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Seamus "Celt" Leeds


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"I dinnae really see tha' point of being a good fleet member that people can like. Isn't the point'a bein' a fleet member that ye' get ta be an evil bastard."

Basic Information:

Name: Seamus "McGowan McTavish Nollykins Wallace Reid Ferguson" Leeds
Age: 35
D.O.B: 21st June 2264
Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Citizen Federation
Role(s): Medic, Former Hondon Judiciary Officer
Kin: None documented.
Homeworld: Terra
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Build: Mesomorph

Known Languages: English, Scots Gaelic.
Rank: Specialist.

Mental State: Stable.

Faith: Old Celtic Gods, specifically Morrigan.

Motto: "Bàs gu na arachnids."

Backstory: Seamus Leeds was born in the former nation of Scotland in the town once known as Ullapool, now under the rule of the new Clan Wallace as per Terra's attack from the Progenitors. Clan Wallace ruled with valor and expertise as they prevented many of the many perishments of Earth did not manage to assault the keep for which they hold. As per Clan Wallace's agreement with the Federation, they give up many of the older and better grown males to the Federation in return for equipment, as well as a promise that the ones given up will receive a better life.  Their leader Logan Wallace has been chastised for this heavily, throughout his reign. Seamus was one of the many given up to the Federation for their trade, living on Iskensur for a short period of his life. Once he had saved up enough money for a way off the planet, he did the first thing that came to mind and bought a ticket to Hondo, a planet known for it's rampant overpopulation and crime. He spent quite a few years working for the Judiciary, a vigilante justice force built up of soldiers and such to keep Hondo free from cirime. After quitting the judiciary for reasons still unknown, he worked his way towards becoming fit for the MI, eventually being transferred to the 112th after a short stint in another platoon.


As a result of his time on the 112th, Seamus has grown quite bitter of the world, but at the same time harbors the same level of care for many of his brothers in arms. His shallow and dangerous personality might come across as slightly demeaning to people, but deep down he truly does care for his comrades.


Strength: 45/20
Dexterity: 0/20
Constitution: 0/20
Intelligence: 5/20
Wisdom: 0/20
Charisma: 0/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 8/10

Pain/Health: 0/10

Wealth: Very little wealth

Other Information: Seamus owns a claymore, currently stored in the armoury.

Character Description: 6'8" / 270 pounds / Seems to be wearing standard MI armor / Caucasian / Has standard issue army boots / Looks to be missing a finger / Thick Scottish Accent / Blue Eyes / Black Hair / Absolute fucking unit / Extremely Muscular (Mesomorphic)

Characteristics: Friendly, Approachable, Somewhat Understanding




Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|
Good Friends|Friends|Respect|Neutral|Dislike|Hate|REALLY FUCKING HATE

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


Brooke Greene - "Damn fine lass, fit as hell, quite a warm personality. God she's absolutely amazing, and she offered to be my girlfriend, of course I fuckin' said yes."


Rodrick Oakwood - "Eh... Oakwood's alright, definitely a man tae look up ta. Good leader, saw it when we 'ere facin' off against the GI's in the swamps.


Haven't talked to him much, not really much ta talk about. Still a good leader, he's a Sarge now, so that's good."


Jackie Knoxx - "Knoxx? Aye I know 'er... patched her up once... we were in a bug tunnel and she 'ad her leg all focked up... tried tae 'elp 'er best I could. Lass is a good leader, gotta give 'er that, definitely feel safe under her."


Sarah Redbrick - "Thank you so much for what you said in that room, I was in a dark place, where everything was bleak, and you helped me pull out of there. I won't forget that."


Damien Mendoza - "Don't really know much about Mendoza, but any man in the 112th is a brother of mine."


Dick Simmons - "Fixed his legs up... brother understands Celtic heritage and even speaks a bit of the tongue of Scots... even gave me the nickname Celt... mad lad."


Berivan Seydar - "Aye. Kurdish lass, seems to be a good shot. I hope she's gonna be good in other areas... wha' do you mean that's innapproriate? I meant in a spar."

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--


Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz - "You mean the biggun'? Fuckin' A man, lucky to 'ave I'm on the MI... absolute beast of a man with a heart golder than a pirate's chest... might not be the sharpest of 'em all, but I consider him smarter than most of the fockers runnin' around out there... gettin' the chomp left'n right... also he help carry a'ew wounded to the ship durin' a mission, great man...

Hecle Phan - "Oh... you mean 'ecle? Yeah... I know him, saw him carryin' a bazooka inte' battle. Shot down many'a tanker. Prolly' the only reason I'm here right'n."


"Dunno where he went..."


"Aye, man finally retired, good on 'im. Will miss 'im though."


James Reacher - It seems that any and all thoughts about this man have been replaced with nothing but expletives.


Ashley O'Dweyr - "Aye... she's ach'y a really nice lass, wi'h me when I turned into a double-pirate... I really do like 'er, good friend...."


"Honestly at this point, I don't know who I trust more... she's a fuckin' A star person, calmed me down behind walls, truly a gem."


"Well, I don't think she likes me in that way... fuck it I guess, we're still friends."

--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

Lisa Bennet - "Works in medbay wi' me... does a good job to heal people up... fixed me up when my rib was focked. Definitely a good person tae 'ave a'ound."


Alessandro Noviello - "Treated me when I was in the cell, good guy, happy to have him around. Assuming I'm not executed I'd be more than happy to help him out."


Tyvus Weiss - "Medic guy... had a seizure yesterday, not really sure why. Managed to put a lad's guts back in... although I did sew de' back shipside. So... field treatment is a good good. He's good in my books."

--[[Federation Marauders]]--

--[[Federation Fleet]]--


Roskana Nejem - "Thank you so much for what you said, hearing people had benefited from my actions... it just helped me get my mind out of the fuckland... I really appreciate it."

--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--


--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--


Artyom Pavlov - "I'm so sorry... I'm sorry I wasn't there... I should've been there to save you, it should've been me. You're gone... just... gone... I wish I was there man. Ajay would be proud of you... I hope you two are doing well up there..."


Naomi Reel - "A good friend, damn good engineer from what I've seen. She also managed to cheat death like an absolute legend, which is something even I didn't expect. Stay safe out there."


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