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Patient Name: Troy Hughes

Patient Sex: Male

Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa Bennet on field, MSpc. Lisa Bennet and TSgt. Charles Scott in surgery

 Patient Injuries: Punctured right lung through and through, bullet through right shoulder knicking collar bone and cutting artery

 Patient Vitals: Moderate

  Treatment / Care Provided: On field clamp of the artery, chest seals applied with one-way chest valve, chest decomp applied, HEXTEND and ketamine administered.

On ship, surgery to fix lung and artery.

 Time of Treatment: ~2 minutes after injury.

 Current Patient Status: Stable, in recovery

Drugs Administered: Ketamine

Overview of Situation: Recovery time expected: 1 week (2 days OOC)

 Additional Notes:


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Patient Name:Private First Class Bernhard Franke
Patient Sex: Male
Primary Care Physician and/or Medic:  Second Specialist Thacker, Annabelle
Patient Injuries: Broken Nose, Abrasions and lacerations to the face. Concussion, Dislocated right shoulder, Broken left Forearm. Collapsed lung.
Patient Vitals: (IE: Strong/Weak)
Treatment / Care Provided: I put his neck in a c-collar and got him on a backboard and secured his body and head before putting him on a stretcher. With the assistance of Lance Corporal Dutchess I got him to the medical bay. I set him up on a IV of saline spiked with ketamine. I stripped him of his clothes and put him in a gown and hooked him up to a Cardiac monitor and oxygen before I took him for scans. I then brought him back in once I knew his neck and spine were not damaged and stitched up his lacerations fixed his nose and shoulder and put his arm in a bio-gel cast.
Time of Treatment: 1:00Pm Starting time. 1:30 PM ending time, Standard Terran Time.
Current Patient Status: Alive,
Drugs Administered: Ketamine.
Overview of Situation: Stable, In Recovery.
Additional Notes: He is to be in a Low-Noise Low-Light area.

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Patient Name: Specialist Paul N. Fergusson
Patient Sex: Male
Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: Second Specialist Thacker, Annabelle.
Patient Injuries: Impalement via talons to the arm and to the leg which turned into deep lacerations
Patient Vitals: Strong at first until the end where they were very weak,(IE: Strong/Weak)
Treatment / Care Provided: I tourniquet ed both limbs and packed them with celox gauze before I packed them with normal gauze. I wrapped them up and tied them with Israeli bandages. I also gave him a shot of Ketamine. I had to hook him up to oxygen and a IV of saline when he flat lined. I gave him a shot of adrenline and tried to give his heart a jump start before I started chest compressions. I used a AED twice before trying another shot of adrenaline. I rushed him to the MEDEVAC boat where the PJs began working on him.
Time of Treatment: Aprox. 11:00 PM Terran Time.
Current Patient Status: Dead; KIA
Drugs Administered: Ketamine, 2x Adrenaline
Overview of Situation: He pulled the talons out when he exited his suit
Additional Notes: We need to run a course for this to make sure people do not pull out talons.

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Instructor: MSpc. [Temp/SSpc.] Dorian Elswood

Trainee: 3Spc. Nu Ji-Hun, 2Spc. Arvi Kluessjen

Time and Date of Training: 5-October-2298; Drop Field Training

Goal of the Training: Field IV application; fluid extension of burn-dehydrated patient; utilization of LRR versus Hextend versus Saline; hydrogel treatment of burns; ascertaining burn thickness; pre-treating dressings and why pre-treatment is beneficial/necessary [PENDING REVIEW WITH TRAINEES]

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Patient Name: 2Spc. Arvi Kluessjen
Patient Sex: Male
Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Dorian Elswood
Patient Injuries: Open compound fracture [R. Femur]; open compound fracture [L. Femur]; open compound fracture [R. Tibia]; open compound fracture [L. Fibula]; closed compound fracture [R. Fibula]; severed primary blood vessel [L. Thigh]; severed primary blood vessel [R. Thigh]
Patient Vitals: Rapid heart rate, low BP
Treatment / Care Provided: Both legs were wrapped in a tourniquet above severed blood vessels. Bones piercing skin were secured in place with dressings and elastic. Hextend administered by IV. Both legs splinted to keep from incurring further damage by movement. Open bleeds were wrapped in occlusive dressing.
Time of Treatment: Aprox. 11:30 PM Terran Time.
Current Patient Status: Stable; recovering from surgical reconstruction of bones
Drugs Administered: Levaquin, mobic
Overview of Situation: Progenitor Baron grappling patient was gunned down and collapsed on top of the patient's legs.
Additional Notes: shipboard surgery performed by auxiliary staff as primary medical staff were otherwise engaged with treatment of evacuees.

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Instructor: MSpc. Dorian Elswood

Trainee: Sgt. Pauline Westervelt

Time and Date of Training: 9-October-2298; 1800 Hrs

Goal of the TrainingCLS practical applications. Training simulations to treat injuries in controlled enviornment. [Part 1: Gunshot wounds, lacerations, arterial vs veinous bleeds, tourniqet, etc. -- COMPLETE]

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MzP4B1L.png Patient Name:Cpl. Victor Von Klauster

Patient Sex: Male

Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Dorian Elswood

Patient Injuries: Shrapnel puncture [Face; R. Cheek], Shattered Tooth [R. Lower Molar], Severed Blood Vessel [Arterial]

Patient Vitals: Strong; BP stable after hemostatic clamp of severed blood vessel

Treatment / Care Provided: Severed blood vessel clamped shut; hemostatic gauze packed around shrapnel lodged in cheek and into socket of broken tooth; gauze and medical adhesive used to secure shrapnel in place; covered exterior of cheek in gauze dressing; had patient stuff gauze into mouth on wound-side; administered pain management and antiobiotics

Time of Treatment: 2215 Terran Standard Time

Current Patient Status: Recovering in medbay after shrapnel extraction, sutures, and removal of broken tooth remains.

Drugs Administered: Mobic, Lavequin

Overview of Situation: Separatist grenade detonated beside Klauster who was breaching a room.

Additional Notes: Shrapnel has been cleaned and sterilized in the event the patient wants to keep it WZOvjd0.png

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Instructor: TSgt. Charlie Scott & Spc. Sylase Freeman

Trainee: Blackwell, Van Der Merwe, O'Shea and Franke

Time and Date of Training: October 12th. 2298

Goal of the Training: CLS introductory course.

Notes: Follow up on the four with hands on instruction/exam and field work. Follow up with Van Der Merwe and Franke complete, both have been pipelined into Medical as 3rd Specialists.

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Patient Name: Megan D Quinn

Patient Sex: Female

Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Alicia H White

Patient Injuries: Gunshot to right thigh. [No major vains or arteries severed. No fractures]

Patient Vitals: Moderate 

Treatment / Care Provided: Minor blood vessels connected and site sanitized and sutured shut. Bio-gel applied and wrapped in gauze. [Was removed before being placed in bio-tank]

Time of Treatment: 18:45 Terra Time

Current Patient Status: Recovering in medbay after removal of bullet, placed in Bio-tank.

Drugs Administered: Morphine, Levaquin 

Overview of Situation: Patient was stepping onto dropship before she was hit with a bullet to the thigh just as she stepped on.

Additional Notes: Tylenol might be given to patient after leaving Bio-Tank.

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Patient Name: Izla Sinthachai

Patient Sex: Male

Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa Bennet

Patient Injuries: .50 Cal shot to the abdomen and left shoulder, metal piece rammed into abdomen

Patient Vitals: Moderate, declining

Treatment / Care Provided: Surgery to remove fragments and metal piece, metal stint applied to left collar bone. Fragments around heart were not able to be removed.

Time of Treatment: 18:00 Terra Time

Current Patient Status: Admitted to Room B, with declining health due to lead poisoning from remaining fragments. Expected to survive 36-48 hours before heart will give out due to lead poisoning.

Drugs Administered: Morphine, iron, calcium and zinc supplements, chelation therapy.

Overview of Situation: Patient was attacked by an enemy marauder and shot point blank with two .50 Cal rounds and jabbed in the abdomen with a metal piece. Patient is extremely unlikely to survive beyond three Terran days. Living family has been notified.

Additional Notes: Patient's heart is expected to succumb to chronic lead poisoning around 36-48 hours after writing this report.

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Instructor: MSpc. Alicia White

Trainee: Spc. Shay Callahan

Time and Date of Training: December 5th

Goal of the Training: Basic understanding of bone Fractures and how to perform surgery when encountering fractures. 

Notes: Continued training in Tension Pneumothorax and Bio-tech surgery for the trainee.  

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Patient Name: Chiyuki Asahi


Patient Sex: Male


Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Lisa Bennet


Patient Injuries: Broken tibia and fibula


Patient Vitals: Normal


Treatment / Care Provided: Tourniquet applied, surgery successfully completed, cast applied.


Time of Treatment: 23. Dec. 2298, 6-7AM


Current Patient Status: 3-day Recovery period


Drugs Administered: Anaesthetics


Overview of Situation: Pfc. Asahi fell from the small catwalk leading to the marauder bay. Open fracture of his right tibia and fibula. Tourniquet applied, transported to medbay where surgery was immediately undertaken. Standard procedures completed, 1 day of standard cast followed by 2 days of biogel cast. Minor rehabilitation required once casts are removed. He has been confined to the medbay for the first day, allowed to walk throughout the ship via crutches for the two days with biogel cast. (72hr IC, 24hr OOC TK. Can move with crutches after 8 hours)


Additional Notes: Asahi is a frequent patient in the medbay it seems.




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