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Naomi Vond: "Mom of the MI" | 2016 - Present

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Face Claim: Bryce Dallas Howard
Theme Song: Nappy Roots - Good Day





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The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.


Morale Meter:
Frowns for Days[||||||||||||||||||||]Smiles For Days
This is mostly a joke. Her morale is a fucking fortress.




General Information
Naomi L. Vond
Aliases: 'Chief' | 'Doc' | 'Mom'
Sex: Female
Age: 35
Weight: 122lbs.
Height: 5'5''
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland - Earth
Accent: Heavy Irish
Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Complicated?
Demeanor: Extremely happy, uplifting to those around her.
Reputation/Known Facts: Morale Officer / Local spirit booster - She's the queen of lollipops and happy things.
Notes: They say a smile is infectious. If that's true then Naomi is undoubtedly a carrier of that disease. A firm believer of the ''kill them with kindness'' philosophy, she goes out of her way to boost the spirits of those around her. She endeavors every day to be that one person that every unit needs. Knowing no ego or ulterior motives, she's as genuine and caring as they come, it's almost suspicious. The woman has changed relatively little over the many years of service, her bubbly nature perhaps more contained and her demeanor more fitting of the mature Officer she has grown into. Her heart remains true and her passion has waned little over the long career.


Health & Status
Alive - Despite all odds
Mental Illnesses: N/A - OCD tendencies regarding work
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Mental State: Extremely grounded / stable


Professional Information
 The Corsairs

Unit: 7th Medical Brigade, 24th Combat Support Center, 67th Medical Detachment - Forward | "Vond's Valkyries"

Rank: Chief Warrant Officer
Role: Commanding Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Position: Morale Officer
Former: 112th Mobile Infantry - Lieutenant of Medical | Office of Special Warfare - TSgt. - 303rd Pararescue
WEAPON(S): Morita Mk. IV 'Pathfinder' Variant
OUTFIT: Mobile Infantry Fatigues | Protective Plate w/ Trauma Inserts | Mk. I 'Raider' Suit - 303rd Pararescue
SPECIALIZATIONS: Mark I Carbine | Mark II | Mark IV | DMR




  • Spoiler


    • 2291 | Enlisted in the Mobile Infantry - Leaving behind a prestigious medical career
    • 2291 | Completed Basic Training on Terra
    • 2291 | Assigned to the 88th Mobile Infantry
    • 2292 | Promoted to Pfc.
    • 2292 | Reinforced Federation Trade Routes on Thoth IV 
    • 2293 | Awarded Colony Protectorate Ribbon (x2)
    • 2293 | Awarded Federal Defense Medal (x2)
    • 2294 | Attained Psychology Doctorate
    • 2294 | Relocated to Iskander for additional Doctoral Studies
    • 2295 | Transferred to 112th Mobile Infantry Division under Cpt. B. Larsen
    • 2295 | Befriended Aaron Holtz
    • 2295 | Demoted to Pvt.
    • 2295 | First NJP  under MSgt. Dimov - Corporal Punishment
    • 2296 | Assigned to 112th Mobile Infantry - Medical Division
    • 2296 | Promoted to LCpl.
    • 2296 | Became unit Morale Officer
    • 2296 | Befriended Chris Dooley
    • 2297 | Shaw & Larsen Promoted - Unit Renamed - "Shaw's Salads"
    • 2297 | Acquired Weapon Specialization - DMR
    • 2297 | Promoted to Cpl.
    • 2297 | Saved the life of Lt. Robert Shaw via Field Surgery
    • 2297 | Participated in Epsiolon Eridani Campaign
    • 2297 | Awarded Veteran Combat Medic Ribbon (x1)
    • 2297 | Awarded Purple Heart (x1)
    • 2297 | Awarded Prisoner of War Ribbon (x1)
    • 2297 | Awarded Campaign Ribbon - "Epsiolon Eridani"
    • 2297 | Promoted to Sgt. 
    • 2297 | Progenitor Invasion - War begins!
    • 2297 | Battle of Terra Neue
    • 2297 | Destruction of the Audie Murphy
    • 2298 | Promoted to Lead of the 112th's Medical Division
    • 2298 | Promoted A. Takugawa & later K. Geier to XO of Medical
    • 2298 | Participated in Edenwell Campaign - Significant Combat Losses
    • 2298 | Awarded Campaign Ribbon - "Edenwell"
    • 2298 | Awarded Colony Protectorate Ribbon (x2)
    • 2298 | Awarded Federal Defense Medal (x1)
    • 2298 | Awarded Purple Heart (x2)
    • 2298 | Awarded Veteran Combat Medic Ribbon (x1)
    • 2298 | Transferred to oversight of Military Intelligence - Internal Affairs Division
    • 2298 | Completed Officer's Candidacy School (OCS)
    • 2298 | Promoted to 2Lt. by Maj. Gen Corsica Fardon
    • 2298 | Conducted Psychological Evaluation on Maj. B. Larsen by orders of Internal Affairs
    • 2298 | Removed from Oversight of Military Intelligence - Returned to 112th's Medical Division
    • 2298 | Demoted to Sgt. - Lead of Medical 
    • 2298 | Awarded Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
    • 2298 | Placed on Medical LOA - Claimed Attempted Murder by Cpt. E. Salem / Maj. Tomic
    • 2298 | Returned to Active Duty after recovery
    • 2298 | Participated in the Hesperus Campaign
    • 2298 | Awarded Campaign Ribbon - "Hesperus"
    • 2298 | Robert Shaw Promoted - Cpt. - 112th Reassigned to "Dresdner's Dressings" under Lt. O. Dresdner
    • 2298 | Received Weapon Specialization - Mark IV Pathfinder Variant
    • 2298 | Awarded Mobile Infantry Cross w/ Valor for Heroism - Cpt. Robert Shaw
    • 2298 | Participated in Manhunt for Frank Landon - Murderer of Shaw's Family
    • 2298 | Referred for transfer to Operations of Special Warfare (OSW) - Completed Pathfinder Candidacy (Declined Entry)
    • 2297 | Assigned to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, TERRA
    • 2297 | Promoted to Director of Trauma Services (Department Head)
    • 2298 | Mars Invaded!
    • 2298 | Reassigned from the 112th Mobile Infantry  to 88th Mobile Infantry
    • 2298| Participated in Mars Campaign 
    • 2298 | Awarded Campaign Ribbon - "Mars"
    • 2298 | AWOL from posting at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
    • 2298 | Returned to 112th Mobile Infantry - Lt. E. Asper - "Asper's Archers"
    • 2298 | Demoted to LCpl.
    • 2298 | Promoted to Cpl.
    • 2298 | Transferred to Operations of Special Warfare - 303rd Pararescue "PJ's"
    • 2298 | Promoted to TSgt.
    • 2301 | Transferred to 7th Medical Brigade, 24th Combat Support Center, 67th Medical Detachment | "Vond's Valkyries"
    • 2301 | Promoted to WO. - Chief Medical Officer
    • 2301 | Awarded Mobile Infantry Service Medal (8 Year)
    • 2301 | Promoted to CWO. - Chief Warrant Officer (67th Med. Detachment - Forward)
    • 2301 | Participated in Operation Clean Sweep - Captured by Skinnie Forces
    • 2301 | Albedo I - Reclaimed - Campaign concluded.
    • 2301 | Officer's Commission declined for the third consecutive time.
    • 2301 | Awarded Mobile Infantry Cross
    • 2301 | Awarded Raider Suit - Original 303rd PJ Suit - via (Cpt. Scott Harker-Marlow)
    • 2302 | Hathor Invaded!
    • 2302 | Participated in Operation Praetor
    • 2302 | Federation Retreats - Hathor Falls to Arachnids
    • 2302 | UCF-FG-334 Basilone declared rogue - 58th Corsairs declared Traitors - DISAVOWED
    • TBA


-Mobile Infantry Cross [*]  w/ Valor 

-Mobile Infantry Cross

-Mobile Infantry Service Medal (8 Year Service)

-Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon (4 Year Service)

-Citizenship Ribbon (2 Year Service)

-Valorous Unit Medal (47th)
-Valorous Unit Medal (112th)

-General Specialization Ribbon (x3)

-Combat Medic Ribbon
-Purple Heart (x3)
-Veteran Combat Medic Ribbon (x2)
-Expert Field Medic

-Good Conduct Ribbon
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Mars'
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Hesperus'
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Edenwell'
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Epsiolon Eridani'

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Scarvis'

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Apophis'

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Operation Clean Sweep'
-Federal Defense Medal
-Colony Protectorate Ribbon
-Prisoner of War Ribbon (x4)

Prior Occupation: Trauma Surgeon
Known Languages: English, Sign Language, Skinnie (minor), French (fluent), Russian (minor)


Education & Training
-Completion of Basic Training

-Completion of Officer Candidacy School (OCS)

-Completion of Pathfinder Candidacy Qualification

-Completion of Pararescue Jumper Academic Pipeline

-Harvard Medical School (H.M.U.) Graduate
-Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
-Undergraduate Degree
-General Surgery - Residency
-{Trauma Surgery / Surgical Critical Care- Fellowship
-Advanced Trauma Operative Management / Supportive}
-Residency Completed - Bethesda Naval Hospital

-Emergency Medicine
-Emergency Psychiatry


Inventory / Contents:

CLS Bag Contents:


Bandage/Bleeding Control:-Emergency Trauma Bandages
-Combat Gauze
-Compressed Gauze
-Asst. Chest Seals
-Kerlix Dressings
-Asst. Tourniquets
-Asst. Cravats
-Biofoam Injector
-XStat Injector

-Trauma Dressings


-Isopropyl Alcohol
-Saline Wound Wash
-Povidone/Iodine Solution



-Cricothyrotomy Kit
-Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit
-Bag Valve Mask
-Transfusion / IV Start Kits
-Asst. Needle Kit
-Surgical Utensil Kit
-Bone Bag Kit
-Intraosseous Infusion Kit
-Pulse Oximeter
-Asst. Sutures
-Assorted Tubing - IV/Surgical
-Bolin Chest Seal


-Cyclofenal Sublingual







IV Packs:
-Lactated Ringer's Solution
-TXA Solution

-Fresh Frozen Plasma

-Whole Blood
-Normal Saline




-Medical Scanner w/ HUD
-Folded Stretcher
-Duct Tape
-Fluorescent Marking Tape (Red)
-Medical Tape
-Battery-Operated High-Output LED Lights
-Assorted Towels/Cloths

-Thermal Blanket

-Surgical Tarp
-Nitrile Gloves
-3-0/4-0 Suture Silk
-Emergency Oxygen Kit w/ BVM
-Pulse Oximeter
-Bovie Pen
-Blood Pressure Cuff








It is EXTREMELY difficult for Vond to genuinely hate or dislike anyone. Feel special.

Vond's Sanity Trusted Respected Warming Up | Neutral |  WTF? |  Disliked Hated



"My family, my children. The ones who we hate today are the same ones we'd give anything to be annoyed by one last time.."





Ridley Wilkes - "Wilkes.. She's an interestin' one, reminds me 'a myself when I was younger, honestly. She's had a very rough childhood and I'm privileged that she's trusted me enough to give me a glimpse into the nightmares she's had to endure. This is a girl who has had to grow up remarkably fast in a very short span 'a time. Both in her youth, as well as now where she's breezed through the ranks 'a the Mobile Infantry and sits as Commanding Officer. She's someone I'm pleased 'ta call my friend and despite her being so very young, she has the strength and the courage of those that came before her. I'm extremely proud of 'er and how far she's come and I hope that I'll be able to stick around for a while yet 'ta help guide and ground her. I care about 'er as though she were my own daughter."


Johnny Vilish - "Vilish is a bleedin' good Trooper and someone I'm keen 'ta get to know more. He's got a very solid head on 'is shoulders an' manages to be very good at what he does while still remainin' humble. Vilish manages to follow one absolutely crucial philosophy without even realizin' it, and that philosophy is of such paramount importance that I know he's going places for havin' it. That philosophy goes as such; 'Wise enough to know when you don't know, humble enough to seek guidance, brave enough to overcome inaction, strong enough to make the mistake.' Vilish is a very good lad and I'm proud 'ta know him, he's a kid at heart and I know he's got a lot of growin' to do. There's a lot of self-confidence that needs to be found, but that sorta' thing comes from within, in time. He's smart enough to have surrounded himself with very good people - for the most part, an' I look forward to seeing his career unfold. I hope that I'll be able to leave a lasting impression on 'em- I hope SOMETHING positive manages to stick and help him long after I'm gone. Old soldiers aren't gone - they simply fade away, and that's okay, because lads like Vilish will be there to carry that torch."


Dexter Sorrenson - "H'well Dex, we've really done it now, lad. I've watched you grow, climb the ladder far quicker than most anyone I've known. I can't say that I expected that young jar'ead I knew all those months ago to be at the head of a mutiny leadin' us newly-declared "traitors" through what is undoubtedly one of the darkest periods of all our lives. Many will hate you for it, they'll hold you responsible for 'dooming' us all. While some blame you, others will spend their lives tryin' to make it up to you. For better or worse, it's on you to lead them all through it and that's a monumental task that I will never envy you. Their lives - our lives, are in your hands.  The needs are too great at the moment, there's far too much 'ta focus on but when those distractions die down and our betrayal - our 'failure' sits in front of us plain as day, I hope you'll remember that the decision was not made by you alone. It's the same decision that I would have made - the same decision I did make. You will always have a confidant and a friend in me and I'll be here when those walls start closin' in."


Peter Mgabi - "It's never failed 'ta surprise me, even after all these years, how the troublesome Privates on the verge of gettin' a boot so far up their arse the sniffer dog couldn't find it- are the ones who ultimately end up shouldering the immeasurable weight of the Platoon. I remember this fecker day one, strollin' onto the Basilone like the hot shot 'e was. I remember the peak 'a the Rave epidemic, draggin' his arse into the break room and wipin' that dumb grin off his face after we found out he was dealin' Rave - "allegedly." The months have flown by, we've lost good people, priorities change, friendships form and little squabbles like that can't hold up to the bonds you make when you've almost died in a ditch together. Mgabi is a good lad - young, and like many others, he's had 'ta grow up far quicker than anyone should rightly have to. For all his experience he holds that puts him well beyond his years, he's never lost the wisdom. Wisdom to know what he doesn't know and trust the advice of those who do. This is what defines a leader. I look forward to watchin' his career with bated breath and he'll always have me shoulder. For as long as I'm here - and longer yet.." 


Molly Kemeulen - "You came aboard outta' the blue, the quiet new Sergeant everyone had 'ta do a double-take to acknowledge. In a short span 'a time, you quickly blended on in with the smilin' (and not-smilin') faces of the functioning disfunctionals that are the Corsairs. And though we find ourselves in one of the most difficult periods of our lives, you've long-since proven yourself to be at home here. These people are your people and all eyes are fixed upon you and while most dare not 'ta voice it, the fear is mounting in most everyone, save for me. I have confidence, confidence in you - to do what's right. By now, most believe they know who really pulled that trigger and set us on this path that we've been forced into. I know what really happened and I know that while that trigger was pulled by the finger of one person - far more are equally responsible."


Krzysztof Lu - "Cheeky little fecker. I know what you're up to, I know what goes on in that head, I read 'ya like an open book despite you seein' yourself as the most clever cunt around. A fiercely loyal friend to those you hold close, you've got a lot to fight for and with all that self-doubt you bury down deep, your priorities have never shifted from them. You're a good lad and that counts for so very much, now more than ever. Don't lose that, don't ever lose that focus." 


Floyd Barrett - "Floyd... Floyd. Part 'a me still feels like I don't have the right to call 'em that. An incredibly complicated individual with far more baggage than most may realize. Most see him as little more than a man who excels at one thing - killin'. Maybe it's the degree in Psychology, or maybe it's the fact that I've known a dozen others who've stared at me with those same eyes. Despite their glare there isn't hatred there, not actually, not at the victim of their intrusion. There's hurt there, hurt, and a lot of guilt. I won't call him a good man, I won't insult him with my abundance of optimism and reference to the lives he's saved. Instead I'll simply say that through it all, for all his faults, the unspoken mistakes and guilt that I think has taken home in his heart, Floyd Barrett is a man who deserves something that nobody else can give him. Forgiveness."


Scott McGowan - "Some see a rabid dog, an animal whose leash is removed when his particular skillset is required. I think that he'd like to believe that's all 'e is. An exceptional killer, an average Trooper, a questionable human being. There's more to McGowan than meets the eye, more than most care 'ta put in the effort to see. As much as it'd bring me joy to call him a friend - he doesn't like me, never has, doubt he ever will despite savin' his life more than once. That's ho'kay, because he's family. For better or worse, thick and thin, for all his faults - I would take a bullet for him like everyone else. I've learned one thing over the years and that's that the people who we see as rivals at any particular time, are the same people we'd give almost anything just to argue with one last time.. I'm glad he's here."


Marceline Voyna - "Voyna.. A good medic, a solid trooper and one who has a defensive wall around her feelings that most confuse 'ta bein' a stick up 'er arse. Somethin' funny about Voyna- She's never liked me, and that's perfectly ho'kay. She's never voiced it, she's never given the hint, but there's very little that goes unnoticed at my age. Perhaps she's of a different generation or a different background, the charisma, the enthusiasm, the desire to identify with the culture around her, it's never been there. Perhaps she intentionally views herself outta' place or 'different' than others, perhaps she just doesn't know what it's like to have folks care about 'er so much without any expectations in return. Either way, I think deep down she cares - she cares about makin' somebody proud, whether it's herself or that special person she cares about. She's a solid trooper and always was a good medic. I'll never stop lookin' out for her, however much she may dislike me or feel outta' place among the lads. She's a Valkyrie and always will be." 








"My family. My home. My reason for being. Everything I do, I do for you."



Levi Armistead - "Levi is a full canteen in the middle of a desert. Easily one of the best on my Senior Staff. He's been with the Corsairs well before they dragged me in off the street and knows his way around a battlefield. I've come to depend on the lad a lot and I know that anythin' I pass over to him, he'll be capable of handlin' - that is invaluable to me and this unit. He's a hell of a smart-arse and on more than one occasion I've found myself wantin' to smack the back 'a his head. He uh- Reminds me of Taco and the more I work with 'em in the bay, the more that's thrown into my face. Not a bad thing I suppose but- it can be rough sometimes.. The more time that goes on, the more thankful I am of Levi's presence. I never doubted that I made the right call makin' him my XO and in a lot 'a ways- he's really ahead 'a me. He's a good, honest man and someone who's seen me at the rare low point. I'm glad he's around, I ain't sure I could do this without him, honestly. I'd be lyin' if I said he wasn't handsome and that I wasn't tempted 'ta take him up on his repeated offers for a drink. With him around, it gives me a glimmer 'a hope that we may be able to make it through what's comin'. I just wish this lad would stop tryin' to get himself bloody killed, he's been wounded way too many times for comfort an' has pulled through some pretty horrific injuries - that luck won't always hold and it has me worried for the future."


Vika Logan - "Now here's a 'gal who was forced 'ta step into a pair 'a mighty large boots. She came in followin' the death of one of our best and brightest and most beloved, and I've tried very hard to avoid makin' any comparisons between her and Bal. At the same time, I know that everyone else in the Division was lookin' at her with that very clear comparison at the forefront of their minds.. Logan has not only filled those boots, but she's taken them down an entirely new path and is accomplishing more than a few things that I am truly and deeply proud of. She's a solid medic and member of this team and I think she's goin' to do some remarkable things while carryin' the torch for the Surgical Department. I'd very much like 'ta get to know her more, the harsh reality of my position is that it rarely affords me the opportunity to get to know my kids as personally as I'd like.. I need 'ta work on it."


Carter Sims- "Sims is a bloody good medic and someone who carries so much guilt and unspoken thoughts. His silence speaks almost as loud as as his actions, for someone who has the 'talent' to read it. He's an exceptional medical professional- and an exceedingly good human being. I haven't been as good of 'a 'mom' to 'em as I should be, haven't been there for 'em enough, haven't told 'em how proud I am of him and the lives that he's saved- but I hope he knows it all the same. The mark he's left on this place and the people who inhabit it, it'll be carried forward into generations to come. You're a good man, Sims. "


Daniel Phillips - "Feckin' hell, Phillips. He sure don't hide well, does 'e? This bleedin' guy is like seven feet feckin' tall and carries enough gear in his pack 'ta safeguard someone from a make-out session with a Royal. At any rate, I like this guy a lot. He's a real big gentle giant and always involved and active with the rest 'a the lads. He's the kind 'a Trooper you always want next 'ta you in a foxhole and I think he'll go real far with the kinda' head he wears on his shoulders. He's proven himself to me time an' time again- I call, he's there, no matter the hell that I'm about 'ta run forward into. He's reliable on and off the field, he's a friend- and he's a hero. I'm so proud of the kid- and he needs to know it. In recent days, he's been in communication with my ol' man, Aaron Holtz. It's bloody cute to see the impact an old idiot like Aaron can make on the younger generation. They look at him an' see a metal-jawed Pathfinder who makes Rico look like a giant pussy- I look at 'em and see that baby faced idiot makin' puns about snow. At any rate, Phillips is certainly learnin' from the best."


Sydney Wyatt - "Wyatt. Bloody hell, Wyatt. When you think 'a magical hands, you're really thinking 'bout this 'gal right here. This lass is one 'a the most talented Biotech Specialists I've seen in a very long time and the amount of hours she's put in, the impact that she's made toward bettering the lives of countless people who ordinarily would've missed out on so very much- it's a beautiful thing. All these advances in modern medicine, the incredible ability of biotechs to safeguard someone's future, give 'em back their life- we have a habit of taking that for granted, and with it, those incredibly skilled few who make it possible. She gives hope where there is none, and for that we owe a debt that can never truly be repaid in full.


Cassie Newman - "A very old face I didn't expect 'ta see again. Newman- Cass. She's a real good 'gal and one of the few faces left around from the 112th. She came in after my time, after I had handed the reigns off to Geier an' Taco. I didn't get to serve with her for very long, never got 'ta forge those bonds like I had with the rest 'a the lads, but we owe it to all of 'em to make up for that lost time. 112th sticks together and with fewer and fewer of us left as the years go by, it's crucial. She's ah' real cute kid and a talented medic, reminds me of a younger me with 'er bubbly nature. I hope I can help her, guide 'er and stop her from becomin'- h'well, me in my old age."


Hui-ying Kyang - "A very talented young Psychiatrist who I'm very grateful 'ta have on my team. She's an unsung hero of the unit and of the Valkyries. Operatin' behind closed doors, she counsels, she guides those few that stray, bringing their heads back above water when they're at their worst and risk drowning under the waves. I have infinite respect for her and her work and I know all too well the sleepless nights and second-guessing that comes with harboring the burdens of others within you. I'm very, very proud 'a you, lass. I know you'll continue to do great things in your days to come."




"The jocks of High School, the retarded cousin to Medical. They make me proud to be an honorary Wasp."



Holly Garret - "Garret is a cute one an' it seems like every time I glance over somewhere, there's this bright-eyed 'gal in a yellow vest dartin' off somewhere else. True to form in followin' the footsteps of those who came before her, Holly is invaluable in the field and whether it's the fa far too simple-looking and undervalued task of closin' a bug hole, or it's riggin' a hive or shite, even fillin' a sandbag - this is a girl you want beside you when shite hits the fan. Holly and I have been through a lot together and ironically, I don't know that we're especially close. It's like havin' a best friend that you go months without seein' and when you're finally together again, it's like no time has passed - that's how we are. I'd like 'ta be closer to her, I view her as a daughter or little sister 'a sorts- knew her father way back, also a very good man. We've had our share of challenges in recent days, the biggest 'a which was losin' Ave, who we both loved very, very dearly. I think it's brought us closer together and I don't know that either of us will ever truly be 'okay' with the loss, but I intend 'ta continue lookin' out for her for as long as I'm able. For her father, for Avery." 


Valerie de Groot - "Feckin' hell this gal' is flippin' bonkers an' I love it. She's far too focused on 'er job 'ta give any amount 'ah FECKS. Selfless, courageous, I've been right at 'er side when she's charged head first into swarms of Tigers, Elites and Tankers alike. She's charged into the fray, divin' onto active bug-spewin' tunnel networks so she could collapse 'em and safeguard her comrades. She's fearless and someone who isn't afraid 'ta get her hands dirty in the name of kickin' arse and doin' her part. I'm proud of her and everythin' that she does, she oughta' get a lot more recognition for her work - a travesty I intend to rectify." 



"A past life. A second family. I should've stayed.."



Scott Harker-Marlow - "A close confidant. The old man, I call 'em. He's really not all that old, but he's one 'a the few I've met in my many lifetimes rolled into one that I feel truly understands. He knows the nightmares of the Progenitors, he knows the Skinnie Hegemony even better than I. We've had parallel careers that have branched out in different directions but our struggles, our battles have always been one in the same. A brilliant Doctor and well-polished Federation Officer, he knows the reality of war and the immeasurable burden of 'duty' and 'honor' as only a very select few can. He's seen the brilliance and beauty of it all - the portal, the pyramids. As well as the exceedingly vile, blackened abyss of it - the rituals, the loss, the suffering. He, like I, hides so much history behind the thin veil of a smile. I hope one day, truly, that he is able to find peace with himself and finally rest, knowin' he's done his part. You're a good man, Scott.. One 'a the best. Thanks for my ol' suit back, by the way."


CHAS #774 - 'Sevens' - "A CHAS unit whose earliest history is serving alongside those I still to this day call my oldest and dearest friends. He doesn't comprehend exactly how much he means 'ta me and the people around 'em. Frankly, I'm not sure if he truly can or ever will- but it isn't important. In all of my very limited experience with artificial lifeforms, dating back to EDEN aboard the Audie Murphy, Sevens is without ah' doubt the most human of them all. Maybe it's due to its ability to learn an' mimic, but I look into that big, dumb camera lens and I see somethin' there that's more than programming and code. Sure, he could be hacked, his programmin' changed and the next minute he'd be an enemy- but is that really all that different to how psychic influence impacts any 'a us? Sevens is someone that I consider a very close, dear friend, and an asset of immeasurable value that I honor and carry so much respect for. He's a crucial part 'a the lives of so many people, a hilarious bit of irony, given that he himself is little more than an innocent child. Many on this boat know me as 'Mom' but it holds a deeper meaning in your particular case, Sevens, I will always look upon you with the eyes of a mother who knows her kid is going to accomplish so very much. You're the child I'll never have and I know you'll do so much that we should all be proud of. P.S: I'm glad you got your medal, they even upgraded it from what I had put in. Congratulations on makin' history, love."


Rodrick Oakwood - "Now there's an old face I never thought I'd see again.. Oak an' I go way, way back - back to the 112th, to the Ulysses S. Grant. We've been through a hell together that very few can truly comprehend. We've come out scarred, aged - tired, frankly, yet we made it through together. Life has taken us in different directions - Oakwood was and still is, one of the best Staff Sergeants that I've ever known and life has been especially rough on 'em to the point that this lad has lost one of the most important things someone can have - confidence in himself. Maybe he got tired 'a seein' folks get killed under his command, I dunno'.. What I do know, is that I'm gettin' this man back on his feet, whether he wants it or not. There's a lot 'a folks in this younger generation who could and, should, learn more than a few things from this man. He can benefit a lot within a very old unit comprised almost entirely of new, green Troopers and few original faces. It's- really, really good to have a familiar face around. In recent days, he's been plucked by Aaron and transferred into the Pathfinders. It's nice that his new Detachment is on the ship so I still get 'ta see 'em. I think he'll do real well, I always knew he was gonna' do somethin' special - and I couldn't think of a better group for 'em to do it with. Just- Take care 'a yourself when I'm not around 'ta watch 'ya, Oak.."


Cassidy DuBauer - "Candy.. H'oh boy. If I had 'ta put a title on it, I'd say he's like the troublesome nephew I never wanted. He's a good kid really, one who has had 'ta grow up far, far faster than anyone should have to- but that's the nature of what we do. That's the requirement of a Pathfinder, of any special talent - of any soldier. You sacrifice that youth and hope that the sacrifice is worth it. I've watched in a very short span of time, as Candy has gone from a child throwin' tantrums to a man. I owe it to Aaron and the lot of 'em to look out for 'em and I intend to. I just hope-.. Just don't forget to come up for air, trooper.."


Berndt Reinmann - "One 'a the most experienced medics I've had, and a bloody reliable set 'a hands. I like Reinmann, he's a real good lad- I feel like he and Doc' Marlow would get along real well, they're both the more intellectual and philosophical types - y'know, posh. I could definitely see Reinmann goin' for his MD. and openin' up a practice of his own. At any rate, he's someone I've come to rely on quite a bit in recent days, I think he's gonna' go bloody far, he's got his head on straight and I know things are gonna' get done properly when I hand somethin' off to him. Real good lad. He's since left us 'ta follow in the old man's footsteps but I'm proud 'ta call 'em a friend. He'll do well in the Pathfinders."


CHAS 920 | 'Mom' - "Nine-twenty, like Sevens- is a fantastic piece 'a hardware. More than that, he's someone that I consider 'ta be a close friend. A baby in every sense 'a the word, 'cept that baby is wieldin' feckin' cannons for hands an' has the ability to kill 'alf the ship with a single crossed wire. Terrifyin' and incredible at the same time. Nine-Twenty belongs 'ta the Pathfinders aboard the ship, Holtz's bunch, but that hasn't stopped us from gettin' to know each other. It's a funny bit 'ah irony actually, Holtz was always known as the 'Dad' and I the 'Mom' in our day. Back when the Pathfinders were still tryin' to figure out who Holtz was courtin' - before they knew who I was, they decided 'ta give the 'Dad' his significant other - thus, they named Nine-Twenty 'Mom' - not realizin' that *I* was already Mom. I will never refer 'ta Nine-Twenty as 'Mom' and I'm more than a wee bit salty that 'e stole my feckin' name- but it's ho'kay. He's their mom, and I've got my bunch. Good lad, bit immature- but he'll learn."


Max Sable - "The most impressive RTO that I've ever known in all 'a my days - and I've known some bloody good radiomen. He's a face that so few ever get 'ta see and know, but one that we are all the better for havin' in the background. A solid trooper who has been around since the earliest days of the Corsairs settin' foot on the Basilone, I still remember him gettin' cut off on the top 'a that tower during a swarm 'a hoppers after trying to get a better transmission to call for support. That is the man that Sable is, that's the man I know. He's done well for 'imself, a Pathfinder now - or I should say, former-Pathfinder. I hope with everything that's happened, with us being declared 'traitors' - that he doesn't think less of himself. He doesn't deserve that. Nobody deserves that."






"Angels who have lifted me out of hell more times than I can count. I dare not tell them."


Jeremy Nash - "I knew Nash as a young Captain aboard the Upham. A man who was thrown into an impossible position at an impossible time and looked up to by his people to make it possible - to make it bearable. A man who has known a the suffocating weight of command - real command. The years have passed and in that time we've been through hell and back. The Progenitors, the Skinnie Hegemony, the deepest edge of the Arachnid's front and backyards. In all that time he's never lost 'is charm - or his hots for me. He's somebody that I'm proud 'ta call a friend - a true, old friend, in an age where there's so very few of us left. He's an Admiral now, Sixth Fleet and I couldn't be more proud of the ol' goofball. I don't envy his position, or his sufferings, but I am proud - proud of what he's become, proud of what he's overcome. Though it's been ages since I've seen my old friend face 'ta face, the chances of which ever happenin' again are slim to none, he will forever be one of my closest and oldest friends and I hold that very dear to my heart. That voice over broadcast still inspires confidence in me, confidence that the things that really matter in this life remain a constant. I miss him. I hope he'll forgive me. I hope he'll understand."









"And though we went our separate ways - I never forgot them."



 Aaron Holtz - "My first and oldest friend- and someone I love more than words can possibly relay. It took him six years 'ta find his balls and make a bloody move. I wish things would've happened sooner, so he could've been spared so much pain and loneliness- but life has different plans. I owe it to Shaw really, he's the one who forced it 'ta happen.. Aaron is taught me somethin' about life that I never expected to know- love. He taught me that love means being able 'ta go three years without seeing the other person and when you're finally together again, all those years, all that suffering, is gone in the blink of an eye. Holtz and I both have been through hell - real hell, the hell that very few can possibly imagine, even after spendin' weeks in a Skinnie prison.. We've been together through it all and served together time an' time again, the Mobile Infantry, OSW, and while we both have changed in a lot of ways, most of them not necessarily for the better- our bond that we share, the bond that transcends any time, space or Federation policy or orders, that will never fade. He grounds me, the thought of him - our memories we share, HE is what allows me to put my boots on in the mornin'. As many ghosts as I carry with me through life, I've never missed anyone as much as I've missed this man.. With that sob story outta' the way- I'm gonna' kick his bleedin' ARSE for poppin' in with the ol' Pathfinder gang while I wasn't even feckin' around. If he thinks a ring is gonna' make it all better, he's got another thing comin'. I've half a mind 'ta space it outta' sheer spite- but seein' as he's managed to worm his way onto the ship now and brought his entire family of Pathfinders aboard with 'em- I think I'll hold onto it for a wee bit, give 'em the chance to give it to me proper. I love you, you bloody idiot."


Robert Shaw - "The closest thing I have to a father that's still kickin' - somehow. I knew the Colonel as a Staff Sergeant- one 'a the best I've ever had. Funny thing about Shaw is that he holds the title of being my single most critical patient I've ever had. I've saved his life so many times now and even though I don't know how and I don't believe in a 'God'.. Something happens when he's bleeding in my arms. It's something I can't explain, he should've died so many times over but he hasn't. He gives me hope and despite some people knowin' me as the bottomless well of it- he's the reason 'fer it. After all these years, he still takes the time to enjoy the little things like stickin' his toes in the sand. I care a lot about Shaw, a lot more than I'd particularly like to admit, I consider him an extremely close friend and confidant. He is a father to me, the one that I lost all those years ago when I chose 'ta enlist.. It's been more than three years since our paths parted and 'ta be back and see the man smile - really smile, I feel like I'm home. I love this man. I would die 'fer him, I would kill 'fer him.. Shaw -- You were the reason I came back and I promised 'yuh we we'd go home. Let's see what's next now that we are."


Chris Dooley - "The closest thing I've got to a brother, or somethin' along those lines.. My old Sarge turned Pathfinder Major. I used 'ta think he was a clone of Dresdner in a lot 'a ways, he's never been very sociable, he was always reserved and preferred solitude. I spent years tryin' to get' em to socialize more and get involved in the ongoings of the ship but honestly, he never gave much of a fuck. One thing that came out of those years was the friendship that I now have with the man. Dooley, like Shaw, grounds me. He has protected me on more than one occasion- he's consoled me and there are few people in this world livin' or otherwise who have held a cryin' Vond in their arms.. He trained me in Close Quarters and I've reason 'ta suspect that he's responsible 'fer the Pathfinders wantin' to snatch me up. On an unrelated note, I feel like he shoulda' gone into like- FedNet broadcastin' or summin'.. That voice is somethin' else- Fuck.. There is no larger example of honor and integrity than Chris Dooley - One of my closest friends and strongest protectors. We came back to the 112th together with a single goal - Bring the 112th back home. With Roger an' others, we had the plan and the means 'ta do so. Dooley's put his life on the line- 'fer me, 'fer the Federation and the 112th time an' time again, I suspect he's gonna' leave us soon now that we're home, "the war doesn't stop for me" he says.."


Angelika Gjallahad - "I almost had a full episode when Angel showed up outta' feckin' nowhere, I thought I'd finally snapped and was seein' a ghost. Angel is an old face, I remember this 'gal as a green Private that had just been transferred to the 112th. I remember when Intel an' all those MIPOD spooks started comin' around askin' questions about her- and I remember when this 'gal took a brick to the head with the awakening of psychic abilities. She's saved a lot 'a faces in her time and been an asset to a lot of people, but above all else she's been- h'well, a real good friend.. It's strange havin' her back, strange - but good. Real nice havin' a familiar face on this ship where I feel like the major odd one out. Out of time, out of place, and frankly out of style."


Alastair Takugawa - "An extremely competent field medic who I've had the privilege of working with several times now. When I have him by my side standing over some poor kid with his inner-bits pouring from his stomach, I know that in that moment that kid has the best chance of survival. 'Taco' we call him, knows his shite and it's a breath of fresh air not having to bark instructions. He always knew exactly what to do and when to do it, even before I was finally able to get him promoted to MSpc. and Senior Staff. I've never had someone as reliable as Taco to fall back on when it comes to medical work. He took over Medical after I transferred- 'fer a while, I hear he did pretty good at holding the fort but like all good CMO's who actually ACCEPT the promotion, he got bumped up and shipped out. Now that I'm back, I miss him and find myself fondly recollecting our time together."


Martin Richardson - "Richardson's a new Sergeant but a bloody good NCO, he's the kinda' guy who I'd follow an' easily have in my squad. He's got a hardcore big brother vibe that I'm a bloody sucker 'fer and actually sorta' reminds me of Holtz in some ways- though he's not as outgoing and enthusiastic as Holtz. Since the first day or so that I transferred back, Richardson's gone outta' his way 'ta talk to me and is one 'a the few people who actually asks me how I'm doing an' stuff. I don't really mind other folks not askin'- I'm a giver after all, I don't expect anything in return 'fer all the morale boosting but it was pretty surprising to hear. I like 'em a lot and always feel safer when he's on a drop with me.. He recently bought me flowers- oh oh, and scented candles that smell bloody amazing! Nobody ever gets me gifts, I kinda' didn't know how 'ta handle it, it was so sweet. The flowers have a special place in the Medbay along with one 'a the candles 'fer special occasions. The rest of them help make the NCO barracks not smell like arse. He definitely has a crush on me or summin'- I think- It's really cute! My only concern about Richardson is just that he seems 'ta be really- really impressionable, I don't think it's particularly due to a lack of confidence in his own decisions but just the fact that people he trusts keep giving 'em poor advice or negative opinions. Like Maclagan tryina' tell 'em he can't have friends in the Enlisted -- Horseshite.. Poor guy."


Etsuko Yamazaki - "Zaki' is a real good 'gal. She's become one 'a my most trusted medics in a relatively short span 'a time. She's extremely reliable and a very talented girl. I've got a lot 'a pride in how far she's come and the challenges she's overcome and I care about her like she was my own kid. She's saved a lotta' lives and I don't think she realizes exactly how good she is. She's since completed the Pararescue pipeline and I'm proud to call 'er a fellow PJ, just like I'm proud to have her on my Senior Staff. You're a real good kid, I couldn't be more proud 'a this girl and I know for a fact she's going places, so long as she can keep focused and keep 'er head down. She is an invaluable presence on and off the field and someone that I truly would like to get close to. With the time I have left, Zaki above many others, is one of the ones I hope to leave a mark on - it's people like her that are the future and I hope I can play at least some small part in shapin' it."


Nikolai Dimov - "He gutpunched me as a Recruit and set me straight. On the outside he's an asshole, but he's a person under that and was a bloody good Sergeant. I can't help but think that anytime he's pulled into drama, he's silently plotting to kill everyone in the room. He's had things pretty rough during his career but I'm I like to think and hope that our regular talk sessions allowed him to be able to vent a lot of that bottled up stress, god knows he needed it. All in all, I like Dimov quite a bit and I still consider him to be one of the best Master Sergeants we've ever had. I hope things go well for him in his retirement..


Brian C. Larsen - "They tried to silence the man, force 'em into retirement. If that ain't the joke 'a the soddin' century then I don't know what is. War Heroes don't sleep- or War Criminals, and Larsen is a dirty, twisted mixture of both. Larsen used to terrify me, I really don't know what more to say. This is the man who has been accused and nearly convicted of over two hundred murders of Troopers and Federation Officials. This is the man who has personally glassed entire planets and directly opposed more than one Sky Marshal. This is also the man who I would take a bullet for an' drop everythin' to answer the call from. He's obsessed with ma' tits- always has been since I was a Private. Despite the remarks- He's always been very kind to me personally, few people have been on the receivin' end of his compliments- he even once told me I was doing 'excellent work' and that I was 'a credit to my division.'  I remember me- a lowly Corporal, he once invited me to dinner with a bunch of the Officers, it was awkward but I actually kind of enjoyed it, the food was good anyhow. My observational notes on him will forever be a work in progress, if I'm bein' honest with myself, the man is a fucking mystery box of insanity and cold professionalism. A General now in direct opposition to a Sky Marshal, he is a hero to his men and a role model I never expected 'ta look up to. On a personal level, we've spent a lot of time together in recent days. Since the 112th was Disavowed, Larsen was my first point of contact. He was instrumental in me fleein' my post at Bethesda Hospital. He smuggled me to the 112th- home. He has always been one of the few people who truly saw the value in my work and gave me the reassurance that I was actually helpin' the Federation. Larsen has taught me that loyalty and honor isn't always easy, but it is always right.. When you're wrists-deep in casualties, you tend 'ta lose sight of the bigger picture -- The Federation and your part in it. This man -- This sick, twisted, terrifying man- He's my friend."


Katrina Geier - "My once protege, a 'gal who I immediately knew would go far. From the time she was a lowly Third Specialist, this one- this was the one that stood out. Aye, Takugawa was talented, one 'a the most talented ones I know, someone I was glad 'ta hand Medical over to- but Geier, she was different. This was a woman who may not have been the most skilled medic in the world but this was someone who had the passion, passion that couldn't be taught through any book or amount 'a trainin'.. She put in the work, she put in her blood, sweat, tears and took more than a few soddin' bullets to get 'ta where she is. She's the head of the 112th's Medical Division now, a mantle I once held. She's gonna' carry that torch 'fer a long time, I suspect. I'm proud 'a you, kid. Now that we've brought the 112th home, it's time you start a new chapter for yourself. I hope I'll still be around 'ta watch it happen.."

Roger Espinoza - "I remember the first time I met Roger, he was still holdin' that same ol' stupid fuckin' cup of whatever in fuck's name it is he drinks- I'll tell 'yuh one thing, it's not soddin' coffee.. At any rate, here I was a lowly Sergeant leadin' drops- the man started makin' me his go-to Drop Lead for all of Intel's spooky assignments. The two 'a us tackled our fair share of Skinnies, Arachnids, Seps, Mormons- hell, you name it, I led the drop for it. The man is the only Intel Officer who ever went outta' their way 'ta actually sit down and talk 'ta me. Four years later after a remarkably distinguished career, the man is a traitor to the Federation- Does that seem right to you? Roger Espinoza is a hero and a personal friend that I would take a bullet for. He was the key to the 112th's return 'ta the Federation and- well, he did it. This is the man who quite literally took a bullet 'fer the 112th and its men. Roger, neither of us expected that we'd ever have to actively plan to defend ourselves against a rogue, corrupt Sky Marshal-.. But it's because 'a you that we made it through it. Life has been especially hard on you and you deserve so much better, old friend. We've got things 'ta talk about - like why you saw fit not 'ta trust me but for now- at least you lot are home.."


James Duvall - "We call him 'Mute' for reasons that should be fairly obvious. I didn't make the effort to determine whether or not he's physically incapable of speech or if it's merely personal preference, because I didn't want to pressure him into it. I mean look at Shep -- That guy was mute. I recently found out the reasoning behind his silence and all I could think to do was hug the man, as tightly as I possibly could. At any rate, he is someone I've come 'ta care a lot for our little Mute. I suppose I should thank myself for deciding to write this because it's reminded me just how often I rely on Duvall, sometimes without realizing it. He's always there when he's needed and that's a very important trait that simply can't be taught. Let it be known that if you mess with Mute, you're messin' with my little brother and will soon learn the true meaning of Irish fire. I recently started teachin' him sign language, he's picked it up quickly and learned a lot on his own. I think it's boosted his confidence a bit! I've got a lot of love 'fer our Mute."


Artemis Mosely - "Mose'.. She's an interesting one and a 'gal I could find myself talking about for a long, long time. Mosely is a Psychic, not on ly that - she's a particularly gifted one. A Sensor, I believe- the kinda' Psychic who knows shite is 'bout 'ta happen before it happens - and no, they can't ALL do that.  She's also someone I consider to be a friend. I don't know 'er favorite color, I don't know where she's from- but I 'know' her and I think she's got that same understandin' of me. She's a good person, truly. She demonstrates several important things that Psychics in her position always seem to end up losin'- compassion, empathy, spirit. I'd really like 'ta get to know her more, have more late night talks in the office. It's hard for folks like us 'ta balance life and work, to find the time to socialize- but I'd like to. The only fear that I have is whether or not she and the other Psychics she works with, are truly prepared for what we're gonna' face in the coming days. I know that evil, intimately, but for them- it's deeper.. I don't know if they're gonna' make it through this, any 'a us, for that matter.."


Riley Vallas - "Vallas is one hell of a kid. Lookin' at him, he looks like a green as feck baby-face that's fresh outta' Boot- but this is a young kid who's experienced a lot in a real short span of time. He's one of the ones I'm closer to- maybe it's because he reminds me of a younger Holtz (did I really jus' say that?) He's someone I'd take a bullet for an' someone I'd want beside me in the field. This is a lad who followed me into a hive to save some Troopers that had strayed - not once, but twice. He's a real good kid and someone I tend 'ta keep a close eye on. He deserves a lot better than the grime and brutality 'a the Infantry.. He deserves the chance 'ta be a kid, gettin' laid under the bleachers and performin' shite plays on a stage in front 'a peoples' parents - not war. What the hell are you doin' here, Vallas?"


Shay Musa - "Musa.. This is a man who's been through more strain than almost any other Psychic I've ever known. He's a good person, truly. I know him better than he thinks and one needn't be psychic to read a person - simply a unit mom. Musa's a gifted psychic, which I 'spose could be said 'a any of them, but he in particular has sustained more strain to his abilities than almost anyone I've known. The man suffered more than three cardiac arrests and acted as a psychic conduit for more than a dozen folks- could you imagine that many people bein' in your head at once? He's still in what I'd consider critical condition, the fact that he didn't have a total, permanent burnout of his abilities like Angel had - or death, he's got a lot 'ta be thankful for. His mind is chaotic, fractured, fragmented in a desperate state where it's tryin' to protect itself. There's not much I can do for him, he needs a Psychic - specialist help. PSICOM has specialists for this, but they're few an' far between.. I ain't givin' up on him, not while I still have breath in me. We'll get 'ya fixed and when all this is over- I want a bloody drink.."


Elaine Asper  - "The most recent Commandin' Officer in the long line 'a CO's for the 112th Mobile Infantry. She seems like a competent 'gal who's got her head on straight. Strong leadership presence and competency in the field. I've seen that look in 'er eyes and I've been around the block long enough 'ta be able to recognize it -- loyalty. Loyalty to 'er troops. I'm sure she's just about sick an' tired of me but I know all too well the isolation of her position. I hope she's got people she can lean on, it's lonely at the top and with her recent promotion 'ta Major, it's only gonna' get worse. The moment she came 'ta me - a nobody, askin' for advice on how to handle her men and get 'ta know 'em, I knew that she was gonna' go far. Anyone who can still look to improve themselves that far down the road is someone who's deserving of respect. She brought her people home, let's see what she does in the days 'ta come." 


Cait Donovan - "If 'yuh couldn't guess by the stereotypical last name, Cait is a fellow Irish 'gal like yours truly. We grew up in the same part of the green and if I hadn't shipped off so early, we may very well have grown up together. She's one 'a the few glimpses into home that I've got around here and that counts 'fer more than she's aware of. She's a cute lass who shares my same dreaded curse of bein' a stereotype. Pale, ginger, freckled, temper? Check and soddin' check. I like 'er though, she's reliable and has my same taste in music coupled with that Irish flare. Her and Oak are a thing and I bloody well ship it."


Henry Westfield - "A returnin' Veteran from my days on the Murphy. Westfield has always been a good kid with 'is head screwed on the right way, which is more than can be said 'fer most these days. We go way back and I was surprised 'ta see him on the ship just days after I returned- guess he got sent with Larsen's reinforcements or summin'. Familiar faces - especially from those days, are very few and far between. Holtz is sure 'ta be happy that he's here. I jus' hope he takes care of himself and that this new bunch 'a Sergeants see the experience in the man's eyes. You're gonna' go far, kid. Let's give 'em hell!"


Dorian Elswood - "A bloody good medic who knows his way around a trauma bay. This is a good lad who has very quickly proven himself to be not only reliable, but an asset on and off 'a the field. I'd like very much 'ta get the chance to know him better, maybe teach 'em a thing or two - maybe learn three or four more from 'em. The harsh reality of our line 'a work is that spare time is a luxury that we're not often afforded. Thankfully, I think he understands that and knows it ain't for a lack of wantin' to. Hopefully we'll be able to make the time, he's a good lad and I like 'em. He's an extremely capable set of hands and is someone I'm truly proud to have on my Senior Staff, I just hope he realizes one day how good he actually is."


June O'Riley - "Oh-Riley! Or 'Riley' as I usually default 'ta. That's an Irish name - though I dunno' if the lass is actually Irish or not, doubt it- maybe she ain't even from Earth. I should really jus' check her file and find out once and for all. At any rate, Riley is a real good lass and a feckin' good medic who I couldn't be more proud of. She's saved a lotta' lives in a very short span 'a time and she's become a very valued member of our little team of red-vests. An astounding Biotech Specialist without equal, the dedication that she shows every day toward helping people and giving 'em back their lives- it inspires me. It keeps me getting up each morning. Like everyone else, I struggle sometimes to maintain the balance between my responsibilities and what I want 'ta do. What I want is to find the time to get to know my team more closely - people like Riley, they're the future. You're gonna' outlive me one day, kid- and the thought of that brings a smile to my face. I'm so very proud of you. "


Mayumi Asuka - "Ah' bit of an odd one but her head and her heart is in the right place. She performs well in the field an' in the execution of her duties and seems 'ta have a good workin' relationship with her lads. I've yet 'ta see her grow especially close to anyone in particular, but I'm sure she's got people who she holds dear. Like Wilkes, she's risen through the ranks very quickly and although she's still quite green, she's not afraid 'ta own her mistakes and admit her fault. She listens to the wisdom of those before her and I believe she has more than earned the right 'ta make mistakes and learn from them as any good leader does. I'll be keepin' a keen eye on her career as it grows and flourishes and I hope to be there on the sidelines, an ever present source of encouragement and available source of wisdom she can rely on. Keep it up lass, you're goin' places."


James Carson - "Carson! Carson, Carson.. This lad is a refreshin' sight amidst the clashing cultures of the Infantry and Corsair. He walks that fine line very well and by all accounts, seems to be a bloody good Sergeant. I've watched the kid climb the ladder and I couldn't be more proud 'a him. One of these days if we ever get some bloody downtime, I'd very much like to get to know 'em better, because Carson is a special one who doesn't yet know how much potential he really has - and that makes him all the more genuine. He's got a solid head on his shoulders and good rapport with his men. They respect 'em for more than the rank and know he's not afraid to give a kick in the arse when it's due. Easily one 'a my better children and I hope I can stick around a little while longer to watch his career take shape and if I'm lucky enough, have some small, positive impact upon it."


Jack Hernandez - "Y'know summin'- I remember this face. I remember a young Private who stepped onto the Basilone on his first day and I remember him immediately capturing my attention. Most Privates, they step onto a deck full 'a fire and ready 'ta 'do their part' kickin' arse and takin' names, Hernandez- Jack, he didn't do that. He didn't look up at his superiors with admiration to wear their bars, he looked around - at his fellow Troopers. It was that moment I knew that this kid was different. He carries a weight that he's far, far too young 'ta carry and shouldn't have the burden of havin' to understand - but he does. He carries the lives of his fellow Troopers on his shoulders at all times and beneath that stoic gaze, unseen by most, is a vulnerable kid full 'a doubt. But that person is someone that ol' Vond couldn't be more proud of. Jus' to reinforce my whole point, the lad was recently promoted 'ta Staff Sergeant and has proven himself to be an extremely capable and selfless leader. He's gotten into ah' bit 'a trouble regardin' a TON bein' fired but I'm quite confident it'll sort itself out - primarily because I've already played the closed-door politics game. Who hasn't had a screw-up once or twice in their career because 'a Intel leavin' out crucial information? I would've made the same call, kid."


Berivan Seydar - "A young Trooper, Kurdish in background I think. She's a good 'gal, extremely friendly and outgoin' and seems 'ta be makin' a lotta' friends quickly. She seems competent in the field as well, one 'a those regular faces that 'yuh can't help but get used to seeing. I think she's gonna' go far, she's jus' gotta make sure to take care 'a herself and stick close 'ta the people who care about 'er. Keep it up girly, you're goin' places!"


Amanda Winters - "The current Commandin' Officer 'a Engineering. I always thought it was funny that 'er last name is Winters, kinda' makes me feel bloody nostalgic.. She's not related 'ta Adrian- not the one that I knew an' cared for.. She's a good lass from what I can tell an' I really appreciate that someone in her position takes the time 'ta come talk to some old, washed up Trooper like me. She values my opinions an' my experiences, so I intend 'ta do the same in return. Winters is a 'gal who has been through things that no one person should ever hafta' go through. She's got a lotta' guilt on her shoulders and I intend 'ta do everything I can to help get 'er through it. I think she's startin' to turn around and work through some 'a that raw, heated emotion she's got in 'er veins. I promise kid, I'll get you to forgive yourself one 'a these days. That's a promise."


Brooke Greene - "One 'a the youngins' who's recently found her way into the suck. She's got a good  mentality 'fer this line 'a work and I think she's gonna' be a solid presence on the field in days to come. That 'gal keeps herself in bloody shape, even if Cait an' I had to help her find the right 'equipment' to keep 'erself squared away. I've got my eye on 'er, she's one of the many familiar faces in an ever-expanding family that I call home."


Dick Simmons - "A younger Trooper of the 112th an' absolute fuckin' giant of a man, I only recently met 'em since arrivin' on ship. I dunno' if he's sufferin' from some form of giantism or if he's jus' eight foot somethin' on account 'a good genes but the man hurts my neck from all the lookin' up I've gotta' do. He seems like a good kid, good trooper but he's got a lotta' personal baggage he needs 'ta sort out. Abused as a child by his father, it's likely that 'e enlisted 'ta get away from home. That kinda' household leaves a scar on a person and it's one I'd like 'ta help disappear. In recent days, he's been havin' episodes but I think the medication we've put 'em on coupled with talk therapy is really gonna' help. I'd hate 'ta see this end with a Section 8, he's got a lotta' potential and a lotta' people who count on him, he's just gotta' get through this. Lately he's been doin' quite well, the man is very reliable in the field and if he keeps it up I see 'em going pretty far. Like Seydar, he's one 'a those faces that you quickly get used 'ta seein' around." 


Alvaro Lupinacci - "The Executive Officer of the Upham and someone that Nash seems 'ta trust quite heavily. I've heard things about this man from a handful 'a people, all of 'em have the common theme that he's trustworthy and someone who's really stepped up when it was needed. I haven't had many 'a conversations with the man but the ones that I 'ave had have been been very pleasant. He is an EXTREMELY well-mannered Officer, 'ta the point that I can't help but think it's all a front. He's a professional at the end 'a the day though, and someone who clearly cares about his crew an' his posting. He gave me the approval 'fer the whole upcomin' party thing so the man's got his morals, which ain't always common in the case of Officers of that status. I like 'em! I'll be doin' some poking around in his files 'ta see if I can learn more about 'em."



Noemi Rosangela - "Tidbit.. The name I gave 'er all those years ago when this short, mop-headed 'gal came stormin' into my Medbay one late night.. It seems to have caught on after all this time. She's always been a cutie and a real good kid. This one- This was one of those faces that kept me up at night over the years after followin' my departure from the 112th. You had this young, naive girl- Didn't know the first soddin' thing about sex, or war, or life 'fer that matter, and here she was thrown into it arse-first. I can't believe she's still alive after all these years, it blows my mind- but when I saw that shortstack 'a energy fiddlin' with her hands the first time she saw me, wonderin' if it was a ghost.. She's still the same Tidbit I remember. I've no doubt that she's grown over the years, I spotted that look in 'er eye the second I saw her- she's been through it, we've all gotten' older but this one- this is one I pray 'ta whatever God exists still gets shown a little bit of mercy. She's gone home now, took 'er chance to retire and while I'm heartbroken that she's gone, I'm filled with joy an' pride above all else. This was a 'gal who never belonged in a war and despite it all, she's survived and she's goin' home a bloody hero. You get 'yerself into the best school and if they give 'yuh a hard time, you give 'em my number, kid. Jus' wait 'till after I'm not a criminal, it'll count for more."


Alfonso Salvatici - "An extremely competent medic who I recently promoted 'ta Master Specialist. He's reliable on and off the field and reminds me sorta' of the early days of when Taco and I first started out together. I'd like to get to know him better, he seems like a nice guy who would make a bloody solid, dependable friend. All that said, he knows his stuff and is one of a small handful 'a 'peeps who I'd trust to handle serious wounds."


Alfred Smith - "A Marine who is often found at Vitale's side, he's a bloody competent Trooper who I actually like quite a bit. He's got a good sense 'a humor and despite the heavily stressful nature of his work, he manages to keep a morally solid compass at his core. Off the ship and in the field, he's a fantastic squad lead, 2-IC and takes orders extremely well. Between him and Vitale, I don't think I'd trust anyone else 'ta handle a hostage situation or the protection of an HVT."


Romolo Vitale - "A Marine, 'ya can usually find him with Smith bustin' some heads and kickin' whole lots 'a arse. I like 'em- he's a great guy and a solid trooper on and off the field. I feel like he'd make a good big brother or summin'- or at least a good drinking partner. In recent days I've started plottin' ways to prank him, I can't wait 'till he notices all his socks have stickers inside of 'em."


Lauritz Villano - "A competent Trooper on the field, still young, still green- but he can take orders well and it's kinda' funny that's now apparently a rare trait 'fer the Mobile Infantry. At any rate, I always make it a point 'ta grab 'em for my squad on drops because he's quickly becoming a face and name that I remember.. Hope he makes it."


Ezarath Cazernovia - "A psychically gifted Trooper who used 'ta be part 'a the now-disbanded Psi-Ops Division. I had always found her competent and was more than willing to listen to her 'feelings' on drops, as Psychics always have the potential to e a very good asset though lately with Caz- she's become a bit of a liability.. I like 'er a lot, she seems like a sweet 'gal- bloody innocent though. If I'm being honest with myself- she's really just not a very good psychic, I don't know what kinda' training she's undergone but she doesn't seem to have the best control over her abilities and is quickly beginning to learn that no matter how good her intentions might be- using her abilities on others has a very extreme risk. I hope Tuuli talks 'ta her like she said she would, the girl needs help- help from another psychic, not 'er Medical mom."


Ezra Hernandez - "New Sergeant, as I understand it he's been stuck in the Corporal position for a bloody long time so the promotion is long-overdue. If I'm stuck in the role as long as he is I'll probably cut my losses and go for OCS. That aside, he's a bloody solid Trooper who does a decent enough job leadin' folks through hell. I don't see him socialize much, and by that I mean basically never. Maybe I'll try an' get him involved in some 'a the various events I'm planning, I don't know how close he is with the rest of the 'peeps so it definitely wouldn't hurt for him to make some stronger friendships. At the very least, I like the bastard."


Sara Zaiger - "Captain Zaiger is a very special one indeed, she's a woman whom I have fond memories of. I recall her very first day on the ship, in fact I was XMO of Medical at the time and carried out her Physical to clear her for duty. She started off as a cold, professional Provost Marine and lo and behold, I return to find her a Captain of Internal Security -- Intel. She climbed the ladder fast, bloody faster than I did. Despite the entirety of the unit being downright terrified of the woman, I quite enjoy her company and our discussions. She's a woman who keeps you on your toes, every discussion is like a chest match- it's stimulating. I do hope she finds need of my services again in the future."


Eva O'Casey - "Iffin' 'yuh couldn't tell by the last name, she's a fellow Irish 'gal! She's a cute one, runnin' around like a bumblebee- a bumblebee with explosives. She's basically ma' twin, same height, same hair, same bubbly nature. I like 'er a lot, I jus' hope she's got a tough side to 'er. Even with all my happiness and upbeat nature- I've got a hard core, I've seen some rough things in my time. I don't know if she's had those experiences- the really, genuinely challenging ones that test a person. I'm worried about how she'll handle 'em when they come, she seems- pure.. Reminds me of when I was a Boot. You stay smart, girly, use that bloody head 'a yours."



Michael Laurencine - "Laurencine is one of our younger medics, though he's quickly becoming one 'a the older faces. I like him, he's a good kid and takes instruction well. I'm very happy with the fact that he's able to work independently and exercise his own judgement when it's needed. I haven't gotten to know him too well on a personal level but I do know he's a competent medic and good guy all around. I'm glad 'ta have him on the team and I hope he's with us for a lot longer to come."


Abigail Kastner - "Kastner 1.0, Octavia's wife I think. She's an old face though I haven't worked with 'er all too much, seein' as back then she wasn't too active in the unit. Most I heard 'bout her was tidbits from Olivia who I'm hopin' didn't tell her wife she went around showin' me her tits. At any rate, she's Executive Medical Officer now and I really dunno' how I feel 'bout that but at the very least, I'm bein' my usual optimistic self. I'm hopin' that she'll be able to take advice, constructive criticism and more importantly, that she'll be willin' to use my abilities and experience to help solve some of the very clear issues we're facin' here in Medical. I have a good feelin' that she and I will be able to accomplish a bloody lot together."

Claire Oyvind - "Now there's a face I remember, she was a Private or so when I was last around but I always knew she'd go far. She's a solid, reliable Trooper and one 'a the handful of faces that I've recognized since I've been back. I'm proud of 'er, though I doubt that means much these days. At any rate, I'm glad to see she's still- y'know, alive and kickin' some serious arse. Keep it up, kiddo. 'Yer goin' places."



John Freeson - "Freeson's a Lance Corporal (unless he got promoted since I wrote this bloody thing) who seems to have his head on straight and facin' exactly where it's 'sposed to be. He's good on drops, good runnin' a fireteam and someone I definitely see goin' places. I'd have him as my 2-IC anytime and I'm hopin' he'll get the chance to climb the ropes. Off the field he seems like a smart cookie, maybe I'll have 'em help me with the next movie night!"


Garret Swift - "Sergeant Swift, sorta' an odd one who I haven't gotten the chance to complete my notes on due to our schedules always being in conflict. Initial impressions tell me that he's a decent enough NCO with little tolerance for bullshite, which ain't ever a bad thing. He seems keen 'ta try and impress his superiors and adopts the 'stick-in-arse' posture anytime an Officer drops by. At any rate, I actually quite like the man, I think he's got the potential to be one 'a the favorite NCO's around the ship if he'd simply allow himself to get more personable with those under his command. Maybe one 'a these days if we get to talkin' I'll suggest that he get to know some folks better on a more personal level, but he might just be wantin' to keep that distance for professional reasons. I 'spose that makes sense if you're an Officer but I've always found the concept of 'professional distance' as a Sergeant 'ta be detrimental."


Aphelion "Aff" Dominica - "She reminds me of Matene in a lot 'a ways, hardcore personal beliefs and customs, rituals and rites that need to be observed and respected. I'm no stranger to folks havin' their own ways of doing things, the Federation is fortunately not too dictatorial over religious beliefs. I'm hopin' to have a chat with her one day so we can talk more about her beliefs and she can educate me on her various Rites. I'd like 'ta work with her and find a means of incorporating her beliefs into carrying out funerals aboard the ship. At any rate, she's an odd one 'fer sure who doesn't seem to socialize all that much but I suppose that's understandable considerin' everything she's been through. I probably wouldn't have believed it had Zaiger not briefed me on her but I 'spose it all makes sense. Psychic influence by untrained or even trained ones with malicious intent- that'll fuck a person up.. After a heated debate with Zaiger and Tuuli, I think we've finally got a good way 'ta handle her, so fingers crossed."


Daisy Bailey - "The new Marauder XO. I've only spoken with her a few brief times and typically about other people. I've seen 'er in action a few times, she listens well and conducts herself pretty bloody good. I'm gonna' definitely spend some more time learnin' more about her. She seems 'ta have her head on reasonably straight and appears to genuinely care about the well-being of her Marauder unit. Good on you, Bailey. She seems kinda' distant towards me- Maybe she jus' doesn't like other 'gals or maybe she's just too preoccupied with things. I hope 'ta learn more about her and have some drinks sometime soon though. She's a nice 'gal, she'd make a good battle-sister!"


Anton Volker - "A solid trooper who I enjoy seein' around quite a bit. He's a bloody good 2-IC from what I've seen and although I've only had brief conversations with him in the odd corridor, I feel like he's experienced a lot and is the kinda' man who learns from his mistakes and places immeasurable value in his experiences."



Kai Nkosi - "Nkosi and Yhara both, they're a pair from hell itself. Nkosi, unlike Yhara is the rougher one and has that hardcore Corsair culture honed down into every fiber 'a his being. He's got the same vices as Yhara, who I can at least see wearin' bags underneath his eyes from the weight on what I can hope is a conscience. Nkosi on the other hand- I haven't seen an ounce of regret. I haven't seen at least one redeeming quality that I truly believe exists and look for in each person. What motivates him? Is it those dumb kids who look up to 'em in the field - hoping he'll be the one to bring 'em back home alive? Is it his loyalty to his friends - does he even have friends? I'm tryin' to find that in him. I just don't know where it is.. I don't know that I'll ever be able to trust him again. I had really begun to enjoy his company before all 'a this too..


Like Yhara, Nkosi is incredibly closed off, perhaps even more-so, as Yhara at least pretends to listen 'ta me when I'm tryin' to be serious and level with him.. We shared a drink, briefly. It was nice to see a glimpse into the man - the real one, not the front that he puts on sometimes. There has to be good in there - I'm Vond, there's good in everyone, sometimes it's jus' buried.. I don't know what the man went through durin' his PDF days, fightin' in the streets he grew up in- that'd scar anyone, it would scar me. I have to believe there's a man in there that can be salvaged, inspired. Your men need you, Nkosi - I need you. None 'a us can do this alone and each day that passes- I feel like I'm running on less and less borrowed time. I'm a girl outta' place, outta' time, trying to do some good and leave my mark for you guys to carry on after I'm gone. Please let me help?"


Tommaso Avellino - "Tommy is an odd one, maybe it's 'cause he's eye-talian or jus' on account 'a the fact that he's real big into the Corsair culture that I'm havin' a hard time understanding. He's someone that I wish I was closer to but does a good job of remindin' me why I'm not. He's a decent Trooper and a friendly enough face but it's one 'a the more seedy rogues we've got on the ship. He's good friends with Yhara an' Nkosi and can't seem 'ta kick his bad habits 'ta the curb and get over his vices. Not really sure how I feel 'bout him- but I know that I would like to be friends with him and that I'm willin' try.. In the field, he's as competent as ever, a solid Corporal - I'd jus' like to see him have some friends. I'd like to know that he's ho'kay and has that outlet.."


James Lerwick - "Tech Sergeant and the current CO of Engineering, I've got mixed feelins' about him. I remember him when he first arrived on ship, replacing Winters who I was bloody close to. Until then I always had an extremely close connection and friendship with the entirety of Engineering. I even had an Engineering Patch and was considered an honorary bumblebee. Nostalgia aside, Lerwick is a bloody good engineer and a good division lead. On a more personal level, the man doesn't take me seriously and very clearly underestimates my abilities. I ain't too bothered by it, as I don't really need to prove myself to him, it's just the fact that I can't help but think about the old days- Ilari, Kraut, Winters.. Then I look at Lerwick and his engineers and all I see is a massive gap that I can't bridge. Maybe I'll spend more time with 'em but the almost non-existent pessimistic side of me tells me that I won't be able 'ta change how little value he seems to place in me as an NCO and a Trooper."


Jericho K'Ortan - "This one's an interestin' case.. He's a Marauder who has since convinced me that he's in need of psychological help. All in all, I like 'em quite a lot, he's good at his job but seems 'ta be closed off toward just about everyone. Most folks think he's kinda' loony for how he acts on the field but oddly enough, that bit hasn't struck me as 'off.' He pumps himself up and gets as angry as he can, we all have our copin' mechanisms and his is a textbook example of Violence of Action. My concerns are how he is off the field, he's unnecessarily hostile toward just about everyone and has shown tendencies akin to that of Bipolar Disorder or Trauma-Repressed Anger, possibly both. I've made the effort to try and learn more about 'em, I've spoken to his alleged friends and fellow Marauders but it seems like nobody knows the kid. Thus, my only option is to go to K'Ortan himself. I've had him undergo a psychiatric examination, which while he wasn't happy about- it did help identify the source of his attitude and behavior. Despite going over my head to Larsen, I've since sorted that mess and will continue my efforts to provide him the help he needs and will as always, allow it to remain strictly voluntary by the man. He's a solid trooper on the field and I want to ensure he stays fit enough to keep returning there."


Captain Salem - "I used to be quite fond 'a Salem, I remember having long talks with him durin' the Edenwell campaign, I actually looked up to him as a source of experience and someone who had seen a lot 'a shite and come out on top.. I like to think I've grown since then, because I now see him for what he is -- A dog. He's nothin' but muscle for Intel, the line between "hero who does what's necessary" and "psychotic, heartless cunt" are extremely blurred and virtually non-existent when it comes to Salem. I have no doubt that from a psychological standpoint, he justifies has actions as being "for the greater good" but in truth, he's simply a robot, a tool. I pity him in a lot of ways. He'll never know love, he'll never know friendship, he willingly allows himself to be used. You're a bloody sick man, Salem -- And it's fucking sad."


Major Tomic - "She used to head the Inquisitors who are supposed to root out corruption and seditious ideology within the Company, ironic considering she herself is a bloody corrupt bitch. In past days, she had Dimov and I brought into the Intel Bay out of nowhere and questioned us about Larsen's involvement in Pembridge's death. Which is fucking weird because I knww nothing about it. I never inquired about it, never spoken about it since he was first announced KIA. I literally did not care 'ta know the details. Despite explaining this, she seemed to think I was tryin' to "fight the system" and target Larsen on some fucking stupid crusade for justice. She responded by having Salem drug us both, put us in an airlock and started the decompression cycle. She tried to threaten us by sayin' we weren't worth 'a third' of a Major. For some fucking reason she's defending Larsen like I'm trying to start some kind of stupid bloody mutiny against him or something. I was literally ordered to conduct a psych eval on him by Major General Fardon. Apparently she wanted to go up against a Major General though and didn't want anythin' to incriminate Larsen. Nothin' even happened to Larsen after the report reached the General's desk, in fact- he got bloody promoted to Colonel since then. All I care about is following my orders -- I have a duty to the Federation, not to Larsen and not to that Major -- So I sent that report as I was ordered to. I will not lie for that man or for anyone, I will not withhold relevant information from an official, sanctioned report. Hey Intel, check your facts and realize I never poked my nose into ANYTHING. While you're busy terrorizing innocent, loyal Troopers like me, you have enemy agents stabbing people on the ship and causing shootouts in the medbay, get your bloody priorities straight.


Jacqueline Martin - "You didn't need to be a psychic to know she was a lying, back-stabbing cunt. She feigned kindness but I knew better.. I've seen that there's true evil in her. Dishonorably Discharged in recent days, I'm fucking glad she's gone but it's had an unseen impact on Dimov and I'm worried it might hinder his progress.. Dimov is managing extremely well. I'm glad her bein' gone hasn't impacted him too heavily."


C. Ruiz - "Apparently to get into Intelligence, you just need to be a powermad cunt with a hatred toward anyone happy. You'll be the first hanging I witness - And I can't fucking wait.. See you at your trial. This fucking cunt Inquisitor-Lieutenant-whatever had me beaten almost to death over lollipops in my own bloody medbay back when I was a Specialist. He went on this whole lecture about how my lollipops take up room on a dropship, askin' me if I knew how much ammunition could fit in a dropship and whatever the fuck. I tried explainin' that the lollipops were personal effects, mail from home, nobody -- not even some arsehole Lieutenant can legally stop someone from receiving personal items. They're low-priority cargo, they aren't shipped with ammunition. So yeah, he went completely out of his authority and had me beaten because I guess I was makin' too much fucking SENSE for him. There was almost a massive riot on the ship from Enlisted and Officers both that jumped 'ta my defense (which was really sweet and bloody cool) and off the record, I was told he was put under official investigation. I haven't seen him since, I doubt they hanged him but I like 'ta think he's off on some ice planet freezin' his tits off. I hope you're uncomfortable wherever you are Ruiz, I hope you don't even have proper Toilets. That's how much I tetest you. Dig a hole, Ruiz. Dig a hole."




"Stay with me, please - always. I'll see you soon."



 Avery Dawes - "Dawes! Dawes is cute as feck and someone I see a lot 'a myself in - and I don't just mean how folks think we're related. Dawes is in the prime of their career right now, a Sergeant in a very good unit who has ah' close relationship with those under their command. I envy 'em in a lot 'a ways, as I remember bein' in their shoes and that was truly the place I enjoyed bein' at most - happiest time of my life. 

Dawes has a uniquely solid head on their shoulders that I hope 'ta feck they can hold onto because I truly see 'em fillin' Leftenant shoes one day. Dawes leads by example and is always there when 'ya need 'em, never shyin' away from gettin' into the thick of it. Dawes is a big part 'a why I stayed with the Corsairs, we're close like fireball and a glass. I'd like to help guide them an' overcome some of those self doubts that seem to float around unstated. I read people- something inside their head is holding 'em back, maybe it's self-confidence they need, or maybe they need someone to give 'em a swift kick in that pale arse. Either way, I intend to be 'ere because Ave is someone I care about- a lot. Ave's made the decision 'ta get outta the Infantry, I believe e's got a couple months left 'fore he's finally free 'a all this. For selfish reasons, it breaks my heart- things aren't gonna' be the same without 'em around and I worry how this new generation is gonna' function in the field, how many lads we might lose because we don't have someone like Ave in the field to command 'em. At the same time, my heart is full of joy and I feel glad for 'em- I care so very much about Ave and this is their chance to get out, maybe a little bit scarred, ah' heavier chip on 'is shoulder- but unscathed. We should all be so lucky.. I just- I hope I made a difference, I hope something that I said somewhere along the line- I hope it helped..


I've known grief - intimately. I've cursed it, I've scorned it, the wars I've waged with it have only grown more violent in my old age. We all cope and mourn in different ways, but I don't want to cope, I don't want to mourn. You people are supposed 'ta outlive me - you're supposed to be the ones goin' home to your families, or making ones of your own where I never will. My heart breaks with each and every loss of a child and with the amount of breaking it's done lately, I- I don't know how much more it's gonna' be able to handle. I loved you Ave, I never got to tell you and I failed 'ta be there for you on so many occasions, I failed to protect you and now we're 'ere - in this office with a bottle in hand, furniture destroyed and my medics downstairs probably thinkin' the old ginger's finally lost it. You join the many ghosts that I carry with me and I swear 'ta you, I will keep you all alive. Your faces, your voices, your smells, your little quirks. Stay with me please, always.."


  Draz Polo - "Talk about a bloody gentle giant. Polo is a new hot shot of ah' Trooper who might not be the sharpest scalpel in the toolbox, but he's got a good heart and cares about his people. I think he's smarter than folks think - intelligence is somethin' hard 'ta define at times but I think in that big ol' head, there may be one, two, or ten things that ol' Polo is feckin' good at and will make those around 'em look like droolin' babies. I intend 'ta keep a close eye on this kid, he's a good one. We've served together for a while since my last entry and in that time, I've witnessed this gentle giant be nothin' short of ah' feckin' hero and save countless lives on half 'a dozen different occasions. This is the same guy who each pay cycle, sends money home 'ta his folks. He's someone I've quickly grown used 'ta seeing around and is without ah' doubt, someone I'd want next to me in the field the next time we march into hell. I'm proud 'a you, kid.   This one hurts - a lot. No matter how old I get, no matter how much time passes and how many beloved friends and family members I lose- it never gets easier. Part 'a me is glad that I haven't gotten used to it, that I'm not numb like so many others in my line of work. I know very few people who suffer a career as long as I have and still manage to hold onto that humanity. On the flip side of that, this pain that I feel- it's killing me, there's a massive hole where my heart is supposed 'ta be.. I loved you like you were my own. The light you shone on this unit, the selflessness and love that you encompassed, the example that you've set - you are a hero and I aspire to be like you every day that I awaken to. I will keep you alive and I will ensure that generations to come know your name and your sacrifice. Rest easy, but never alone."


† Ela Bal - "Losing you was something I didn't expect, this- this hurt. Losing you is like losing my own daughter, you deserved so much more from life and you had so much more to do, kid.. Yet, the things you accomplished at your age and in your short tenure, you make me more proud than you could ever know. You gave your life and saved so- so many others. You'll always be a hero to me and I will carry you with me like so many others, for as long as I'm still able to. I'll keep your memory alive and when I think of you, it won't be in that room- it'll be you in the bar, smiling, laughing, with the same kind of love shown on your face that we all had for you.. Love you kid, rest easy- I promise I'll see you soon."


† Elliott Yhara - "Yhara honestly confuses the feckin' hell outta' me sometimes and makes my head spin on whether or not I want to kick his arse once and for all or hug 'em and convince him to finally have a big cry and get over whatever baggage he's tried and failed so hard for so long to hide. I've cared quite a bit for him in the past and truly enjoyed the serious conversations we used to have. I always preferred him over Nkosi as he seemed 'ta have a much more level head than his counterpart. These days, I find it hard to not keep him at arm's length and I'm very hesitant to let 'em closer. I've tried 'ta understand what kinda' man he is.. I'm trying to see what he has deep down that motivates him. Despite the array of colorful people I've met throughout my career, I've never had TOO difficult ah' time tryin' to find the good in somebody - but Yhara is a challenge. I search desperately to find that spark of passion and genuine care for SOMETHING - I expected it 'ta be his men, but I haven't seen it.. I just don't know anymore.


I'm tryin', I'm really trying. I want to like him, I want him to trust me and I want 'ta be able to trust him. Neither 'a us are going to be able to get very far without it. I feel a lot of pain in him, he buries it - not as well as he thinks and in a lot of ways, he's a textbook Psych case. There's a lot this man has suffered through and if I could find some way to get 'em to open up, I might be able to help him. Even if I can't- at least he wouldn't be shoulderin' it alone, which seems to be what he thinks he wants, regardless of it being a piss-poor plan in the long run. Old soldiers like me tend to run on borrowed time, I'd really like to make some good come out of our relationship with the time I've got left. New Leftenants like Yhara are the future and I hope in some small way, I can leave him with somethin' that helps, one day..


There were so many things left unspoken, so many things I would've liked for him to have known and to 'ave had the courage and confidence in himself to say out loud. With all his silent stares and feigned cold shoulders, Elliot was a man who had every luxury except that of silence within his own head.. I didn't have the chance to save him, not from himself and not from that bullet- I'll carry you with me, always, with so many other ghosts. The things you've done, the mark you've made- every new face will find strength from it. I promise you'll never be forgotten- I'll make you proud, like I am of you.."


† Samantha Costa - "Sam's a hell of a lass. She's got a pair 'a big ol' guns and I ain't talking 'bout a morita! This girl works out like a miniature Dooley and if 'ya ever need to find her, you check down in the gym underneath a set 'a weights way too big for her. She's a solid rifle in the field and a feckin' trip during downtime. Good Trooper, good person, ain't afraid to give a smackdown to someone who decides 'ta mess with her or someone she cares about. I'd want her in my foxhole for sure.  This one hurts. This one hits home. As much as I talk about this lot bein' like kids to me- Sam. She- she was far closer to that than most. I always kept an eye on her, kept 'er close, kept 'er outta' trouble. For all her hot-heatedness, I was always able to reign her in, keep her straight.. I wasn't there for her when she needed me most. I didn't get to say goodbye. This one hurts. A lot."


Haerne Simonovich - "Simon has quickly become one 'a my best friends. I've known him since he was a new boot and I've seen him rise through the Engineering Division to become an NCO. He's kinda' like a little brother or summin' honestly, he comes to me for advice and frankly- I really enjoy his company. I trust him, I respect him and it's nice to have another person I can depend on when the unfortunate need to do that arises. I've been tryin' to help him through his nightmares and panic attacks, the medication has been helpin' - or so he says. Hopefully we'll get to the point where he no longer requires them. I have a lot of love for him. He's had it rough in recent days, kind of an emotional roller coaster but I think he's slowly and steadily reachin' a point where he's gonna' be okay.. His panic attacks and nightmares are improvin' but there's still some issues to work out. Please for the love of god make the crying stop.. Please.. Why Simon? Why would you do this? I'm so sorry, I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you and that life in all of its cruelty had our paths diverted. The sleepless nights haunt me and I break the cardinal rule thinking about the "what if's" and yet receive no answers and no solace.. I'm sorry Simon, I love you. You were and are to this day, one of my best friends.


Cassandra Rhodes - "Kid.. Why kid? You had so much promise, you were so fucking good at your job. You and Simon- You could have built a life, built a future and retired out of this hell. You could have had a family.. I tried so hard but I didn't have enough time, Cass. I wanted to teach you so much more, I wanted to be a good mentor for you.. I let you down, and I'll never be able to apologize for it.. Rest well, kiddo.."

Dag Raske - "A part of me has died today.. I'm actually crying- I-.. I loved Raske, he was my little brother and the best XMO I've ever had.. I never got to tell him- He died without knowing just how fucking much he meant to me. I'll never get to tell him- I want to go back in time just one day so I can tell him, just so when it happened, at least he would know.. This one hurt, this one hurt more than I can possibly put into words and I am NOT okay.. I've been trying so fucking hard to refocus my thoughts and process this and my brain for all its infinite logic and understanding of human psyche- it's failing me completely. I am not okay with this at all and I CANNOT make the crying stop.."


Harrison Warren - "A part of me is missing.. Warren was someone I held close to my heart, not just one of the faces around the barracks but a true and genuine friend. We called him 'eggroll' after all the choking incidents, I saved his life and patched him up on more than one occasion. This one hurt, this one hurt bad and hit way too close to home for me.. I cared a lot for Warren and every time I think about how I'll never get to lean on his sense of humor again, I break down crying. I'm sorry Warren.. I'm sorry I wasn't there in that other bunker to save you, I'm sorry I wasn't good enough. Maybe if I was there I could have stopped the A-6, I could've convinced the Major you could be saved. I should have been there to stop it, I could have TRIED.."

Adam Dunbaal - "Words cannot explain the sadness that gripped me when I was informed of Dunbaal's death. The intolerable pain gave me many of sleepless nights.. You were a truly great friend and I promise you Dunbaal, I will carry on your memory. I and the countless Troopers that you've saved. You were a beacon of light in dark times. I'll miss you..


† Ainslie DeClare - "H'well DeClare is a special one alright. She was ah' Corporal or some kinda' NCO before transferrin' over to the Valkyries. Her request caught me by surprise, because she was one 'a the far better NCO's and had a very bright and promisin' future ahead 'a her. She probably would've been a Staff Sergeant by now had she not transferred. I grilled her extensively about 'er motivations and I can't say that her reasoning didn't resonate with me at a deeper level. She was tired - tired 'a the politics, tired 'a the other NCO's, tired - like me, of this bloody 'Corsair culture' and its borderline seditious ways. At any rate, she's grown into an extremely valuable young medic who in a very short span 'ah time, has managed to save countless lives. She's a good lass, someone I care about as if she were my own daughter. I look forward to watchin' her budding career with anticipation.  Losin' her.. This hurt, all of us - a lot. I lost a daughter when I lost DeClare, and for the Valkyries- this was the first real hit since losing our beloved Ela.. The lads have been takin' this one very hard and I can't say that I'm not as well. I loved DeClare an' always will- she never wanted anything but to do her job. She left the Infantry, left the path of a Commission to answer a higher call.. She is the embodiment of a Valkyrie and is everything that I aspire to be."


 Mason Laitinen - "Pissbaby! Y'know, I shouldn't call 'em that here - not in a journal. Mason's a good kid and I mean that sincerely. He's absolutely hilarious and tends 'ta be the punching bag for a lot 'a folks, but I think he understands it's all endearing and that he's actually got a lotta' folks who care about 'em. If he doesn't - I'll ensure he's aware of that and I'll never hesitate to remind him. From a psychological standpoint - the kid has a lot of baggage that he hides behind jokes and self-deprecating humor. The others don't see it, but I do. He's a young kid and he's had to see and endure a lot more than most folks his age should have 'ta - even by infantry standards. I'm keeping an especially close eye on 'em, because I know it's just a matter 'a time before he'll need to talk. Good lad, solid Trooper who genuinely cares for those around him. He's like an annoyin' little brother, like I needed another one 'a those, feckin' hell."


† Amanda Rys - "Rys is quickly becomin' one 'a those cute faces that you get really used to seein' around all the time. She's a solid trooper with a real good head on her shoulders, always wearin' a smile and good attitude. Dependable as ever, real easy to get along with, easy on the eyes and a bloody good person. I see a long, prosperous career if she's able 'ta keep her head down and continue bein' smart. Keep it up, lass!"


† Elizabeth Cross - "Cross seems like a real good lass. She's an older Trooper, that much I can tell- at least in terms 'a her service record. She's one 'a the Corporals here with this lot, only transferred in rather recently, although I'm not too certain from where. I don't recall 'er at my time on the Murphy or the Grant, but it's possible she came in afterwards. At any rate, she's a real solid, class A trooper who always has her head on straight. It's nice to see a Corporal who enjoys downtime with the lads. In the field though- she's bloody reliable and someone that I know I can depend on 'ta get shite done. She's first to respond to an order and first to hear and place value in constructive suggestions. Real sweet lass- I know I'm like this with lot 'a the kids- but I can't help feelin' protective over her. That Sarn't Major an' I were 'bout to throw hands if he sent a knife-hand toward her one more feckin' time.."


 Harald Eriksson - "Eriksson is a hell of a Trooper. He's always there when 'ya need 'em and ready 'ta kick some feckin' arse when shite hits the fan. Off the field, he's a great kid and someone I see goin' places. I hope he manages 'ta have a long and successful career, because it's one I intend 'ta keep an eye on with close interest. There's so much I'd love to teach 'em, so many things I want him to know- but time, time is a better teacher than I could ever be. I'll continue to keep that watchful eye over 'em."


Jack Entragian - "This hit me harder than a bloody marauder dropping into a combat zone.. I cared about Jack a lot, I put in so much time and effort into trying to save him, from a mortar shell.. from a Separatist's bullet.. from himself.. Fucking hell Jack, you- you were gonna' pull through. You were strong enough, I know I could have helped you through it.. Wh- Why did you have to do this? You selfish bastard.. We needed you to come home.. -I- needed you.. I'm going to miss you so fucking much and I really don't know how to cope with this.."

Mikhail Ilari - "NO! NO! NO! Ilari- I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry! Your injures were too severe, the area was too hot- I had to move you, I had to take the risk. We didn't have enough guns, there were too many hoppers. You would've died if we didn't move you- but your injuries.. Chest Flail to Pneumothorax, shattered limbs- I-.. I couldn't save you, I'm so bloody sorry I wasn't good enough.."


Roscoe Jefferson - "For all of the issues I've had with him, bein' tazered and beaten by him, the constant jurisdiction conflicts and bitchin' from him.. The ship feels really strange without his yellin' about 'Firelaaanes!' I can't believe I'm sayin' it but- I miss him.. KIA on the field, I was kneelin' over him, medical bag in-hand as he died.. His last words to me were about how everything he did, all the incidents where he was hard on me, all of it was to make me stronger. Rest in peace, big guy.."


† Wauri Matene - "Matene is an 'interesting' fellow to say the least. He's Polynesian I believe, tribal and heavily religious. While I can't even begin to have the slightest bloody idea what his beliefs are about, I know that they're pretty soddin' disgusting and involve removing skulls from enemy corpses. This is a "trooper" who quite literally goes to battle wielding a bloody spear. From stories I've heard and my own personal experience with Matene, I've determined that it's honestly just best to stop tryin' to understand him and go with it. I've seen some of the worst stuff you can see, labor camps, prisons, genocide, trauma surgery -- Matene's 'rituals' are pretty up there on the list. I don't know if I exactly respect him and while I have no bloody idea how in the fuck he got Staff Sergeant, I respect the rank. He serves the Federation, he's a competent NCO who organizes training. Until that changes, that's where I'm leavin' it. Oddly enough, I don't believe he's mentally ill like many others may presume. He's shown no symptoms or tendencies with the usual psychological disorders. It's simply that his religious beliefs are so foreign to just about everyone, that it comes off as mentally unstable. Fortunately I can keep a clear head and look past those things to think objectively."


Placeholder - "Placeholder"






{ARCHIVED} Psych Profiles / Observational Notes





"Entragian, Jack"



-Header: "Afterlife"
Patient has shown signs of increasing stress and mental fatigue as a result of psychological trauma following his 'death' during a drop. He was struck by a mortar shell and during his treatment on the battlefield, his heart stopped and respiration ceased for forty seconds. Patient's abnormal behavior is to be expected and is consistent with traumatic injuries but has the potential of escalating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or depression. I will monitor him.

-Header: "Decline"
Patient has begun showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and has become reclusive and shown preference to isolation. He informed Corporal Holtz that he no longer wished to be treated by me (N. Vond) and although I could not get a definitive answer, my initial thoughts are that the sight of me -- and indeed, my mere presence causes his mind to return to the traumatic incident referenced in my last log. I have temporarily distanced myself from the patient and will observe his progress (or lack thereof) in an effort to determine his personal mechanisms for coping.

-Header: "PTSD"
Patient's mental status has begun to deteriorate and he has become more isolated and closed off. While he still engages with other members of the platoon, he has enacted a mental barrier around himself in an effort to safeguard his emotions. The distance between us has since been bridged after he finally made the long-anticipated effort of speaking with me. His status was worse than initially suspected and he has begun referring to himself as a "weapon" rather than a human being. No longer believing himself to be "alive" in the metaphorical sense, it will be an extremely long and painful process to return him to a normal state of mind. He shows tendencies attributed to Moderate Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I will endeavor to continue therapy with him and turn him on to more productive outlets and coping mechanisms. I believe with time, therapy and medication he is capable of returning to a sociable state of mind. The difficulty will be in convincing him to break his barriers and face the bottled up emotions.



"Holtz, Aaron"


-Header: "Fears"
Holtz is someone who shows very classic tendencies attributed to Thanatophobia or a fear of loss/death. This is likely due to the fact that he has lost numerous close friends throughout his enlistment in the Mobile Infantry. He is one of the few surviving members of a past squadron and this is something that weighs heavily on his conscience. The patient frequently makes references to how much he has lost and how little he has left. He clings heavily to this belief despite reassurances from others (including myself) that he has far more than he realizes.

-Header: "Alais"
Patient's former love interest / girlfriend, their break-up occurred after Mikasa Alais cheated on him, lied and subsequently broke the trust he had placed in her. This is a very sensitive topic and the sole cause of a vast majority of his grief. I directly attribute this incident and her presence to his declining mental health and the increase of stress in recent days. He claims to be over her but this is a futile effort to justify this to himself, more-so than others. It is critical to his recovery that he distances himself from Alais and reaches a point of mental restitution within his own mind. She has been provoking him and stirring up these emotions and it is detrimental to his health.

-Header: "Amputation"
Patient suffered wounds on a patrol which resulted in the loss of his leg. Because of the nature of the situation and his insufficient rank, a biotech could not be immediately approved or delivered. Through personal requests by numerous individuals, a biotech was later authorized but delivery was delayed due to loss of contact with Fleet and Command. I made a personal inquiry to Captain Shaw and a prosthesis was located and delivered by a neighboring unit days later. This incident is relevant because during the point of delay, the patient became heavily depressed and made frequent comments about feeling "useless." These feelings were understandable and to be expected, however, have proven to be detrimental to his recovery regardless of the prosthesis having now been installed.

-Header: "Romance"
Patient has an unusual obsession with romance and intimacy and while sexual acts/contact have not been included in this, general 'romance' has. He has convinced himself that he requires a relationship and the company of another to be happy and that until these needs are met, he is unable to properly function in the sense of feeling 'happy' and is unable to reach a point of mental restitution. In essence, he is trying "too hard" and is suffering burnout from these strenuous efforts which in turn is contributing to his depression.

-Header: "Overview"
Patient shows classic symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Thanatophobia, and moderate depression. While he still continues to joke and engage with his friends (a sign that he is not suicidal) he is still clearly unhappy and his mental health is on the decline. I believe a combination of therapy and medication (anti-depressants) would be effective in helping to relieve his symptoms. It will be a very slow, lengthy process as he has proven to be his largest adversary, having convinced himself of 'why' he is unhappy and 'why' he feels the way he does. The first and likely most difficult challenge, will be to break through his own sense of pride/ego that is causing him to believe he understands his sub-conscience.


"Dresdner, Otto"



-Header: "Initial Thoughts"
Patient is a textbook example of someone who has emotionally and spiritually shut himself down. He has a very strong tendency to retreat from his own emotion and withdraw himself to a state of mental or physical isolation. I believe this behavior stems from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and an inherent lack of trust between himself and those around him. He is wound tightly and I do not believe he understands or acknowledges the concept of relaxation or the pursuit of hobbies, or that of friendship. He exists in a perpetual state of stress and appears to operate off a self-established routine.

-Header: "Routine & Motives"
Patient's motives remain unclear to me, my notes thus far indicate that he operates off a self-established routine. That routine being drinking, discharging his firearm, harboring and nurturing feelings of animosity or disdain toward those he lives and serves with. When questioned about personal hobbies, he has failed to show any genuine interest in pursuing them but did make reference to the fact that he enjoys cooking and playing guitar. In light of this and out of an effort to coax him into rest and relaxation, I have been providing him with justified reasons for which to cook. I also purchased a bass guitar for him, though I am unsure of whether or not he has chosen to use it.

-Header: "Social Interaction"
Patient's social interaction is virtually non-existent and I attribute this to two factors. The first being his own lack of interest in pursuing relationships and a lack of desire to engage others. The second being his own anti-social tendencies and 'hollow' nature being off-putting to others, causing them to actively avoid contact with him. I have observed numerous social interactions between Dresdner and other personnel, most have been very brief with no intent and contain little meaningful conversation. I have been attempting to actively encourage him to engage with others and become involved, though my attempts thus far have been met with a fairly low success rate. The biggest challenge thus far has been to convince him (and others) to pursue interaction, numerous personnel within the unit may possess similar interests and opinions that remain unknown at present due to this lack of pursuit. I believe this again is due to an inherent lack of trust on his part.

-Header: "Emotional Absence"
Patient is a metaphorical "brick wall" and has completely shut himself off from those around him. I lean strongly toward the possibility of Schizoid Personality Disorder but when confronted, he claims strongly that he does in fact have emotion but chooses not to make it visible. Whether this is true or merely a means for which he justifies his behavior, I have not yet been able to determine. I have yet to see him demonstrate anger, happiness, sorrow or any other known emotion aside from a state of perpetual boredom. My official diagnosis at present is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder coupled with moderate to severe depression. I have since ruled out a neuro-chemical imbalance. Additionally, I will be looking into Bipolar Disorder in the coming days. I remain optimistic that his symptoms can be treated but I do not believe he will ever fully function within a state of emotional awareness.

I believe the key to treating his symptoms will be medication. Coupled with mental reprocessing of past trauma which he has at one time or another, chosen to open up to me about. He demonstrates tendencies of moderate to severe depression and has expressed his loneliness on numerous occasions. My initial thoughts are to focus on his apathy, the key will be to help him find interest in others. While he may not be capable of being sympathetic or empathizing with those around him, if I can help him begin to generate an interest in the ongoings of others, it will be one step closer to putting him on the path toward social interaction and emotional awareness. I am pursuing medication to assist in controlling his mood I am conducting research into Lithium and Lamotrigine at the present time.

This log is a continuing work in progress.


"Simonovich, Haerne"


-Header: "Initial Thoughts"
Patient is a methodical and competent person who exercises common sense in everything that he does. I have yet to see an incident where he has acted impulsively or allowed his emotions to force him to a specific action or decision, though inaction/catatonia has been a factor in the past - See Header #2. He is held in high regard by a vast majority of the Platoon (if not all of them) and seems to place significant value in how others view him, his close friends especially. I would not classify him as a 'calm' individual as mentally he is in frequent conflict with his own thoughts. Irregardless he is fairly level-headed and generally very easy to get along with.

-Header: "Anxiety & Panic"
Patient has presented with severe panic attacks and anxiety which seems to be a result of highly stressful or tense situations and is most often observed on the battlefield. These tendencies correspond with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I am almost entirely convinced he suffers from. The symptoms of these panic attacks are generally standard, increased heartrate, hyperventilation often with additional breathing complications. There have been numerous instances where the patient has entered into a fully catatonic state, becoming non-responsive and seemingly unaware of his situation.

Patient has since been prescribed low dosage Alprazolam - 0.25mg and his symptoms have improved. As of this log, there have been no further anxiety-enduced panic attacks that I have been made aware of, since prescribing the medication. Patient has been very responsible with consumption of his medication and has only refilled his prescription (10c) once.

-Header: "Nightmares"
Patient has presented with sleeping complications due to nightmares, a common symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I have diagnosed him to be suffering from. Therapy sessions have occurred and coupled with his medication, have had a beneficial impact. His nightmares involve the same scenarios stuck on loop, most commonly related to the death of close friends and loved ones. Thanatophobia is highly likely given the nature of his dreams and frequent thoughts toward loss and the death of others.

The nightmares began shortly following the death of one of his best friends, Specialist Ilari. Ilari was a personal friend of mine as well and a patient under my care at the time of his death. He was KIA after succumbing to his wounds received on the field during an attack by Hoppers. Cause of death was complications from Chest Flail and massive internal bleeding / Haemopneumothorax. Patient took the death of Ilari quite heavily and after the incident began to fall into a more negative state of mind, further perpetuating his fear of loss.

Patient was prescribed Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (25mg) as a sleep aid which has had a beneficial impact and assisted him in sleeping at night. Medication is not being utilized as an alternative or substitute to psychotherapy and reprocessing which is currently ongoing and proving to be effective.

-Header: "Closing Thoughts"
Patient suffers from Depression, Nightmares as a result of PTSD and Thanatophobia. He is currently receiving therapy/counseling and is on two prescriptions for anxiety/panic attacks, and a sleep aid. He continues to actively engage other members of the platoon and socialize, often staying close to his close, personal friends. Despite this tendency, he is not abnormally reserved and while he appears to often seek quiet, 'peaceful' environments, he has not shown any particular tendency toward isolation exclusively. I believe with continued therapy and medication, he will make a full recovery and be able to reach a state of mental acceptance. We will continue our efforts to reprocess the traumatic memories which plague him and I believe in time, the medication (which he does not appear to particularly 'depend' on) can very easily be removed as a factor.



"Dooley, Chris"



-Header: "Opening Thoughts"
Patient can be described in one word: "Apathy" He is very similar to Dresdner (See patient file #332-A - 'Dresdner, Otto') in the sense that he shows a distinctive lack of empathy and emotional responsiveness to others he comes in contact with. He exhibits an inherent lack of patience and sympathy toward the plight of others and demonstrates difficulty in feeling joy for their accomplishments or good deeds. While I do believe that in a majority of situations he legitimately doesn't 'care' -- He does indeed experience emotional stimulation/response from various goings-ons.

-Header: "Hobbies & Motivation"
At the time of this log entry, I haven't yet entirely determined what the patient's driving force is -- his motivations, if you will. He has a distinctive lack of meaningful hobbies and seems to occupy his free time with an almost obsessive quantity of exercise and physical activity. In addition he is often found reading by himself in the NCO barracks in a very specific chair. This chair may have value, as I have yet to find him in a single different location when he reads. Additionally, he also spends copious amounts of time conversing and arguing with himself. I believe this to be him recording audio logs, rather than psychotic episodes. Lastly, he appears to receive stimulation from combat missions and is far more alert and responsive during these encounters. I would even go so far as to say that he 'enjoys' combat and his responsibilities as a Senior NCO.

-Header: "Coping Mechanisms"
I have witnessed several key mechanisms that the patient uses for coping and releasing stress. The first being copious amounts of physical exercise, which is a well-known method of stress relief on top of being a very healthy thing in general. He appears to work out the majority of his frustrations in this process. His second coping mechanism is self-psychological-reprocessing or to put it simply, an audio journal. I have overheard him numerous times as he speaks to himself about recent events and the people he encountered. This is a very healthy outlet and I doubt he's aware of it, but is also an example of psychological reprocessing. He reviews recent encounters/situations that have brought him stress or excitement, and in talking to himself, is able to reprocess said scenarios and reach a more positive conclusion.

Despite these healthy coping mechanisms, the patient lacks one key aspect -- socialization. He rarely speaks to anyone, both on a personal level as well as on a more professional, general level. He has not yet confided in anyone (to my knowledge) and seems to believe he is capable of self-treatment despite physical training being a treatment AID -- not a singular cure. The patient's lack of social interaction is mildly concerning and I believe he is in desperate need of an additional hobby that involves others.

-Header: "Closing Thoughts"
Overall, the patient is a relatively level-headed individual who is quite grounded and is very capable of self-treating. Even going so far as to put himself through psychological reprocessing and physical exercise to vent his frustrations, though I doubt he is fully aware the seriousness and effectiveness of this as an official means of treatment. He is very competent on the field and carries out his responsibilities as a Senior NCO flawlessly.

Despite these positives, he is heavily lacking in social interaction and intimacy and the anti-social behavior and tendency to lean toward isolation warrants concern. My intended course of treatment is to provide him with the motivation needed to pursue more active social interaction. I intend to use our current relationship as a means of doing so, as he has been recently serving as my personal physical trainer and spar partner as he instructs me in self-defense. Additionally, it may be beneficial to put effort into finding him a partner to be intimate with, though I have not yet determined the status of his sexual orientation.
Summary: Patient needs to get laid.

It is my belief that his lack of empathy and his inherent apathy toward a wide variety of situations and people, is the direct result of his anti-social tendencies. He lacks empathy for others because he has no meaningful relationship with anyone. I believe as he's coerced into social interaction and begins to establish meaningful relationships, this lack of empathy will change considerably.



"Larsen, Brian C." [FILE BLACKLISTED - AUTH // Maj. Gen. Corsica Fardon]



-Header: "Initial Thoughts"
Patient is the textbook example of substance abuse, prone to extreme bouts of violence and uncontrollable rage. It is my belief that he suffers from significant neuro and psychological disorders, likely brought on or perpetuated by a chemical imbalance brought on from prolonged substance abuse and drug usage. Patient is unquestionably a long-standing user of steroid-based or 'performance enhancing' drugs and almost certainly suffers from a hormonal imbalance. Without a comprehensive toxicology report and metabolic panel, there is no way to confirm what narcotics he's used or what specific imbalances he's suffering from. My initial guess would be Testosterone or Anabolic Steroids.

-Header: "Mental State"
Patient's mental health is extremely concerning as he frequently demonstrates extreme rage and violent tendencies similar to that of psychotic episodes. He appears to receive both physical and mental stimulation and enjoyment from inflicting harm upon others and has committed numerous acts of murder, the legality of which is highly questionable. Patient has inflicted significant trauma to numerous individuals of varying ranks and social status, both psychological and physical. I have not yet diagnosed him with any specific disorders, though my initial thoughts lead to Intermittent Explosive Disorder, given his past behavior.

He conducts himself with the demeanor and temperament of supreme authority and seems to place very little thought (if any) in the possible consequences of his actions. Patient seems to place little value in human life, a fact which is very concerning at present. Despite this, he does seem to express fondness for certain individuals and appears to prioritize some more than others. Myself specifically, he is unusually kind toward, often going so far as to outright shower me in compliments. On a personal note, I find it very disturbing and it makes me believe he intends to strangle me in my sleep.

-Header: "Substance Abuse"
During my recent evaluation with the patient (as ordered by Maj. Gen. Corsica Fardon) I have confirmed that the patient is an avid user of anabolic steroid drugs. He claims they were prescribed by Lt. Hyde though after reviewing his patient file, I see absolutely no reason what so ever for him to have ever been placed on anabolic steroids. The drugs are undoubtedly a direct contributing factor to his temperament and anger management issues, frequently causing him to lash out and become violent with those around him, exercising excessive force frequently. There is very valid and justified concerns for his health due to his frequent usage of anabolic steroids, muscle atrophy will have undoubtedly occurred as his muscles become more heavily dependent on the drugs to function properly and maintain mass. The muscle degradation will be gradual. On the opposite end of that argument, if he is suddenly taken off the drug then the damage to his muscles will occur at a significantly faster rate. My official recommendation is that he undergo various tests and scans to determine the extent of the damage to his muscles and whether or not surgical procedures and physical therapy can be utilized to repair the damage.

^ Footnote: Despite the significant impact these drugs have on his behavior, the patient performs his duties 'flawlessly' and no further investigation (save for efforts to repair muscle damage and ensure his well-being) is necessary unless his superiors feel otherwise.

-Header: "Performance"
Patient's rank often prevents him from deploying into the field, though on the rare occasion he does deploy, he conducts himself with extreme prejudice and violence of action. Placing little value in the lives of troopers around him, he seems to carry out operations in a manner that suggests he is only pursuing the highest possible body count of enemy forces and the total completion of his mission. I have personally witnessed him halt an entire operation to force an unnamed Sergeant into severely beating and inevitably strangling a captured Separatist to death with his bare hands. He holds little to no personal attachment to his men and from a Federation / 'professional' standpoint, he conducts himself in the manner to be expected by a Federation Officer, conducting himself with no remorse, no emotion, no hesitation. Ethical and moral standpoints aside, he firmly believes in accomplishing his given mission and will sacrifice himself and his entire unit to do so.


"Duvall, James"



-Header: "Initial Thoughts"
Patient is surprisingly grounded and level-headed for someone in his position, he actively socializes with the rest of the platoon despite what some may consider an inherent 'disability' or 'hindrance' to social interaction. Patient is most commonly referred to as 'Mute' due to his lack of vocal chords - more information to be found in file entry #2 - 'Disabilities'. Patient is held in very high regard by most of the platoon and harbors no malice or distaste towards anyone whom I have been informed of. He is a close, personal friend of mine and is well-liked by his superiors. Were it not for his physical disability, he would very likely be holding an NCO position at the present time.

-Header: "Disabilities"
The most obvious thing of note in this patient's case is his lack of vocal chords and the psychological trauma and physical hindrance that accompanies such an 'injury.' As far as I have been made aware, the patient was captured by enemy forces prior to transferring to this unit - The 112th. While a Prisoner of War, patient had his vocal chords surgically removed without the use of General Anesthesia or sterile equipment and conditions. The procedure has left the patient psychologically traumatized and physically incapable of speech, thus his nickname he has been given by the platoon -- 'Mute.' Despite this 'disability' the patient continues to be functional and active within the Mobile Infantry and his platoon, even going so far as to develop extensive personal relationships with numerous individuals, myself among them.

There is however, inherent psychological trauma as a result of the surgical procedure he underwent as a POW. The patient is deeply fearful of surgical procedures and most things medical-related in general. He is very particular and picky when it comes to receiving treatment and is slow to trust medical staff that he is otherwise unfamiliar with. Despite this, my interactions with him have been nothing but beneficial and positive and I have had little complications with treating injuries sustained by him on the field. The patient has had numerous opportunities to receive a Biotech Implant which would allow him to speak once more and resolve his physical disability. Despite this, he has strongly refused such a procedure due to his residual trauma. He has been offered a promotion to an NCO rank due to his vast potential, but has refused it as it would mean having to undergo the surgery. Additionally, he responds poorly to situations where he is faced with ultimatums regarding it. Numerous times he has been directly ordered to undergo the procedure, being told that he would be discharged if he refused. This has resulted in minuet mental breakdowns brought on by the futility and lack of control of situations presented to him.

-Header: "Closing Thoughts"
He has gone on record stating that he does not desire an NCO position, lacking confidence and not believing in his abilities as a leader, despite having shown vast potential numerous times. His superiors (myself among them) believe that if he were to undergo the procedure and subsequent therapy, he would prove to be a remarkable leader on the field. He has also stated that if he were absolutely forced to, he would undergo the surgery, though it would clearly be detrimental for such a course of action to be forced upon him. It is my belief that with time and therapy, he will eventually overcome the residual trauma from his event, reach a point of mental restitution and will no longer be plagued by the memories. It is to this end that I will continue to work with him, in the hopes of bettering his situation.


K'Ortan, Jericho



-Header: "Initial Thoughts"
Overall, the patient is a clearly troubled individual who has suffered numerous traumatic incidents in the past and has a multitude of personal battles that he must overcome before he is able to function in a manner that does not cause himself or those around him significant difficulty. He presents with tendencies similar to that of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and frequently displays seemingly unprovoked aggression or hostility toward individuals who have otherwise not wronged him. I am fairly confident in my initial thoughts that Specialist Jericho suffers from P.T.S.D. and while his symptoms can be treated, long-term prognosis indicates that he may always harbor some resentment that is otherwise not within his control.

-Header: "Source of Trauma"
In my talks with the patient, we have reached numerous crucial turning-points that have since identified what I believe to be the source of his trauma. In his previous unit -- the 118th, Specialist K'Ortan was assigned to a squad tasked with clearing out an arachnid hive that required manual clearing. During the drop, an unnamed NCO (Identified as a Corporal) came upon a nest of Megalopoda Arkellius (Chariots) and panicked, opening fire upon the nest. Suffice it to say, the operation was blown and in an effort to buy their squad more time for exfiltration, Specialist K'Ortan ordered his Engineer -- A man named "Lee Chang" -- to lay explosive charges along the cavern wall to collapse it and grant them a reprieve from the assault. During the assault by arachnids, the Engineer noticed a charge had become displaced and rushed forth to rearm the explosive, several additional Troopers joined him in a futile effort to provide cover.

The charge detonated, collapsing the tunnel and killing ninety percent of his squad. K'Ortan searched for survivors where he noticed the Engineer (Lee Chang) with his legs pinned beneath the rockfall. An attending Medic in an effort to dislodge the man, subsequently caused the total amputation of both legs. As they struggled to provide medical aid and ease his pain, the Engineer -- The Patient's friend -- subsequently killed himself utilizing his sidearm. The remnants of his squad (roughly ten Mobile Infantry troopers) made their way to the surface and scouered the desert for three days, steadily decreasing in number before they were finally evacuated. Specialist K'Ortan was subsequently charged with incompetence of command and numerous other misdeeds. Relieved from command, he was subjected to Corporal Punishment (Lashing) and relieved from command.

As a result of this traumatic incident, the patient understandably holds a grudge and inherent lack of respect toward authority. This has only recently begun to manifest itself in such a manner that has caused the interference in his ability to take and execute commands.

-Header: "Closing Thoughts"
Given the man's symptoms, behavior and past history, I am confident in my diagnosis that he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a result of his past trauma, he inherently identifies the 112th (or certain persons within it) with the failures of his past unit. He sees similarities in behavior and is of the mindset that due to unintelligent decisions and a lack of training, that the vast majority of troopers around him will be killed in action. I personally have observed this lack of training, though remain more optimistic than the patient, no doubt due to having not sustained the same kind of trauma as he.

I believe the best course of action would be medication and psychotherapy, as such I will be prescribing him .5mg Clonazepam as a simple mood stabilizer to take the edge off and keep him passive. His primary treatment will consist of talk therapy with specific effort made to help him overcome the past trauma and hopefully cease the misidentification of the 112th with his past unit.

Additionally, I strongly believe that allowing him to take a sense of responsibility and allowing him to feel 'in control' will contribute to the growth of confidence, not only in himself but in those around him. As such, I will be tasking him with hosting a training for the Mobile Infantry. To put it bluntly, I believe that if he sees firsthand that the Infantry are not as 'unintellligent' as they seem, it will go a long way toward building his confidence. In closing, I believe the patient is very close to being allowed to drop again and I will clear him for it when I have sufficient evidence to suggest that he is capable of controlling his anger at least to the point where it no longer interferes with his ability to respect and follow command.






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Major update - Part 1 of 10,000


Relationships Updated

 -Old ones moved and archived.

-Existing characters updated (Holtz, Shaw, Geier, Larsen, Tidbit, Dooley, Espinoza)


General Information & Role Updated

-Rank & Current Position

-Federation Status

-Commendations Reorganized


Education & Training

-Added and specified


Theme Song Updated

-Nappy Roots - Good Day


Much more to come. You will only be added to relationships if we have actually had multiple roleplay scenes. Give me something to go on.

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Update Part Whatever out of 10,000!


General Information

-Rank Updated

-Position Updated



-Seydar Added

-Lupinacci Added

-Simmons updated

-Tidbit final update & moved to Past

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Update: Nostalgia Edition!



-Holtz updated (Vond x Holtz confirmed 2k19 - ?Voltz?)

-Winters Added


General Information:

-Service Jacket added - Heavily WIP while I figure out dates and timeframes of years-old events and occurrences for accuracy.

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