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Biotech Storage Report

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This report details our current stock of biotech limbs and organs.



Lower Left Leg x 2

Lower Right Leg x 3

Left Leg x 2

Right Leg x 2

Right Foot x2

Left Foot x2

Damaged Left Leg x1, sent to Engineers



Right forearm x3

Left forearm x2

Right Arms x2

Left Arms x2 (updated June 3rd)

Right Hand x3

Left Hand x2



2 x blue eye

1 x green eye



Please update this list as BTs are used and new ones are retrieved.

 - MSpc. Lisa Bennet


//remember that engineers can repair damaged BTs to a good degree, so even damaged BTs whether damaged in the field or found in disrepair should be taken and given to engineers for some rp


Edited by Jun Nagase
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