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Anastasia Praedyth


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Face Claim:


[Anastasia, pictured in her home on Litae, circa 2294. Sourced from her FedSpace Profile.]





Personal Information

  • Name: Anastasia Venj Praedyth
  • Age: 21
  • DoB: May 1st, 2278
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: Litae, Moon of Solovei
  • Eye Colour: Grey
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Build: Mesomorphic
  • Family:
    • Father - Amir Praedyth (Deceased)
    • Mother - Cpt. Mara Praedyth - MIPOD (KIA)
    • Sister (Younger) - Suraya Praedyth (Alive - Location Unknown)





[Anastasia, somewhere in the outskirts of Khia, Arclight]

“Relax, Saya. The ACB’s already opened up to us, we’ve just gotta make it over to the meet-up, and we’re home free.”


Military Information

  • Branch of Service: InSec
  • Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry - Asper's Archers
  • Known Previous Units: Coalition 15th Mobile Infantry; 1st MIPOD Detachment, [REDACTED - Arclight Free Army - 1st Detachment].
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Length Of Service: 2 Years - NOTICE: AWOL on 02/05/2298
  • Service Record:
    • Mobile Infantry: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. > LCpl. > Cpl. > Sgt. > Cpl. > TRANSFER
    • Federal Marines: 3Spc. > 2Spc. > Spc. > PSIONIC APTITUDE DETECTED: TRANSFER
    • MIPOD: 3Spc. > 2Spc. > Spc. > SSpc. > MSpc. > HANDLER PERMISSIONS: REVOKED > Spc. > AWOL
  • Judicial Record:




  • General Specialization Ribbon
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Veteran Combat Medal
  • Citizenship Ribbon
  • Purple Heart - One Silver Star
  • Federal Defense Ribbon






[Anastasia, pictured in [DATA CORRUPTED]. Dated some time after her ‘desertion’ from the Federation. From her insignia on her armor, it appears she had made a brief stint in the AFA.]

“What, never rode on a ten’s era train before? Come on. It’ll be fine.”





[A wanted poster of Anastasia, printed out towards the end of the Civil War by Coalition Authorities.]



Personal Relationships

Interested | Like Family | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated

= Sanity | = Deceased | = Retired/Transferred




† Baelor Hunt 


Does he remind me of Suraya? A little bit. He's too young and naive for all of this. Too innocent. But, he's here, and I made my end of the promise by getting him here. It's on him to survive.


He's hid himself away, yet again. This time, I won't be there to pull him out of the dirt.

Does that fact hurt?

Yeah. A little.



† Cyrus Anders 


Not a bad person to have around. Sly as fuck, but not too bad. He doesn't try to talk people into it, but I think me and him have the same mindset.


Gone. Disappeared. Ran off. Not too surprised, honestly.



† Fallon O'Mara 


The irish telepath the Looey left me. She's fucking the Bounty Hunter, and 'claims' that's it. If it goes further than that? Well, she should be ready for the fall that comes after that. I've been in his place. And what do I think? I think he's waiting to cash in well over one million pounds. She best watch herself.



Atichat Saiphan


One of the engineers here. Apparently, I 'opened his eyes' to how shitty the Feds treat us Psychics. He's got heart, sure. But he's naive, just like every other person here. Is it an inherently bad thing? No. Will it change? Hopefully.



Hecle Phan


Naive as fuck. He's young, but not nearly as young as Baelor. Still has that Federal Propaganda playing in his head, if you get what I mean. But, he'll grow. Hopefully, he doesn't die before then.



William Saint-Claire


I know next nothing about this guy, save for the fact that he sucked a dick for six guns. I'm just going to assume he's the gay one on here.







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