assigned to 155th ACB, A Company, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad (2289)
Promoted to Private (2289)
Transferred to 155th ACB, A Company, 1st Platoon, 2nd Combat Engineering Squad (2290)
Promoted to Private First Class (2290)
Promoted to Lance Corporal (2290)
Promoted to Corporal (2nd Squad XO) (2290)
Promoted to Technical Sergeant  (2nd Squad CO) Transferred to 155th ACB, B Company, 1st Platoon, 2nd Combat Engineering Squad (2291)
155th ACB tasked with defense of core worlds/colonies (2296)
Due to personal request of transfer to see combat, transferred to 112th MI, A Company, 1st Platoon, 2nd Combat Engineering Squad (2296)
Notable Campaigns: Holland Road, Green Valley, Operation Adrestia, Yukon II Incident, Operation Bread Basket, Operation Moros, Omega Incident
FedNet Media Accounts
SpaceBook Profile Pic:
SpaceBook Friends (ordered alphabetically by last name)
Matthew Carverson - The original crust.
Ezarath Cazernovia - Don't really have much to say about you any more.
Victor Delatorre - I've got your back.
Otto Dresdner - On the bounce, Cap'n.
†Adorjan Filipovich - Shouldn't have ended like that. RIP.
†Rosalind Gastubashi - Been in the unit a long time, but that's not all that matters. You've proved yourself, though you might've been a bit slow to do it. Your death was your own fault, I suppose it was brave - though pointless. Rest in peace.
Daniel Gonzalez - A good soldier, not a bad shot with the M55.
Michael Harreld - You've had a lot of ups and downs, let's hope it smooths out from here on. You'll make it in the end though, I think.
Katie Heartfilia - You used to annoy me, but that seems to happen less. You're a good gal and a competent engineer.
†Poppy Holtz - I never liked your hair, it was too poofy. Rest in peace.
Mikayla Kowalski - One of the few people who competently executes orders as they're given to her - she'll be an NCO once we finish training her.
Felix Krautstag - Goin' career ain't as easy as it looks, eh?
Graham Maclagan - I will continue to respect you from afar.
Ambrose Moonen - Ey, moonman.
Eva O'Casey - Casey's got undoubted skill as an engineer. When you plan on getting that ship I wouldn't mind coming along with.
Valentina Pacheco - A bit too soft sometimes.
Martin Richardson - A good guy, a real leader and a good engineer. One of my best and most capable.
Saige Shields - You're smart, can tell you got a good sense about you. Seems like it took you a while to get used to the ship, too. Born on the moon just like me.
Franco Sorrentino - Good soldier. Was a good Captain, too.
Garret Swift - Intelligent, trustworthy, honorable. A member of my closest staff, been there through thick and thin. You'll do a great job after I'm gone my man, keep it up.
Annabelle Thacker - You're okay.
Alan Tram - One of the few guys who's been with me since the 155th.
Abbigail Vitsion - You're cracking, you better keep sane. You, among the others stand out as someone I can always expect to make it through. I only wish we kept up to date as much as we did in the early days.
Anton Volker - I knew you'd turn out good, that's why I tried to recruit you on your first day here.
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Situation Reports:
SITREP#001 4/29/2297
Today is the twenty ninth of April, 2297. Shore leave awarded me the necessary time to rethink a few training programs intended for the "new" course soon to be implemented in the CED. The course isn't exactly new - it's a merger of the old Maintenance course and the MEC specialization utilized by the United Citizen Corps of Engineers. Both of these things have existed for quite some time, but in light of the increased budget the 112th's Combat Engineering Division has received this year, I found an opportunity to bring us up to the standard in that regard.
MEC troopers, or "Mechanic Troopers" as they're called, are electromechanical engineers much like a Class A ship engineer. However, they have a sub-specialty aligned towards complex or otherwise unique planetary installations or equipment. This type of specialist should be capable of handling any mission specific objectives that fall outside of the established engineering purview. I hope to find our new MEC specialists will be capable of dealing with things of complicated and unknown nature sometimes encountered on our missions; stellarium devices, ore processors, astronautic devices, vehicles, to name a few bothersome things we've interacted with in the past.
SITREP#002 6/16/2297
Fucking bug bastards knocked out my bridge on GV. Fucking bastards.
SITREP#003 8/9/2297
Captain Sorrentino was assigned elsewhere in the regiment. This is the forth Captain I've seen come and go, however it was thankfully very uneventful - no massive suicide mission into some fucked bug tunnel. Wish you well, Franco, I knew you'd turn out to be a leader. As for who will take the reigns next, Lieutenant Richardson will be the likely choice - if not, we may see someone like Young, Bellic, or Tuuli get thrown on the fast track. This is all speculation of course, personally I think we should transfer someone in.
In other news, engineering is still trucking along. I'm working on new documents to present to the Lieutenant in regards to expanding engineer duties - but progress has been slow on that. Not much else to report.
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rip my skills

Excerpt from the script of "Mobile Home Infantry: The Death of Paw-paw."


Otter Dresdner: The seps won...


Dresdner stares down at the corpse of Lerwick

Dresdner (cont'd): All of Lerwick's knowledge, everything he fought for... it's over. Whatever chance he gave us of fixing our broken ass equipment died with him. We needed him. The seps took the only decent engineer and shot him dead. People will lose hope.

Pacheco: No they won't, we can teach others to use his tools. They must learn what he learned.

Dresdner: Five helmets repaired in two minutes, two of them fleet... you can't replace that.

Pacheco: No you can't.

Dresdner crouches to Lerwick's body, fingering his lifeless mouth.

Dresdner (cont'd):  His face was always the best part of him. I can be that face.


Gently, Dresdner turns Lerwick's face to the side, it oddly resembles the default player face.

Pacheco: No!

Dresdner: "You either die a hero of the federation, or you live long enough to see yourself become a warrant officer." I can be groomed to take his place. Lerwick didn't want engineering to die with him.

Pacheco: No, you can't! You're not Lerwick!

Dresdner hands Pacheco his radio

Dresdner: "Score one for the Federation. Call it in."


Pacheco fumbles with the radio.


Pacheco: MOBCOMM, I have eyes on Lerwick. He never died. On route to pursue, over.

INSERT CUT: Pacheco stands at a large podium at Lerwick's funeral. Behind "her" is a large photograph of Lerwick beating some muppet with a wrench.

Pacheco: Somehow, it feels like Lerwick has never left us. The mystery of his death will be the mystery of our lifetimes. And though engineering will never be the same, I feel his presence. A silent mechanic, a watchful mentor, one... sincere engineer.


INSERT CUT: Dresdner stands in an apartment building. A poorly crafted paper mache of Lerwick's face is taped to his own. The camera fades out as it reveals Dresdner looking over Pacheco at the podium. 



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