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John Kelly


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Personal Information


Name: John Aaron Kelly (Junior)

Allias:  None

Age:  24


DoB:  April 19th 2975


DoD: July 2nd 2999


Home Planet: Zegema Beach

Education: Highschool

Status: Deceased


Manner of Death: Lungs, wind pipe and heart crushed by debries.


Place of Death: Scarvis, Fort Kelly.

Medical Records

Pre-Enlisting: Diagnosed with lactose intolerance at age 10

Post-Enlisting (in order):


1x Plasma burn to the left lower arm (healed, scared)







Mental Attributes


Personality: John is a pretty much down to earth type of guy who likes to joke around, often seen being unserious while on the ship. On the field, Kelly puts on a poker face, following orders like any other soldier would without asking questions. He has a thirst for the battlefield and loves to be in the thick of it, pretty much your average adrenaline junkie.

Mental Health: Sane

Morale:  Fine


Affiliation:  Chaotic Good

Attire & Equipment


Field Equipment & Gear:  On the field, Kelly can be usually seen wearing a standard Mobile Infantry uniform with an engineer kevlar west as well as several ammo pouches and tools spread all over his torso and waist, he carries around his trust M55 slung around his shoulder and his Morita Mark IV slung around his chest for easy grabbing when needed. Ocasionally, when the situation demands it, Kelly is also seen wearing a mask to protect his face from various hazards, explosions or simply for welding.


Off duty attire: On the Upham, Kelly is seen wearing a standard Mobile Infantry engineer uniform with a golden star sticker on the center of his chest that reads "Good Trooper" as well as his specialization insignias on his left breastplate. He carries around his tools inside the pouches around his waist.


Weapon Specializations:  Morita Mark III rifle, Morita Mark IV sub-machine gun,  M55 Rocket Launcher


Items: None



Personal Relationships





Father:  John (Senior) Kelly - Civilian - Alive



Mother: Catherine Pickins Kelly - Civilian - Alive






Romantically involved - Like Family - Best friend - Good friend - Friend Aquaintance - Neutral - Rival - Disliked Hated - Nemesis



Logan Kent  - Neutral

"Kent looks like a chill dude, should hang out with him more often and get to know him better."



Gavario GadabeaniFriend

"Aye the Bean dude, he seems chill and he was my battle buddy during the siege recently, he got left behind following orders and we went back for him, he was feeling a bit guilty over it but I hope he got over it, wasn't his fault. He's part of our little Band of Brothers that Kent and Briggs put together."



Dick SimmonsNeutral

"The One Eyed Private First Class, haven't talked to him much but he had my back on the drop when we were shooting down planes witht he Anti Aircraft, seems to know what he's doing, maybe I should have a beer with him one of these days, seems like a solid bro."

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